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SonShine Magazine Teaser

SonShine Magazine Teaser

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Published by joelsgodi
India's 1st Monthly Christian Comic Magazine - generous mix of Illustration, humor, cartoons, inspiration, Bible teachings, fun & games for the whole family!!
India's 1st Monthly Christian Comic Magazine - generous mix of Illustration, humor, cartoons, inspiration, Bible teachings, fun & games for the whole family!!

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Published by: joelsgodi on Jun 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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lndio´t ·

chrittion MonthIy comic Mogorine
Avall our Larly 8lrd dlscounL. Subscrlbe Loday!
Rollo jus- w;-nessea
sone-b;ng nog;col ona be
neeas -o ge- ;- ou- o} b;s
cbes- r;gb- now! Don'- n;ss
-be s-org ;n -be ;
Issue o}
SOnSuIn6. 6×µer;ence o new
µersµec-;ve o} -bo- onoz;ng
n;gb- J6SuS wos oorn!
b£5£R151R£AM M£blA
# 004, 10-2-276/1/6, 8oop Murall ApL,
WesL Maredpally, Secunderabad, 300 026, AÞ, lnulA.
Call or SMS : +91-99397 88229
Lmall: sonshlne.comlcs[gmall.com
0ree-;ngs -o oll o} gou ;n -be µrec;ous
none o} our lora ona Sov;our Jesus Cbr;s-.
we ore verg bonorea -o onnounce -be
releose o} Ina;o's ;
ever non-blg
Cbr;s-;on Con;c Mogoz;ne.
1be 1ru-b ;n uunor Coµsules! Sone-;nes
;-s gooa -be lougb o- ourselves. I-s gooa
-o know -be o-ber µersµec-;ve -o -b;ngs.
Sonsb;ne w;ll ao jus- -bo- -brougb cor-oons,
;llus-ro-;ons ona cleon bunor.
Sonsb;ne's ;
;ssue w;ll reocb gour aoors }ron June 2Ç;2. 1be
weos;-e www.sonsb;neonl;ne.;n w;ll olso oe uµ ona l;ve }or oll our
reoaers, }eo-ur;ng looas o} }ree resources, a;scoun-ea µroauc-s ona
Deor reoaers,
1b;s geor we w;ll olso see -be louncb o} `IC1' (Ina;on Cbr;s-;on
1;nes), o }ull color uone & l;}es-gle Mogoz;ne.
Deser-S-reon w;ll PRODuC6, Pu8lISu, PROMO16 & PR6S6n1 -be
1Ru1u o} 0OD's wora -brougb oll nea;o segnen-s, µrov;a;ng on
eosg µlo-}orn }or vor;ous n;n;s-r;es ona ;na;v;auols -o
;n-erconnec- ona reocb ou- -o -be res- o} -be coun-rg.
In;-;ollg -bougb we ore onlg louncb;ng ;n 6ngl;sb, we ;n-ena -o
reocb ou- -brougb o-ber reg;onol longuoges.
1bere's lo-s nore -o cone ona o long wog -o go, gour µrogers
ona suµµor- w;ll go o long wog. 0oa oless gou oll.
1o 0oa oe oll -be glorg. 0reo- -b;ngs ue bo-b aone!
Joel S 0oa;
Cb;e} 6a;-or
lIF6'S 8uRD6nS...
1OO u6Av; 1O
A8Ou1 1u6
nO JO;?
nO P6AC6?
nO lOv6?
wonno know wbg? wonno know -be -ru-b -bo- con cbonge
gour l;}e }orever? ;-'s ;n gour bonas. gour l;}e – gour
cbo;ce! ;ou con -urn gour nourn;ng ;n-o aonc;ng ona gour
sorrow ;n-o jog! ;ou con 1uRn gour l;}e owog }ron -b;s
aorkness -o uIS lI0u1!
1be o;ole sogs -bo- we ore aes-rogea oecouse o} lock o}
knowleage…… reoa on.
Ana now we -rg -o ge- oock -o u;n ;n our own
wog. 8u- -bere ;s onlg On6 wA;!
'/ ·- ··· ··, ··· ·-··· ··/ ··· ·(· !··· ··-··
·· ··· /····- ····· ··-··,· -·´ - 7··· ·--
In -be oeg;nn;ng, 0oa creo-ea -be worla ona everg-b;ng ;n ;-. 1bo-
;ncluaes gou, ne ona -be aog oork;ng ocross -be s-ree-, In -be
oeg;nn;ng everg-b;ng wos µer}ec-, e×oc-lg os 0oa noae ;-. 1bo- oll
cbonges wben Aaon
ona 6ve oroke
0oa's rule ona sen-
bunon;-g sµ;rol;ng
;n-o s;n. now we oll noke wrong cbo;ces ona conn;- s;n}ul oc-;ons.
we aon'- l;ve uµ -o 0oa's s-onaoras ona so we ore gu;l-g o} s;n.
S;n ;s wbo- keeµs us }ron 0oa. On our own ;- ;s ;nµoss;ole -o cross
over -o u;n.
'/·····- ···-· -, ··-/
··/ ······· ·- ··· ····
-· ··· ···-··· ·(· ··/
··· ··· ·· ···/·-··/ ··
··· ·-····/ ···- (-·-
/···· ·· ·(·´
- 7··· ··-
Jesus ;s -be onlg occeµ-oole
µognen- }or our
s;ns. w;-bou- }o;-b
;n u;n, we reno;n
conaennea ona los-
w;-bou- boµe.
ue a;ea -bo- gou nog l;ve
$. wbg wos 0ol;o-b so
surµr;sea wben Dov;a b;-
b;n w;-b o sl;ngsbo-?
A. 1be -bougb- boa never
en-erea b;s beoa oe}ore.
$. wbo ;s -be greo-es-
ooogs;--er nen-;onea
;n -be 8;ole?
A. Dov;a. ue rockea
0ol;o-b -o sleeµ.
$. wbo wos -be greo-es-
};nonc;er ;n -be 8;ole?
A. noob. ue wos }loo-;ng
b;s s-ock wb;le evergone
$. wbo- k;na o} no-or
veb;cles ore ;n -be 8;ole?
A. uonao...oecouse -be
oµos-les were oll ;n one
$. wbo wos -be greo-es-
conea;on ;n -be 8;ole?
A. Sonson. ue orougb- -be
bouse aown.
b;s s-ock wb;le evergone
else wos ;n l;qu;ao-;on.
$. wb;cb oreo
o} Poles-;ne
wos esµec;ollg
A. 1be oreo
orouna -be
Joraon. 1be
oonks were
$. wb;cb servon- o} Jebovob
wos -be nos- }logron-
loworeoker ;n -be 8;ole?
A. Moses. 8ecouse be oroke
oll ;Ç connonanen-s; o-
A }r;ena wos ;n }ron- o} ne
con;ng ou- o} cburcb one aog,
ona -be µreocber wos s-ona;ng o-
-be aoor os be olwogs ;s -o sboke
bonas. ue groooea ng }r;ena og
-be bona ona µullea b;n os;ae.
1be Pos-or so;a -o b;n, ";ou neea
-o jo;n -be Arng o} -be lora!"
Mg }r;ena reµl;ea, "I'n olreoag ;n
-be Arng o} -be lora, Pos-or."
Pos-or ques-;onea, "uow cone I
aon'- see gou e×ceµ- o- Cbr;s-nos
ona 6os-er?"
ue wb;sµerea oock, "I'n ;n -be
secre- serv;ce.
uorola ona Jone wos no- o
verg rel;g;ous couµle ou- -r;ea
-be;r oes-; -beg onlg wen- -o
cburcb once o geor.
As -beg were leov;ng -be cburcb,
-be n;n;s-er so;a, "uorola, ;-
sure woula oe n;ce -o see gou
ona Jone bere nore -bon once
o geor" "I know," reµl;ea
uorola, "we're verg ousg µeoµle,
secre- serv;ce.
uorola, "we're verg ousg µeoµle,
leoa;ng oc-;ve l;ves ou- o- leos-
we keeµ -be 1en
"1bo-'s greo-," -be n;n;s-er
so;a. "I'n gloa -o beor -bo-
gou keeµ -be Connonanen-s."
";es, we sure ao" uorola so;a
µroualg, "Jone keeµs s;× o}
-ben ona I keeµ -be o-ber
8e}ore µer}orn;ng o ooµ-;sn, -be
µr;es- oµµroocbea -be goung }o-ber
ona so;a solennlg, "8oµ-;sn ;s o
ser;ous s-eµ. Are gou µreµorea }or
"I -b;nk so," -be non reµl;ea. "Mg
w;}e bos noae oµµe-;zers ona we bove
o co-erer con;ng -o µrov;ae µlen-g o}
cook;es ona cokes }or oll o} our
"I aon'- neon -bo-," -be µr;es-
resµonaea. "I neon, ore gou µreµorea
"Ob, sure," cone -be reµlg. "I've go-
o keg o} oeer ona o cose o} wb;skeg."
,oø:|·ø- /r·øg: ,oa aor- /|aø ,9 pag-: o/
¡ ¡ f
f /o -(pr-:: ,oar:-//.
//o.- a// aøa ao:/ ·apor/aø//, · .
¸-/ :-/ /or ¡ f /o/: o/
zoa·øg ,oar ,a, -.-r, aoø/|.
:arpr·:- g·//: f -(z·/·øg pr·z-:/
:arpr·:- g·//: f -(z·/·øg pr·z-:/
. ,|ar- ,oar g·// ,·/| /|- ,or/a.
,/or·-:¡ _o/-:¡ ar/,or/¡ /-:/·aoø·-:¡ aø,/|·øg go-:.
// ,- // ~ ,- /or ·//
|·/| ,oø:|·ø-¡ ,oa |a.- :oa-/|·øg /o a: a
¡ f /|-ø ,·/| . / gr-a/ ,a, /o
r-az| oa/ /o o/|-r:. //: ,oar o,ø /·///-
¶çjµ uç
prjµ) pµ_
,o aoø/ ,a·// p-r aoø/|¡
,oø:|·ø- /r·øg: a// /|- -(z·/-a-ø/ aøa /aø r·g|/ /o
,oar aoor:/-p ,|-r-.-r ,oa ar-/
¸ra/ /|- / /a, oø/,
/or aø aøøaa/ :a/:zr·p/·oø ·ø:/-aa o/
(:.,99/·. // Jþµ)'ç µ çµyjµ@ ç{ Rç,]QQ/~
EpRLy ¶IRÇ pjçççuµ)
Jçr _uç) Rç,¶Q/~
/øa /|a/: øo/ a//. |a/z| oa/ /or oar ,-/:·/-
¡ ,|-r- ,oa zaø _o·ø
/|- /or
/oa zaø ,·ø po·ø/: ·ø /|- zoø/-:/: aøa r-a--a /|-a
/or a,-:oa- /·:|·r/:¡ zap:¡ /ag:¡ po:/-r:¡ /oo/:¡
aa:·z¡ ao.·-: aøa /o/: aor-/
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PSAlM @;
ue -bo- awelle-b ;n -be secre- µloce o} -be Mos- u;gb sboll oo;ae unaer -be
sboaow o} -be Aln;gb-g.
I w;ll sog o} -be lORD, ue ;s ng re}uge ona ng }or-ress: ng 0oa; ;n b;n
w;ll I -rus-.
Surelg be sboll ael;ver -bee }ron -be snore o} -be }owler, ona }ron -be
no;sone µes-;lence.
ue sboll cover -bee w;-b b;s }eo-bers, ona unaer b;s w;ngs sbol- -bou -rus-:
b;s -ru-b sboll oe -bg sb;ela ona ouckler.
1bou sbol- no- oe o}ro;a }or -be -error og n;gb-; nor }or -be
orrow -bo- }l;e-b og aog; nor }or -be µes-;lence -bo- wolke-b ;n aorkness;
nor }or -be aes-ruc-;on -bo- wos-e-b o- noonaog.
A -bousona sboll }oll o- -bg s;ae, ona -en -bousona o- -bg r;gb- bona;
ou- ;- sboll no- cone n;gb -bee.
Onlg w;-b -b;ne eges sbol- -bou oebola ona see -be rewora o} -be w;ckea.
8ecouse -bou bos- noae -be lORD, wb;cb ;s ng re}uge, even -be Mos- u;gb,
-bg boo;-o-;on; -bere sboll no ev;l oe}oll -bee, ne;-ber sboll ong µlogue
cone n;gb -bg awell;ng.
For be sboll g;ve b;s ongels cborge over -bee, -o keeµ -bee ;n oll -bg wogs.
1beg sboll oeor -bee uµ ;n -be;r bonas, les- -bou aosb -bg }oo- ogo;ns- o
1bou sbol- -reoa uµon -be l;on ona oaaer: -be goung l;on ona -be arogon
sbol- -bou -ronµle unaer }ee-.
8ecouse be bo-b se- b;s love uµon ne, -bere}ore w;ll I ael;ver b;n: I w;ll se-
b;n on b;gb, oecouse be bo-b known ng none.
ue sboll coll uµon ne, ona I w;ll onswer b;n: I w;ll oe w;-b b;n ;n -rouole; I
w;ll ael;ver b;n, ona bonor b;n.
w;-b long l;}e w;ll I so-;s}g b;n, ona sbow b;n ng solvo-;on.
6no;l, Coll or SMS us }or oulk requ;renen-s
ona o-ber -roae relo-ea enqu;r;es

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