Internet Settings (Using the phone as modem


PC configuration

With Nokia PC Suite

Install software (PC suite & cable driver). Click on Internet settings in PC suite 1. Click on settings in one toucch Acess in Nokia PC Suite 2. Select Modem of Mobile Modem (eg: Nokia N72 USB Modem) and press Next 3. Click on Configure Manually and press Next 4. fill the blanks like Access point: OR bsnlnet UserName: Mobileno (9194xxxxxxxx) Password: Mobile no (9194xxxxxxxx) and press finsh

To start browsing, click Connect

NOTE: When using infrared or Bluetooth connection on Windows 2000 & XP, infrared driver will be installed automatically (plug & play).

Phone configuration

1. Go to Menu >Tools >Settings >Connection >Packet data. Edit active access point.

in or bsnlnet Or Open Bluetooth window in your Laptop or Desktop pair it with your mobile and enter as follows: User Name: Your mobile Number Password: Your mobile Number Dialup No: *99***1# PC/LAPTOP Configuration: . ï€ Double click the Make new connection icon. ï€ At the Select a device slide. ï€ Enter name under the Type a name.cellone. ï€ Right click the dialer then select Properties. ï€ Click next. At the telephone number enter *99***1#. Unclick the Use area code and dialing properties or the Dialing rule. ï€ From the Start Menu. double click the dialer and click Connect. . select Programs>Accessories>Communications>Dial-up networking. Create a dialer. Click Next then Finish.ï€ Access point: gprssouth. select the modem driver. ï€ To start browsing.

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