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Venezuelan Petro State Thesis Remi Lehmann

Venezuelan Petro State Thesis Remi Lehmann

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Published by Remi Lehmann

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Published by: Remi Lehmann on Jun 01, 2012
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Chapter 1 will be dedicated to a thorough analysis of the debates on soft balancing and the
foreign policy dimension of the natural resource curse. Special attention will be paid to the
conceptualization of key concepts such as soft balancing strategies and the petro state. Also,
the methodological design of the thesis will be explained and justified. Chapter 2 will consist
of a description of the Venezuelan petro state, followed by a close look on its foreign policy
in Chapter 3. In Chapter 4 the data found in the previous chapters will be analyzed by means
of the theoretical framework. In the Conclusion I will present the main findings of the thesis,
the implications of the thesis for both the academic community and policy makers. Finally,
suggestions for further research will be given, based upon the findings of the thesis.


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