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Linux 101 Hacks

Linux 101 Hacks

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tips about linux commands
tips about linux commands

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Published by: docphongm41 on Jun 01, 2012
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Pass the option –P to the zip command to assign a password to the zip

# zip -P mysecurepwd var-log-protected.zip /var/log/*

The above option is good if you are using the command inside a shell-
script for background jobs. However, when you are performing the
compression interactively on the command-line, you don’t want the
password to be visible in the history. So, use the option –e as shown
below to assign the password.

# zip -e var-log-protected.zip /var/log/*
Enter password:
Verify password:
updating: var/log/acpid (deflated 81%)
updating: var/log/anaconda.log (deflated 79%)

When you are uncompressing a password protected file, it will ask for
the password as shown below.

# unzip var-log-protected.zip
Archive: var-log-protected.zip
[var-log-protected.zip] var/log/acpid password:

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