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Linux 101 Hacks

Linux 101 Hacks

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tips about linux commands
tips about linux commands

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Published by: docphongm41 on Jun 01, 2012
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If you are a sysadmin, dba, network
administrator, or someone who is responsible
for keeping the IT infrastructure up and
running, the following might sound familiar to

•You don’t know when you’ll run out of
disk space, or when the server will go
down, or when the database will
crash, or when one of the critical
services running on the server will
•You are worried that right people (or
team) are not getting notified about
the server or services issues at the
right time.
•You (or your team) are constantly working on finding and fixing
issues as they show up.

You should implement a robust monitoring solution that will notify you
when there is an issue. It should also notify the right people at the right
time about a potential issue, even before it becomes critical.

Nagios Core 3 eBook is the only guide you’ll ever need to get your IT
infrastructure monitored using Nagios Core, and it will help you to
understand everything you need to know to implement Nagios Core 3.

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