1st draft

Ilse Gabriela Vidales Rodríguez November 10, 2011 1 Draft


REWIND This story is about a young man very ambitious, but he doesn´t like work hard, and he lives with his girlfriend in her apartment, he wants to have a restaurant in another city, and he needs money very fastly, so one night he goes to the casino, his girlfriend is working in this casino like a waitress, she doesn't know that he is there. He wants to play poker with rich men, because is very easy for him, but in fact he doesn't know that a one player is the owner the casino, but his girlfriend sees that he is there and goes with him, and she asks him that what is he doing there, he says that he wants to play poker for money, and his girlfriend tells him that he is an idiot, because he hasn’t a job, and money is for people that work, and while she is all day working, and he is playing with his friends all day, it is very unfair, so he says that he loves her and she decides to give him one last chance, but only for the night. If he loses the game, also he loses her love. So, before to play, he goes to the bath and there he finds an old tape recorder, he decides to play with the tape, but if he returns in the tape goes to the past, as a time machine. He can’t believe it, but he takes the old tape recorder. He feels overwhelmed and he goes with the men but every time that he loses money decides rewind and win more money, his girlfriend is happy and she is excited because her boyfriend is gaining a lot of money but she realizes that the owner is furious, and she knows that this man is very dangerous and he doesn't like to lose. But is late, one strange man covers her mouth and kidnaps her, her boyfriend is concentrated in the game but is time that his girlfriend go with their beers and snacks, so he puts pause and he gets out to find his girlfriend but he cannot find his girlfriend, then he puts play and he listens a cry in a room near to the bathroom, and he goes there, kicks the door and finally he finds his girlfriend, she is there crying and she says him that stop play, because the owner is furious and he wants kill them, so he decides rewind in the time, and leaves the recorder in the bath, because he realizes that is better to work hard for what you want, finally they marry and manage to have many restaurants in the country.

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