Hello honourable Judge! I am Platon Lebedev’s daughter, a pupil in the fourth grade. When mama told me where my papa is, mama said that he will come back to us in 2011 in the summer. But this didn’t happen. I cry almost every day. I don’t sleep at night, thinking about papa. After all, time keeps moving on, and I am growing up. And because of this, when papa comes back to us I won’t be able to show him my favourite cartoons, introduce him to my favourite toys, or go with him to the circus and the zoo. I hope papa will come back to us soon, after all he isn’t guilty of anything. And now, I want very much to turn to papa and say: Papa dearest, if you can hear me, know that I love you very much and I know that you’re the best in the universe for me! Hurry back home, papa dearest! And let Khodorkovsky come back home too. Mama says that you think papa needs to get reformed. But he was already the very best anyway. There’s no need for him to change. I ask you very much, let my papa go and I’ll be happier than anybody else in the world! Maria Platonovna Lebedeva

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