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Teachers Benefits Privileges and Welfare

(CSC-MC No. 41 dated December 24, 1998, as amended)


Refers to leave of absence granted to officials and employees for personal reasons, the approval of which is contingent upon the necessities of the service.

Vacation Leave
For personal reasons For rest and relaxation essential to ones mental and physical health All applications for vacation leave of absence for one (1) full day or more will be submitted on the prescribed form for action by the proper head of agency five (5) days in advance, whenever possible, of the effective date of such leave.

The grant of vacation leave will be at the discretion of the head of department/agency.


Refers to leave of absence granted only on account of sickness or disability on the part of the employee concerned or any member of his immediate family

All applications for sick leave of absence for one (1) full day or more will be made on the prescribed form and will be filed immediately upon his return from the leave. Notice of absence, will be sent to the immediate supervisor and / or to the agency head. A proper medical certificate will accompany application for sick leave in excess of five (5) successive days. Sick leave may be applied for in advance in cases where one will undergo medical examination or operation, or is advised to rest in view of ill health duly supported by a medical certificate.

Said leave is granted only on account of sickness or disability on the part of the employee proof of sickness or disability is attached to the application in accordance with the requirements prescribed. Unreasonable delay in the approval thereof or non-approval without justifiable reason will be a ground for appropriate sanction against the official concerned.


Leave of absence without pay of any reason other than illness will not be counted as part of the actual service rendered, provided that in computing an employees length of service paid on the daily wage basis, Saturday, Sunday or holiday occurring within a period of service will be considered as service although he/she did not receive pay on those days inasmuch as his/her service was not required.

If his/her leave of absence without pay is on a day immediately preceding or succeeding Saturday, Saturday or holiday, whether such absence is continuous or not, will not be considered absent on said Sunday or holiday and be deducted leave credits.


Refers to leave of absence granted to female government employees legally entitled thereto in addition to vacation and sick leave. The primary intent or purpose of granting maternity leave is to extend working mothers some measure of financial help and to provide her a period of rest and recuperation in connection with pregnancy.

Maternity Leave

(CSC-MC No. 22, dated October 23, 2002)

Leave of woman in the government service who has rendered an aggregate of two (2) or more years of service, in addition to the vacation and sick leave granted to her is entitled to maternity leave of sixty (60) calendar days with full pay Those who have rendered one (1) year or more but less than two (2) years of service shall be computed in proportion to their length of service, provided, that those who has served for les than one (1) year will be entitled to sixty (60) days of maternity leave with half pay.

Enjoyment of said leave cannot be deferred; it should be enjoyed within the actual period of delivery in a continuous and uninterrupted manner not exceeding 60 calendar days. Every woman, married or unmarried, may go on maternity leave more than once a year. It is granted to female employees in every instance of pregnancy irrespective of its frequency.

Every married or unmarried woman, may go on maternity leave for less than sixty (60) days. When a female employee wants to report back to duty before the expiration of her maternity leave, she may be allowed to do so provided she presents a medical certificate that she is physically fit to assume the duties of her position. The commuted money value of the unexpired portion of her leave need not be refunded.

When one returns to work before the expiration of her maternity leave, she may receive both the benefits granted under the maternity leave law and the salary for actual services rendered effective the day she reports back to work.

Salaries for the actual services rendered within the unexpired portion of the maternity leave shall be computed based on the daily wage rate.

The formula for computation for this purpose is as follows:

Monthly Salary Rate

actual number

Salary =

22 work days

of days

If she has a pending administrative case, she is still entitled to a maternity leave of absence with pay For one in the teaching profession, maternity benefits can be availed of even if the period of delivery occurs during the long vacation, in which case, both the maternity benefits and the proportional vacation pay shall be received by the teacher concerned


Refers to the privilege granted to a married male employee allowing him not to report for work for seven days while continuing to earn the compensation therefor, on the condition that his legitimate spouse has delivered a child or suffered a miscarriage, for purposes of enabling him to effectively lend care and support to his wife before, during and after childbirth as the case may be and assist in caring for his newborn child.

Paternity Leave

(RA 8187 in relation to CSC DOH Joint Circular No. 1,s. 1996)

A married male employee is entitled to paternity leave of seven (7) working days for the first four (4) deliveries of his legitimate spouse with whom he is living with. A legitimate spouse refers to the woman who validly entered into a contract of marriage.

Married male employee with more than one (1) legal spouse will be entitled to avail of paternity leave for an absolute maximum of four (4) deliveries regardless of which ever spouse gives birth. The leave will be non-cumulative and strictly nonconvertible to cash. He may enjoy the same either in a continuous or in an intermittent manner on the days immediately before, during or after the childbirth or miscarriage of his legitimate spouse.

Maternity/Paternity Leave of Adoptive Parents

(CSC Res. No. 020515, dated April 10, 2002)

Adoptive parents are granted maternity and paternity benefits to which biological parents are entitled.

Parental Leave (CSC MC No. 8,s

2004, dated March 24, 2004)
Granted to solo parent to enable them to perform parental duties and responsibilities where physical presence is required. - attend to personal milestones - perform parental obligations - attend to medical, social spiritual and recreational needs of the child

- other similar circumstances necessary in the

performance of parental duties

Parental leave of not more that seven (7) working days in addition to existing leave privileges shall be granted to any solo parent employee subject to the following conditions:
The solo parent must have rendered government service for at least on (1) year, whether continuous or broken, reckoned at the time of affectivity of RA 8972 on September 22, 2002 and regardless of employment status. It shall be availed of every year and shall not be convertible to cash. If not availed of within calendar year, said privilege shall be forfeited within the same year.

It shall be availed of on staggered or continuous basis, subject to the approval of the head of agency/office. In this regard, the solo parent shall subject the application for parental leave at least one (1) week prior to its availment, except on emergency cases. The solo parent employee may avail of parental leave under any of circumstances stated in CSC MC No. 8, s. 2004. Solo parent secures a VALID SOLO Parent Identification Card from City/Municipal SWDO.


A woman who gives birth as a result of rape and other crimes against chastity; Parent left solo or alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to any of the following: - Death of spouse - Detention of the spouse for at least 1 year - Physical/mental incapacity of spouse - Legal separation or de facto separation from the spouse for at least one year - Declaration of nullity or annulment of marriage - Abandonment of spouse for at least one year

Unmarried person who rears the children instead of having others care for them; One who solely provides parental care and support to a child provided one is duly licensed foster parent by the DSWD or appointed legal guardian by the court; and Any family member who assumes the responsibility of head of family as a result of death, abandonment, disappearance or prolonged absence of the parents or solo parent, provided that such abandonment, disappearance or absence lasts for at least one (1) year.

Rehabilitation Leave for JobRelated Injuries

Ones application for leave of absence on account of wounds or injuries incurred in the performance of duty. It must be made on the prescribed form, supported by the proper medical certificate and evidence showing that the wounds or injuries were incurred during the performance of duty.

The absence during the period of disability thus occasioned will be on full pay, but not to exceed six (6) months.
The head of department/agency will also authorize the payment of his/her medical attendance, necessary transportation, subsistence and hospital fees. Absence in the case contemplated will not be charged against sick leave if there are any.


Refers to money value of the total accumulated leave credits of an employee based on the highest salary rate received prior to or upon retirement date/voluntary separation.

Terminal Leave

It is applied if one intends to sever his/her connection with his employer. Its filing of application requires a condition of sine qua non, his/her resignation, retirement or separation from the service without any fault on his/her part. It must be shown first that public employment ceases by any of the said modes of severance.

Payment of terminal leave for purpose of retirement or voluntary resignation will be based on the highest monthly salary received at any time during ones period of employment in the government service and not on his latest salary, unless the latter is the highest salary received.

If one retires, voluntarily resigns, or is allowed to resign or is separated from the service through no fault of his/her own, he/ she is entitled to the commutation of all the accumulated vacations and/or sick leave to his/her credit, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, without limitation as to the number of days of vacation and sick leave that he/she may accumulate provided his/her leave benefits are not covered by special law.
While on terminal leave, one does not earn any leave credits as he/she is already out of the service.

Teachers and other school personnel on teachers leave basis who resigned, retired, or are separated from the service through no fault of their own on or after January 16, 1986 will be paid the money value of their unused vacation service credits converted into vacation and sick leave using the formula:
Vacation and Sick Leave = 30Y / 69 Where: 30 = Number of days in a month Y = Total number of teachers service credits 11 days of Christmas Vacation 69 = 58 days of summer vacation plus

Teachers Leave
Teacher are not entitled to the usual vacation and sick leave credits but to proportional vacation pay (PVP) during the summer and Christmas vacation. Teachers who have at least seven (7) years of continuous service may be entitled to study leave of absence with pay not exceeding one (1) school year (Sec. 24 RA 4670). An indefinite sick leave of absence is granted to teachers when the nature of the illness demands a long treatment that will exceed one (1) year at the least (Sec. 25 RA 4670).


Public school teachers having fulfilled the age and service requirements of the applicable retirement laws shall be given one range salary raise upon retirement, which shall be the basis of the computation of the lump sum of the retirement pay and the monthly benefits thereafter.

Grant of Vacation Service Credits

Teachers vacation service credits refer to the leave credits earned for services rendered on activities during summer or Christmas vacation or in the course of the regular school year, as authorized by proper authority. Vacation service credits are used to offset absence of a teacher due to illness. To offset on account of illness, one (1) work day service credits is used to offset one day of absence. (DepED Order No. 53, s. 2003).

Activities Eligible for the Grant of Service Credits

Service credits may be granted for services rendered during: Registration and election days as long as these are mandated duties; Calamity and rehabilitation when schools are used as evacuation center Conduct or remedial classes during the summer or Christmas vacation or outside of regular school days; Early opening of the school year; Schools sports competitions held outside regular school days;

Training teachers in addition to their normal teaching loads; Teaching overload not compensated by honoraria; Teaching in non-formal education classes in addition to teaching in formal education classes carrying a normal teaching load; Work done during regular school days if these are in addition to the normal teaching load; Conduct of testing activities held outside of school days; and Attendance/participation in special DepED projects and activities which are short-term in duration such as English, Science and Math Mentors Training, curriculum writing workshop, planning workshop, etc, if such are held during the summer vacation or during weekends.

Activities Not Eligible for the Grant of Service Credits

In-service training programs fully funded by the government
Assignment to clerical work, such as checking forms and finishing reports; Reassignment of teachers to duty in another bureau of office (detailed in another office); Assignment in connection with exhibits at a fair; Postponement of a regular teachers vacation; and Time spent in travelling to and from station to the place where services are rendered.


1. Retirement
The GSIS offers four retirement benefit packages:

a. RA 1616
Qualification for Retirement
In the service on or before May 31, 1977. With at least 20 years of service, the last three (3) years of which had been continuous.

Leave of absence without pay during the last three (3) years immediately preceding retirement shall not exceed one (1) year.

Gratuity benefits which will be paid by last employer Refund of retirement premiums personal contributions plus interest and government contributions without interest and government contributions without interest

b. Under RA 660
Qualifications for Retirement

The sum of the age and years of service is 87 as indicated below:

AGE or SERVICE 35 34 33 32 31 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 15 over 52 53 54 55 5 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65

At least 52 years old in the service on or before May 31, 1977. Last three (3) years of service is continuous. Leave of absence without pay during the last three (3) years immediately preceding retirement shall not exceed one (1) year. Benefits Monthly annuity guaranteed for five years and lifetime pension

Under PD 1146
Qualifications for Retirement

In the service after May 31, 1977 but before June 24, 1997
Benefits Basic Monthly Pension (BMP) -At least 60 years old and has rendered 15 years of service.

- BMP is guaranteed for five years; after the five-year guaranteed period, the retiree receives a basic monthly pension for life.

Cash Payment at least 60 years of age and have rendered at least 3 years but less than 15 years of service. Equipment to 100% of the average monthly compensation for every year of service.

Under RA 8291
Qualification for Retirement At least 60 years old

Have rendered a minimum of 15 years of service

Not a permanent total disability pensioner Benefits Option 1. Lumpsum equivalent to the sum of the basic monthly pension for 60 months payable upon retirement; and monthly pension for life after the first five years.

Option 2: Cash payment equivalent to 18 times the basic monthly pension payable upon retirement; and monthly pension for life payable from the date of retirement.

Other Benefits
Separation Benefits. A cash payment of 18 times the BMP payable at time of separation and a life payable from the date of retirement. Unemployment Benefits. This will be paid when a permanent government employee who was paid the required 12 months integrated contributions under RA 8291 is voluntarily separated from the service as a result o the abolition of his office or position usually resulting from reorganization.

a. Permanent Total Disability
if one becomes permanently and totally disabled while in the service and has paid at least 180 monthly contributions. This in the form of a monthly income benefits for life equivalent to the basic monthly pension, plus a cash payment equivalent to eighteen (18) times of hi/her basic monthly pension; or if one is in the service at the time of disability and has paid thirty six (36) monthly contributions within the last five (5) years immediately preceding the disability. This is in the form of a monthly income benefit for life equivalent to the basic monthly pension it is effective on the date of disability.

b. Permanent Partial Disability if one becomes permanently and partially disabled while in the service; or if one is separated from the service provided that he/she has paid thirty six (36) monthly contributions within the last five (5) years immediately preceding the disability or have paid a total of at least 180 monthly contributions. His/her benefit will be in the form of cash payment.

c. Temporary Total Disability

if one suffers temporary total disability not due to grave misconduct, notorious negligence, habitual intoxication or willful intention to kill oneself or another; or if one is in the service at the time of disability and have exhausted his/her sick leave credits; or if one has been separated but has rendered at least three (3) years of service and have paid at least six (6) monthly contributions in the twelve (12) months period immediately preceding the disability.

3. Survivorship Benefits
This is payable to the beneficiaries which shall be either both the following: - The survivorship pension which consist of: - The basic survivorship pension which is fifty percent (50%) of the monthly pension, and - The dependent childrens pension not exceeding fifty percent (50%) of the basic monthly pension; and or - A cash payment equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of his/her average monthly compensation for each year of service the deceased member has paid contributions but not less than twelve thousand pesos (PHP12,000.00)

4. Funeral Benefits
The following are eligible for funeral benefits in the amount of P20,000.00:

An active member
A member who has been separated from the service, but who may be entitled to future separation or retirement benefits; or

A pensioner
A retiree who at a time of his retirement was at least 60 years of age who opted to retire under RA 1616 Those who retired under RA 1616 prior to the affectivity if this Act with at least twenty (20) years regardless of age

5. Christmas Gift Bonus

This will be paid every December of each year to living retiree pensioners and survivorship pensioner and dependents under RA No. 660, PD 114 and RA No. 8291 in an amount equivalent to their one (1) month pension but not to exceed the maximum limit approved by the GSIS Board of Trustees.


Membership is mandatory upon all employees covered by the GSIS. It shall be terminated upon the occurrence of the following: a. b. c. d. e. f. Membership Term Maturity Death Retirement Permanent Total Disability Departure from the country permanently Termination from the service by reason of health

Return of contributions
A member is entitled to receive his/her Total Accumulated Value (TAV) upon termination of membership

Optional withdrawal of contributions

a. a new member of the Fund after the effectivity of RA 7742 has the option to withdraw his/her TAV after the 10th or 15th year of continuous membership b. has no outstanding housing loan at the time of withdrawal c. not to be considered as a ground for termination of membership with the Fund

Dividend benefits
Annual dividends credited proportionately to the Total Accumulated Value Death benefits Loans Housing Loan Multi-purpose Loan


All those employed in the government Non-paying members the following are entitled to lifetime coverage: a. retirees and pensioners of GSIS b. members who have reached the age of retirement and have paid at least 120 monthly contributions

Entitlement to Philhealth Benefits

Should have at least three monthly contributions within the immediate six months prior to confinement Confinement in a Philhealth-accredited hospital for not less than twenty four hours due to an illnes or injury requiring hospitalization.

Benefits Availment/Filing of Claims

Properly filled-out Philhealth Claim Form 1. This is jointly accomplished by the member and employer. Submit the form to the billing section of hospital before discharge. Hospital/Doctor will deduct medicare benefits from bill before payment.


Each position is tagged with an equivalent salary grade (SG), which corresponds to an equivalent amount representing an annual salary.

There are eight (8) salary steps within each salary grade level. Upon appointment, an employee normally receives as basic salary the amount equivalent to Salary Step 1 for the salary grade level corresponding to the position he/she holds.
The following deductions are the statutory deductions from the basic salary:
- GSIS Life and Retirement premium - Philhealth premium - Pag-IBIG contributions - BIR Withholding tax

Other Monetary Compensation

Personal Economic Relief Allowance (PERA). PERA in the amount of Five Hundred Pesos (PhP500.00)is given monthly. This amount is included in the basic payroll.
Additional Compensation Allowance (ACA). ACA in the amount of One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (PhP1,500.00) is given monthly. This amount is also included in the basic payroll.


(DBM-NBC No. 75 dated 3/1/95).

It is a form of compensation or reward paid over and above the regular pay in recognition of gratuitous services, paid for additional work rendered which is not among an employees regular functions and paid to non-government personnel for services rendered or for membership in projects.

The following may receive honoraria:

agency personnel performing or discharging agency activities or special project in addition to or over and above or regular functions regardless of source of fund; researchers, experts and specialists who are acknowledge or authorized in their field of specialization, other than those paid consultancy fees; DepED teaching personnel engaged in actual classroom teaching whose teaching load is outside regular office hours and/or excess of regular load.

government personnel acting as lecturers, resource persons, coordinators and facilitators in seminars, training programs and other similar activities; and

members of governing board or collegial bodies or committees.

Other Rules Grant of honoraria is subject to availability of appropriations for the purpose. Total honoraria received shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of annual salary. Entitlement to honoraria is based on the level of responsibility and nature of work assigned.


1. Uniform and Clothing Allowance

Four Thousand Pesos (4,000.00) is given per year. If one has rendered service for less than one year due to retirement or separation from the service or on leave without pay for at least two months or transferred before the end of the calendar year, the amount of clothing allowance is proportionate to the number of months of service.

2. Hazard Duty Pay

It is the compensation premium or allowance paid to officials and employees actually assigned or stationed in a work area which exposes them to great danger, occupational risks or perils to life

3. Hardship Post Allowance

This is paid when public schools/official stations are isolated and inaccessible to vehicular traffic, and can be reached only by hiking, animal ride and/or banca from a point where motorized road transport or regular water ferries, including pump boats, are no longer available.

4. Loyalty Pay
This is given for the first ten years of continuous and satisfactory service at Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) per year and is given every five (5) years thereafter. An aggregate of not more than 50 days authorized vacation leave without pay within the 10-year period is considered as having continuous service for purposes of granting the loyalty award. An aggregate of not more than 25 days authorized vacation leave without pay within the 5-year period may qualify for the 5 year milestone loyalty award.

5. Step Increment
It will be granted to all deserving officials and employees based on the length of service and performance. It is given every three years of service for those who remain in a particular position. An aggregate of 15 days approved vacation leave without pay shall not interrupt the continuity of the 3 year service requirement for the grant of step increment If the total number of authorized vacation leave without pay included within the 3-year period exceed 15 days, the grant of Step Increment will only be delayed for the same number of days that an official or employee was absent without pay.

6. Productivity Incentive Benefit

It will be based on individual personnel productivity and performance as evaluated and determined by the heads of the respective offices/agencies in accordance with the policies and standards set by the CSC.

7. Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift

These are granted to all government personnel. Whether appointive or elective under regular, temporary or casual status, and contractual personnel whose employment is in the nature of a regular employee who are still in the service as of October 31 each year.

8. DepED Provident Fund

It aims to provide soft loans for ones emergency needs such as: for his education and of his children; for his hospitalization and of his immediate dependents;

for minor but immediate repair of the house;

for payment of housing loan arrears; and other similar purpose to be determined by the National Board of Trustees.

9. DepED Cooperative Program

The Department encourages the organization of cooperatives as a practical vehicle for promoting self-reliance and harnessing people power to attain economic development and social justice. Funds are allocated in the annual budget of the department for the formation of teachers cooperatives. One project under this program is the turn over of school canteens to teachers cooperatives which provides a strong motivation for teachers to organize themselves into cooperatives as an innovative means of augmenting their income.

10. Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE)

It aims to encourage, recognize and reward an official/ employee for his/her suggestions, innovative ideas, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments, heroic deeds, exemplary behavior, extraordinary acts or services in the public interest and other personal efforts contributing to efficiency, economy and improvements in government operations which lead to organizational productivity. These awards and incentives are designed to motivate one to improve the quality of his performance and achieve and instill excellence in public service.

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