Class Schedule

8:15-9:50 Reading 10:00-10:30 P.E. 10:40-11:10 Reading 11:15-11:50 Lunch 11:55-12:55 Math 12:55-1:25 Language Arts 1:25-1:55 Science 1:55-2:25 Religion 2:25-2:55 History 3:00 Dismissal Specials Monday @ 1:45Counseling

Tuesday @ 11:50Library

“What we have to learn

to do, we learn by doing”

Start spreading the news We're leaving today. We want to be a part of First grade, first grade We've worked very hard Our teacher is proud. So open up those doors to First grade, first grade. We know our alphabet And numbers too. We all can write our names And tie our shoes! So when summer's done And we're finished with play Our family will send us to

If we can make it here We'll make it anywhere So here we come First grade.First grade. first grade. first grade Welco me To Most Pure Heart of Mary (251) 4325270 Mission Statement Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School is to prepare students for leadership by providing a Mrs. Herrboldt strong educational program which engages the student in the learning process. assists in conscience formation based of .

Use end marks such as beginning of sentences Religion each of us .Solve addition and .Recognize high-frequency words by sight unpredictable letter-sound relationships .Identify number relationships subtraction problems using a variety of methods .Read/summarize simple stories with pictures .Determine the value of digits in the ones and tens places . dates.Use capitalization at the .Locate days.Develop a moral sense of judgment special First Grade Curriculum Overview Reading question marks and periods correctly .Know basic addition and subtraction facts .Understand that God loves .Identify ways that we are . . and cultivates respect and responsibility.Identify names and values of coins and dollar bills .Exhibit proper letter formation Math . and moths on a calendar Language Arts .Know the names and sounds of all consonants and vowels .Decode words with .Christian values in the Catholic tradition.

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