REPORT Nss internship at Aman Biradari

Kailash Kumar 2010EE10452
Introduction:It was my first experience of working in an NGO. We joined Aman Biradari through its campaign called ‘Dil Se’ which was launched in June 2005 with the objective of developing a scaleable intervention model that upholds the dignity and inclusive rights of the urban poor, specifically for children who live and work on the streets. Dil se campaign is a long term effort for associate all sectors of society to help the poor and most vulnerable urban street children and to assure nutritious food, protection, health care and proper education to them. Objective of the Intern:Objective of the internship was to teach children something useful by CAL(computer added learning) which is a specially designed program in ‘Dil Se’ campaign of Aman Biradari. We were to help children of different age of 7-13 in learning basics of Microsoft word, Power point, Excel and paint and help the permanent teachers there. By doing this we were helping children in learning something which can be helpful in being independent. Work in Intern:I worked there from 29th of November 2011 to 18th of December 2011 And spent about 5-6 hours daily for our work there.

we were strangers to the children and after these 20 days there was a strong bond between us and the children. Excel and paint in different 4-5 groups of different ages.Conclusion:It was a very nice experience to help poor children and make them feel happy by sharing some time with them. Children also learnt it with interest because they find it more interesting to work on computer. Power point. . It was quite wonderful to see that when we joined the campaign. We taught them Microsoft word. I learnt a lot about life from this work and I would like to do such work again if I get a chance to do so. Also we did a lot of fun with them and the important thing is that we are happy by making them happy.

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