The Truth – Part One

By Reality7
Note to the readers:
*Focus on everything in bold*
I decided that it’s time to tell the truth in the most simple to read text. Graduating from one of the top business schools in North America I have the tendency to write sophisticated which I am trying my hardest not to do. If I do write something complicated or use a word I will naturally write the easy term in brackets but as I am going now it’s very simple. Too many guys are going down the wrong path and as a fellow human being, a fellow man I can’t just watch and say nothing. Sure I can get all sorts of financial gain from this but I’d be sucking dry a market that has been sucked, fucked and left to the curve. Life is extremely short and the biggest question in life is, “What is the meaning of life?” Well that answer is quite simple, to have as much fun as possible while you’re still living and breathing because each and every one of us will die, just look at the graveyards while driving by, or observe old people and how much joy or pain they’re in (the pain will be greater when you realize how much fun you missed out on, because you didn’t approach girls, because you were “afraid” to talk to a girl hahaha). For you religious guys out there you’re living NOW, if you believe that one day you’ll die and go to heaven then that’s fine, but live the life you want NOW and not wait or delay until you go to wonderland which might not exist, be a little realistic.

The Journey – A quick PEEK
The journey everyone takes can be easy or hard. I’m making it easy. There’s only two parts to this “JOURNEY” for every single person on this planet the first part starts with YOU(your innergame, your mind). The second part is what all the PUA guru’s out there like Neil Strauss, Mystery method, Mehow, Love Systems offer. See if you can pay the ridiculous $3000 bucks for a session, or some cases $5000 for a 1on1 you might be lucky to completely install your inner game(by watching Mehow or his minions march up to girls and do their thing it registers in your subconscious hence you have inner game). After you have inner game it just comes down to how charming you are, how creative you are by talking with EMOTION with women like Mehow does(In a squeaky voice “Ok ok let’s fly to the moon, you want to meet Aliens? Sure you do because you’re one of them *note* he grabs their hands* ok lets fly… FLY away *the girl

giggles*). You can’t talk emotion, or go physical with a girl if your inner voice (The EGO, the one thing HOLDING YOU BACK that carries all your beliefs) is creeping up all the time saying “Hey you can’t do that to a girl you don’t know”(lol uh yes you can dumbass). Oh ya you don’t actually hear that voice, sometimes you might but most of the time you don’t and it’s displayed through behavior. Why do you think all these gurus can do what they do and leave you saying WOW!!! That’s because they tapped into their SUBCONSCIOUS and changed those beliefs. Yes the Conscious mind and Subconscious are different and it’s the Subconscious that is making you have fear, approach anxiety, negative thoughts because it holds all your past experiences. You need to release those experiences and thoughts and I will explain later how to do this so you don’t have to read countless books on the topic. Just remember, the key to your success is this:

“Behavior is the best demonstration of belief”
Huh? What does that mean? It means if you’re nervous around girls, if you can’t walk up to girls, if you can’t be calm around girls, the answer is to change your beliefs. The answer doesn’t lay in any of those products out there. The answer remains in YOU. That means you need to change those belief. “In order to change any area of your reality you must change the beliefs you hold in that area of your reality” The beliefs rest in your subconscious. Where do you get beliefs from in the first place? They come from Family, your environment, the media, your friends. What happens when you change your beliefs and start acting calm around women, have a warm vibe or just feel comfortable in any situations? Well Vin DiCarlo calls that “Dominance”, Mystery calls it the Ghost. Everyone else calls it confidence. It’s the ability to be able to take any insult, any obstacle and be unaffected, let everything pass you so that you are unaffected emotionally, this is pure attraction with women. Here is a good example : . How about being so internally confident that you act like this: .

How to use this information:
You have to leave everything you learned at the door. I made a quick survey asking if you guys want this in audio, pdf, or “get lost”. To the guys who checked “get lost” I will tell you your journey begins with the EGO. Did you catch that? EGO my friends so please go read up on why the EGO is holding you back. You’ll learn so much from that and why you don’t already have

success with women. A good book to buy is “Don’t Read This, Your EGO won’t like it” by Dov Baron. Just to give you a few quotes from his book: “Mastering your EGO mind enables you to make empowered choices in the present moment, in the NOW” “Mastering your EGO mind frees you from your past” “Fear keeps you stuck, keeps you in pain” This book is actually good for everyone reading this. But I will get into that shortly. It’s not what I’m going to be discussing but it’s a start. So to continue I want you guys to read this with an open mind and REALIZE this is the TRUTH. There is no other way around this. The best part is you don’t even have to approach one girl/women because once you handle this problem approaching a girl is natural. To further continue I don’t want you guys to tell yourself, “I know that”, because that’s bullshit. You think you know and if you think you know then you don’t know it at all. After doing circles and circles with all this material I finally found out the JOURNEY we must all take. Every Guru pua talks about it (pua=pick up artist). But they don’t give it in full detail. Down the road I will list some resources and real PUA material to read. There’s only a handful but that’s all you need. Lastly if there are some exercises ever mentioned YOU MUST DO THEM. I avoided doing any exercises when I read it in the beginning, and look how long it took me to realize that I should have used a stupid piece of paper and pencil. I’ll tell you right now I hated reading and writing. Reading was a bitch so I just zoomed through everything looking for that “holy grail” and I found jack shit.

Examples and Metaphors:
I’m going to write down a few scenarios for you guys to understand EASILY where I am going with this then a metaphor. The answer to this journey will be how you can link all three together. First one is a quick and BRIEF example: Ex. There I was reading up on the latest pick up program. I listened to the mp3 that it came with every day. I read it all and knew exactly what to do when I hit the clubs or the streets. I knew how to get ANY woman I want. I was confident when I watched DVDs of these pick up artists doing what they do best. As soon as I stepped out of the house I put on the “pua persona”. I was thinking about body-language, eye contact, did she give me a “buying signal”(IOI, interest). I’d go to school only caring too much if I am doing the right thing, how do I look right now? Is

Shit didn’t ask for the number. It ran in the middle of my “circle”(the house I live in is on a circle and in the middle is just grass). WTF? I’m good looking. I felt like this was my own cat? I kneeled down and pet it. I have to make sure I do everything right). The world was his playground and he didn’t care about one thing. During the weekend I’d go out confident. tell me friends to hold on. Go home disappointed that I had a shitty night. Oh there’s a hot girl sitting down by the coffee shop in my University. We move from place to place (this never happens. let me order it. What the heck might as well give it some cheese at home. off she goes. it ran like there was no worry in the world. Got some cheese then let it out from the house. I’m the shit. ah there’s too many people around. ready to pick up chicks. I then found a tree and put its two front paws on it to stretch. then I began calling it with cat sounds. I am confident. Nothing happens and I only force myself to approach girls and it never goes well they’re bitchy anyways. Oh well… Oh new program came out. Then as I started walking home it followed me. it brushed my leg and felt completely comfortable. All my friends know I’m into this PUA world. showing alpha behavior. same shit. sitting in a way that is taking space). As I see a girl I really want to approach I approach her all body relaxed and opened? (Opened meaning taking up space. know what the fuck I’m suppose to do(of course I know since I read and watched all those programs). Alright enter the club. totally cold. Needless to say I . and things are going well. at ease and not scared. probably has a boyfriend. if it sucks I’ll just return it without paying. I’m at school. not warm animals. I don’t approach… ----- Ex. I came back from school one day and on the way home I heard a MEOW. why is that? If anyone is trying to get good with women study animals and their behavior. I looked behind me and there was a Cat( I don’t like cats because they’re all bitchy. Whatever fuck it going to class. I must be doing “something wrong”. *Hmm interesting how you can learn a lot from animals. dressed well and she rejects me? Oh there’s another girl. I’ll do my thing wait. She rejects me. Oh well back to the programs. let’s get a few drinks. It came right up to me. I stopped and looked. always running away. I need to “focus on school” I should be trying to hit on girls at school because I have to take school seriously. I go out to the club during the weekend. save some money. oh but wait she’s on a cell. Ok she’s about to leave…. smooth. calm. it sure beats studying these rip off pick up artists. only come to you when they’re hungry). she might have a boyfriend. I’m talking to this girl.

How can they train their minds to do this? Making sense of it all: You read the two examples and one metaphor I hope? Now either it hit you right away and you can stop reading. EGOTISTICAL than this will be really hard to explain but fight your EGO and realize you’re reacting like that because your EGO doesn’t like change or anything that takes it out of it’s comfort zone. Everyone likes this Cat because the Cat likes EVERYONE. Did you see how those thoughts I was having was holding me back? The worst part was they weren’t even true. See how the power of BELIEFS is. Too bad the other stray cats don’t learn his secrets. Metaphor: Let me ask you. I don’t even get a chance to use them since I don’t approach because I have fear??? The second story might seem fairy tale but it’s true. even attach bombs to . It had a vibe about it that was so warm and friendly. Their belief system must be so strong. I did pick up a stray cat from the street and I would have never done it since I don’t like cats. even if she was who cares she’d give me her number if she liked me regardless. WOW the way I was thinking was really harming me and holding me back huh? How come then when I watch Mystery. I will be listing the REAL problem that is holding us all back but first let’s look at the first story. It’s crazy how they believe they’re doing the right thing. read the lines Mehow says to use they don’t work or worse. Third story is freighting real as suicide bombers blow themselves up because they THINK they’re going to go to heaven with 72 virgins… shame… what a shame I feel do bad for their lives. unbreakable to do something like that. who have beliefs. the girl on the cell phone probably wasn’t talking with her boyfriend. Why wasn’t it scared? Because it’s not stupid like we humans who over think everything. But this Cat approached me calmly. almost friendly as if it was my cat forever. it can make you DO ANYTHING. It wasn’t scared of me and I FELT IT(I felt it by the way it walked and looked at me… sounds familiar guys? Lol). stubborn. After reading those 3 stories you will understand these next few phrases. would you strap a bomb to your chest and walk in a coffee shop and blow the whole thing up? Of course not. girls are never bitchy.kept the Cat. If you’re uptight. you’re not a terrorist right? Who would want to blow themselves up? That’s crazy how they convince themselves this is the right thing to do. If that Cat was able to think it’d run away from me. it’s just has such a WARM VIBE to it. or you need me to break it down for you and get into specifics.

You reading this now. click the mouse. This is where they come from: You see a hot girl then feel FEAR Your mind processes this CONSCIOUSLY You start feeling these emotions and withdraw and HOLD BACK which is really the subconscious making you react like that. But not too many people know why? Well it’s because of our limiting beliefs.yourself and blow yourself up. think about what you can do with BELIEFS and WOMEN? Interesting huh? Alright ready to see the first and only thing holding you back with women? Scroll down… The Mind Oh I already know that you say? I said the same thing when the truth was given to me. Think about that. find out where they come from. Now if you were making conscious decisions then you’d get every girl you ever saw. drinking the water is all done consciously through . When you: -Look at a hot girl across the street -Work with a hot new co-worker -See a hot girl in a club -Stand next to a hot girl somewhere What is going on inside you? Do you feel nervous? Anxious? Scared? Afraid? If you answered yes to all this that means you need to fix the mind. Yes that is partly true. It looks like this You have: FEAR Anger Approach Anxiety Public Speaking Fear Negative thoughts The way to get rid of these emotions is two ways: Eliminate thinking all together or attack the thoughts in the first place.

Let’s take two guys as an example here. how retarded would that be? It served its purpose. the wall paper). PUA. Everything is new to you. The same thing applies to women. You’re not allowed to. you just ARE because you haven’t been programmed (beliefs) yet. the lights. I can think of a hundred more but you get the idea. One is AMAZING with women. that’s all. the toy car. it isn’t REGISTERED Did you get that one? No? IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS. negative belief. LINES. dress the same. don’t do that) and the other one did. Of course this comes with a price and that price is limiting BELIEFS. They haven’t detached themselves from it. ROUTINES. have the same job and live in a similar house. These “sayings” would be drilled into you for no reason to the point you’d be scared to do some things or else you’ll get in trouble or even DIE. One grew up luckily to avoid attaching those beliefs (you can’t do this. So what makes one good with women and the other bad? It’s the beliefs. What do I mean by this? Well let’s start off with you being born. don’t you dare. In fact most adults (let’s say adults are 18+) are still children because they act like it. All the fears and anxieties you have is because of your “programming”. hiding under a car etc… But as you got older the: You can’t do that. So why can’t you easily approach a girl? Because even if you know all there is to know about DATING. both look the same. The Truth . it really is THAT SIMPLE. There is no negative self-talk. When you come out of your mother’s womb (let’s be blunt here… pussy) you are new to using your 5 senses (some will argue that you’re using it already in your mom but let’s keep this simple).decision. everyone will think you are. then the doctor . you will scare people etc… became useless because you don’t need them anymore. they still believe their BELIEFS. You can do anything you want. running on the street and getting hit by a car. let it go. As you are growing up your parents are constantly putting beliefs in your mind and that’s important because if they didn’t you’d be dead either by drinking poison. STOP IT. each and every one of you are born perfect. touching the stove and burning your hand. you look at everything with curiosity (the table. They still hold on to their beliefs when there is no need for the ones holding you back.Part 2 We’re born perfect That’s right. It’s like still having your umbilical chord where your belly button is. the other is shy and scared.

stop playing with her.snapped it off.2 You buy a new computer (you) with tons of software/programs(fun. you read the label before drinking it. Let’s make this even simpler by giving a few examples of MEN and BELIEFS. YOU ARE ALL ALREADY CONFIDENT hahaha it makes me laugh. Your beliefs are the “clogging”. jerking off. Over the years if it’s not taking care of it get’s clogged. feeling great. You need to unclog your beliefs in order to function properly again.1 You have a new pipe(you) installed in the kitchen.k. Your computer becomes slower and slower to the point it can’t run certain programs. Being lonely creates depression. You’re all. Don’t like your reality?(Reality=going to work. stress. be calm around women a. How do we unclog? How do we reinstall? How do we go back to being perfect and Confident? Because let me tell you. coming home. You then need to call in a plumber to unclog the pipe. cholesterol. she won’t like me etc…). leave her alone. feeling CONFIDENT). and indigestion. For now let’s continue with the explanation. meeting women. you’re out of her league. I won’t get into the evolutionary reasons why it is crucial because there are a million books and pdf’s on it. playing sports. she won’t like you. Isn’t this frustrating? What do you do then? You do a virus check and then delete those viruses from your computer. You cannot DIE from meeting women. sitting on GOLD and you don’t know it. don’t hit her. After a few months your computer becomes infected with viruses (beliefs). Why do you still need those beliefs.a confidence) rests in unlocking the door to your subconscious mind. playing games. frustration. . Ex. Well either you snapped your beliefs off at a certain age before it got REGISTERED in your subconscious or you didn’t. rusty and doesn’t function. Meeting women is probably the most important thing in your life next to eating and sleeping. drinking chloride will poison you that’s why you look both ways before crossing the street. in fact it’s the opposite. you WILL DIE if you don’t meet women. metaphorically. the ones holding you back? You know walking in front of a car will kill you. able to approach women. you are the pipe. But most guys still hold onto the women beliefs (oh you can’t approach her. The treasure (freedom of belief. I already went over this in part one and I will get more detailed in part 3. You just need to WAKE UP and realize the problem is your Belief system which creates your reality. all increases blood pressure. The same applies to you. going out and not talking to anyone… pretty shitty reality huh?) then change your BELIEF SYSTEM. enjoying life. I guess you can call me the plumber since I am making this aware to you ☺ Ex.

I’ll lay it out nicely. You need to surround yourself with women (work with women. Example if you watch a movie.Where do I start? The first part is starting with yourself. Conquer your EGO and so forth). I believe he worked extremely hard and he deserves everything. You need to combine this with actual experience because the reason NONE of the PUA material out there clicks with you is because: #1 You didn’t unlock your subconscious in order to let this stuff registered (change beliefs. Two people are reading the same book. Once you write those things your mind will work to filter everything in life to get you those things. It’s one year long but you can benefit from it RIGHT AWAY. details and so forth in the third part. your mind will actually filter the movie in the sense where you compare that movie. shop where women shop. This exercise is from Devon white’s “Phoenix” Program. a notebook or something you can have and store away so only you know about it. You have to write what you want because the brain works like this. I know you heard it before but it didn’t register in your subconscious. Back to the exercise. It is the program that will reset your mind to the “perfect being” you were. Here is an example and you can use these: -I want to be absolutely confident around women -I want to be calm in all social situations -I want to be like *insert your role model* -I want to be an excellent conversationalist -I want to be …. it’s inspirational moments to picking up women. I have his other “product” audios and programs but I will absolutely NOT give it to anyone so don’t ask. feel them on a spiritual. #2 You have not yet gained enough experience out there in the real world with women and people in general. you need to write a LIST of the things you want in life. The absolute first thing you need to do is take a piece of paper. emotional level etc…). I will talk more about Devon White in part 3. Do you get what I mean? Here is another example. The list has to be specific and it has to always start with “I WANT”. The first person wants’ financial freedom and success so he reads that book filtering and taking it in so he learns it’s lesson about financial freedom . the one NATURALS are in. I will outline all the tools. DO NOT start with “I don’t want”.

This became their life and most of us can’t do that. I’m showing you guys the right way. watching dvds. The hard way of achieving the “second” part of the journey is what all you guys are already doing… reading. 7 days a weeks(that’s a lot of time and money). It works and will work for you but you HAVE TO DO IT. that’s why they don’t teach it because they did it the stupid way. The second dude wants to be better with women and be more confident so when he reads it his mind filters all the information in order to get him to “understand” how to get what he wants. They developed the “INTERNAL” part doing it that way. The second part of this journey. getting numbers. they really REALLY wanted this bad they went out every night. so it makes you do that stuff (your subconscious controls your behavior). kisses. charming. Get it guys? Do the exercise. touching. listening to your audios. write as much as you want and make it realistic. meeting.and success. approaching. All this comes ONCE you change your mind and beliefs so they work for you. eye contact. talking. What happens when you fix yourself first? When you: -Fix yourself first -Work on your mind -Change your beliefs -Change your reality -Tap into the subconscious -Control your emotions -Understand where fear and anxiety come from -Understand the EGO and control it . like I mentioned before. role-playing and so forth. approaching girls and getting rejected not knowing why. Get it? That exercise is extremely important because if you don’t know what you want you’ll be walking around filtering for bullshit. If you do this enough times you’ll eventually “GET IT” which is what makes these PUAs so good. is the actual conversation with women.

The list goes on. In fact. You are not affected by other people a.” . -I do not judge anyone ever. ME :P. any specific outcome. swimming in the pool. or try to force.I am carefree and drama-free. Chris a. I’m not trying to get something. I don’t have to try.k. joke with them be SEXUAL with them. and all that not so scary stuff. you act with hot women. .a Sixty. When you fix this stuff this is how you act. David X.k.I don’t have an agenda.I’m not trying to impress. I don’t need. This simply means the way you act with your friends. Carlos Xuma.a YOU DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU.I have the same relaxed and comfortable attitudes and movements that I would have if I were in my own house vibing with a few of my close friends. Good things happen to me all the time anyway. and unaffected by. Whatever happens.You become like Mystery.I am un-reactive to. Mehow. . in society in general. reading a book. . I come across as solid. in social events. though not in an unfriendly way. I’m not trying at all. (external frames and vibes=other peoples reality/perception and perception=the way one sees the world. Neil Strauss…. Nothing can touch you or shake your emotions. my first response is usually “No Big Deal. a Muslim sees the world different than a scientist) . PUBLIC SPEAKING. I am in my own headspace instead of having it dictated to me by others. I’m not even in that headspace. This means you become: -Dominant -Have a warm vibe -Are relaxed/Chill -CONFIDENT . Vin DiCarlo. The way you feel at home laying on the couch. Here are some characteristics taken from Mystery’s Venusian Arts which will make more sense now then when you read it(if you read it): . When I interact with people.I don’t explain myself or argue over things—it just doesn’t matter enough to me. You eliminate your fears of being around people. able to be chill with them. When you fix yourself first you are able to approach women. playing games. external frames and vibes. David DeAngelo. unaffected by anything thrown in your way. you feel like this in the club. Nothing is ever that big of a deal to me.

Right now NONE OF YOU GUYS possess this “Dominance” This internal stillness. you cannot talk. unmoved. If I tell you to listen that doesn’t mean flex your ears or move them. put a ball in one and start moving the cups around to confuse you that means you need to stay FOCUSED so you don’t lose track of where the ball is) Second is Active Listening. If an average looking guy acted this way he generates attraction. Feel the tension. relaxed. If all you guys just focused on this one thing that would mean everything else you ever read would make entire sense. this SILENT POWER. **Note** There are two things you need to be doing when reading this eBook and watching the examples I give you. This is the secret to approaching women but also will help you in life with school and work. . You need to FOCUS(Putting your full attention on what you’re looking at. I say this is the most important thing in LIFE.) What does Confidence/Dominace/Silent Power/Internal Stillness look like? Here are some examples of being DOMINANT/Confident/Having a Warm Vibe/Internal Stillness/Silent Power(is this enough examples? Lol): 1) Ricky Fitts from the movie “American Beauty”. confident but you need this INTERAL power so fix your mind.http://www. For you logical guys women aren’t attracted to looks as much as guys are. Mystery says this is the most important thing in “game”. THIS IS REAL ATTRACTION.And so on…. Having this attribute makes you like JAMES BOND. Once you do you can watch any PUA material and it will all start clicking faster than a seat belt. it makes you calm. I did it and look what I am showing you guys. internally strong and confident because he is calm Does that make sense guys? This is the first and only thing you need when it comes to women. not affected. Everyone should watch this movie only after you have done the exercise of “What do I want” so your brain starts Watch how cool he is. I will give you guys exercises in part 3 to improve your focus/attention/listening skills. Everything else follows after. It’s quite simple actually. If I have 3 cups on the ground. it means silencing your thoughts and PAYING ATTENTION. If you don’t have this you cannot approach. unbothered. You couldn’t . I know each and everyone of you felt some attraction to Rickys behavior HAHAHA and you know I know it’s true. it’s what my brain filtered out for me to learn. it’s what creates attraction. You need to posses this in order to go ANYWHERE with women. relax around hot women. Vin DiCarlo calls it DOMINANCE.

doesn’t fumble for words. and he’s ACTIVELY LISTENING TO HER. So please listen carefully and watch his behavior: http://www. he JUST IS. doesn’t look nervous. http://www. That’s how it works with women. This means he’s able to silent all thought and just BE IN THE confident and relaxed he is. . . and warm. He even [states that] a lot of the stuff he does is just for show. The next example is already mentioned in the posts but for those who missed it I am adding it here: Marilyn Manson Here are two clips of Second clip is him being PLAYFUL and COMFORTABLE. killer EYE CONTACT and he is never nervous or unsure of himself.control it. He doesn’t THINK. has the ultimate personality for attracting women. and friendly he is talking to his neighbor at the party who doesn’t even know him(but he is so warm it looks like he knows him GET IT GUYS?). I don’t even need to say anything about this.http://www. Look at his BEHAVIOR in the film) James Bond Casino Royal. That’s because he doesn’t have thoughts creeping up in his head. He’s FOCUSING on Now you don't have to go wavering your finger to everyone in public or dress weird at all. Look how focused he is on the girl he likes keeping the EYE CONTACT. Look at James Bond’s calmness. Now as you can see Ricky doesn’t stutter when he says something. Then watch how calm and relaxed he is when his boss bitches at him. this is why he is able to be witty and The first one he is getting drilled hard by Bill O'Reilly but look how Watch how relaxed. [Observe] THE BEHAVIOR. If you want to watch some more movies here are a few: Iron Man ( Robert Downy Jr.

parties. If you feel anger towards someone. racist. You don’t lose your raising your voice. Watch Carl Sagans “Cosmos” to enjoy the beauty of life.So how do I become Confident? Dominant? Internally still? Posses Silent power? Internally Calm? This is all the same thing guys in case you didn’t get the fax. to the earth Chemically. Don’t get confused. or LOGICAL guys. BEAUTIFUL. comment badly about any of this THAT is what’s holding you back with women. asshole). I want to leave you guys on this note: “We are all connected. For you alpha wannabes. Like I said everything else will fall into your lap once you have this behavior. ears. or immature guys. mouth. black. captures the meaning even more. Being Alpha does not mean screaming. asian. who practice ZEN. people who are in touch with nature. Lol. remember if you hate. you DO NOT possess a WARM VIBE. we are made up of the same elements. We should love each other. Do not learn anything else but this Look how simple life is. So drop your logical shit and start FEELING emotion. I live like this. Where do you start? I will start this in Part 3 with tools. judgmental. We are all children of the same universe. clubs. money cars and STILL appreciate nature and the world for what it is. women. How are you supposed to connect with women and feel women if you can’t even connect or feel nature? I’m not fucking kidding here. sarcastic comments. This is the ONLY fucking thing you need to be learning. But unfortunately EGO. cocky and . This kind of thinking will prevent you from having real success with women because they will feel that from you. to the rest of the universe Atomically” There is no difference if you’re white. I just said it different because each one of you will associate to one of those meanings. get angry. I just said them differently to give more examples. http://www. PRIDE and whatever else got in the way and separated us. you just are able to control your emotions. videos. how to become like that. hispanic and so on. This part makes me emotional because the world IS a beautiful place and no one realizes it except the Buddhist this is a custom made To get a little scientific for a second the above quote is scientifically proven. No difference at all. feel close and warm to each other. we are all connected to each other on all levels(we all have eyes. pounding your chest. Or like Ricky fits does: http://www. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. to each other Biologically. books and whatever else is necessary. You can live your material life full of video games.

You can be cocky and funny. Robert Downy is “cocky and funny” but after he is dominant. just don’t go doing it wrong like every guy insulting people and not being funny about it. Marilyn Manson. It’s acting with the SILENT POWER like James Bond. So next time you see a hot woman or someone you’re attracted to. . Robert Downy Jr. Ricky Fitts. remember you are already connected to her.funny bullshit.

Even now when I look over some material. I was getting pissed off that they were doing it ON PURPOSE. Well I happened to call in time and fight for a refund in which I got everything back but it was a nightmare that lasted for a VERY LONG TIME. So from this day on I made a promise to myself that when I get good. you’re not allowed to do that etc. Here I will be listing several tools. The final straw came down when I bought around $1000 of products from MEHOW. and from the private messages I’ve been getting it seems so. I understand that. That was so over-complicated at the time. exercises. He was not only a dick. I did however ask for donations but that didn’t work. The only thing I ask from everybody reading this is to: Give a copy to a friend Or .. I thought I still had it or else I would have posted it. beliefs and so on to help you with your journey. That’s where the fun began. mindsets. They did this so that I cannot call the credit card company and fight for the refund. So I figured once I am done GIVING BACK I don’t ever have to give back again. that I will spread it all over the net. MAKING IT CONFUSING. it’s business. I had the ENTIRE CONVERSATION with MEHOW saved but fortunately for him I deleted it long time ago. Sure they want to milk the industry. find out the “secret” to getting good. “Oh we’ll refund you next week”. Actually the week after I went out and approached like 10 women at a club only to get shut down each time. That’s their strategy. I read all sorts of bullshit. If you have been following each release I hope something clicked. but would only make sense after a certain amount of experience. It’s only after I got out of a 4 year long term relationship did I have difficulty meeting women. and that was all due to my BELIEFS that I developed from my girlfriend at the time(you can’t do this. and I wouldn’t charge a dime. watch a clip online I see how all these puas explain pick up. I then began my research and study into what meeting women was about. Fucking scam artists. “Are you stupid?” you’re asking? Well back then I was but imagine this. I want to address a question that I actually asked myself. letting EVERYONE know how to do it in the simplest writing and explanation. Before you can bring value you need to bring YOURSELF… what an asshole. that amount was only for TWO products!! When I realized what I got myself into I quickly tried to cancel the order and get a refund. Well to make a long story short I was sick and tired of paying money for stuff that didn’t explain SHIT. I spoke to their “sales” person who only kept delaying the refund. I’m doing this to help all the guys that are lost. When I first started I wasn’t bad with women.The Truth – Part 3 This is the last part in the 3 part eBook I released. I feel good giving back. I kept asking myself “Why don’t they just simplify the explanation?”. This is why you cannot trust these assholes…. “Bring value” MEHOW says… Lol what a bunch of marketing bullshit. but an inconsiderate bastard trying to make a quick buck off the guy who’s “LOST”. Some stuff was not bad.). I think the limit is 3 months or something? after that you cannot get a refund from the credit card company.. They delay for as long as they can. Why am I doing this? Well it seems I have lost track of why I wanted to write a quick eBook giving out all the secrets. I got in a big nasty fight with Mehow via personal email.

learn. There is NO ONE on this planet I cannot get along Did you get that? WE ONLY HAVE EACH OTHER. If this doesn’t make sense I will explain in the steps below. Because you don’t know what it is you tend to get pissed off. You Excited? die tomorrow .com/watch?v=17jymDn0W6U During this epiphany I also realized that I am able to get along with EVERYONE. Back to the point which was that you are ABLE to get along with everyone. taking responsibility. Before I get into the actual exercises and tools I’m going to continue where I left off with the fact we’re all connected. living in a daze (living in the past and the future but NOT THE PRESENT). stuck in their heads. Do you have ANY IDEA that ALL YOUR PROBLEMS are nothing? They’re meaningless. The day I came out of that phase was when I realized that I WAS CREATING THE ANGER IN MY MIND. taking charge. There is no other life form out there that we know of. Everybody is different and has their own opinion. Being angry is easy and I went through that phase as well because I had an incident which wasn’t pleasant. Look at this clip. You want to learn right away. Life is fucking short and for you younger guys learning this it’s not in your reality how short life is but TIME FLYS guys. You DO NOT want to be that guy. I was getting pissed at people when really I was getting pissed at myself. So what your car popped a tire. close the lights and focus. Most of the time you need to be the bigger man and step forward and introduce yourself. The Unknown Universe: http://www. You need to be different and live in the moment and not be LAZY like everyone else. so what you were late for work. you want to be good right away but there’s something holding you back. This applies to EVERYONE (work. parties). Ignore that guy and stay on your path. There’s going to be a bad apple in the group who’s going to insult. Also we humans are all we have. start fights and what not. saying hi first. actually you ALWAYS have to do that. DO NOT come on the forum and start insulting people. I came to this realization that life is too short to get mad about useless things. friends circle. This stuff is so small compared to the bigger picture. I say this because once you see the world through that lens you’ll start opening your mind to several other important things. school. It’s easy to get angry when starting to learn this stuff. You need to be the one making a change. diss. big deal you lost $50 bucks.Spread it around the net So teach each other. Start asking yourself what this is all for? Where do we really come from? Why do we as human beings create all these problems? What is the meaning of life? You’ll soon realize life is meant to have FUN so make the most of it while you’re still breathing because you can . This is the second step which I will explain in a bit. really WATCH IT. There is absolutely nothing to be mad about EVER. meeting people. If something clicks for you then teach it to everyone else in the simplest way. Everyone in the world is the same.

but WIGGLE your toes. Remember to STAND STILL. girls. These are the steps to do it. At first it will feel awkward. I will not cover stuff like clothing. dad. “Don’t Read This… Your Ego Won’t Like It” by Dov Baron This is a great book to give you a good understanding of the EGO. It hides your nervousness and no one sees it(this is also how you pass a lie detector test. but underneath he’s paddling like hell. Step – 1 – Your self-esteem Again I am not a big fan of reading or writing. Zen of cool. One of the most important points in his book is called the “Equation for Manifestation” which he builds up to in order for you to fully understand how it works. Before that he explains. why it works. brother. Oh ya I am not making money on anything I . nothing bothers him. The duck can hide it so well. Any book I suggest I strongly think you should get. 2) You have shoes right? Anytime you feel nervous or anxious stay RELAXED AND CALM. the most important stuff you should be focusing You need to start feeling good about yourself. I’ll list the 3 step after. I strongly suggest you buy this book and read it. **NOTE** The goal here is to achieve CONFIDENCE (Dominance. silent power. Don’t worry there’s not many anyways to suggest. You will start getting use to it. the water barely moves. working out and so on. You can get it here: http://www. The above two steps will help you. You practice this on EVERYBODY (your mom. style. If anything it’s IMPORTANT to do the exercises. wiggle your toes). you’ll know why when you start reading it. with scientific evidence. internal strength. See at first when practicing being cool and confident you WILL BE nervous. relaxed. your BELIEFS and your SELF-Esteem. this is NORMAL. it’s the best FIRST STEP to being good with women. This is stuff you need to do yourself and there are several FREE eBooks out there. Also take notes. Ghost. teachers etc…). so can you. Above the water he’s gliding like he has no worry in the world. you will feel anxiety or become anxious. There are two things you need to know: 1) Become like the duck that glides so smooth on water. sister. There will be exercises below to relieve the anxiety and tension.). It’s basically a 3 step simple Excited? Lol I know you are so listen carefully. I will outline the steps. friends. These are the steps to get you on the right track. I avoided reading books and it took me longer to figure shit out. but it will pass FAST. I have to do that shit for school. In the beginning you will feel nervous.

Add to them if you come up with more and look them over anytime during the day.. I’ve seen guys rejected before. Here’s a few examples: -It’s hard to approach women anywhere -Women will reject me -Women are stuck up bitches -I’m scared of rejection -I can’t hit on women in the metro Ok so you did it? Now next I want you to answer to those BELIEFS. Do that now and DON’T read on if you’re not finished. They’re not real. They’re just MADE UP by your mind(lol). maybe she’s just not interested? I want you to start realizing that these Beliefs are JUST BELIEFS. There’s more that I didn’t mention that’s why I suggest you get it. -It’s hard to approach women anywhere Why? : I have this belief because it seems like it. Ex. Like Dov Baron says. -Women will reject me Why? : It’s happened before. why you have those BELIEFS? Basically just answer those BELIEFS in the “Why do I have that Belief?”. By the way these exercises are taken from Dov’s book. The purpose of hitting the gym should be to stay toned. if you can download it then download it. Also I want you to be doing these exercises for the next 7 days.suggest. Get it? Next thing you need to do is get a note book and start doing some feel good exercises. If you read part 2 I asked you to do the “I WANT LIST”. It has to be stuff like. Now if you did that the next thing I want you to do is make a list of maybe 5-10 BELIEFS that you have. I usually like to do it when I wake up. I said I wasn’t going to talk about working out but if you’re overweight or out of shape then maybe you should think about hitting a gym. In fact that’s a little creepy. Working out releases hemoglobin in the body which is a feel good chemical. Going to the gym doesn’t mean BUILDING BIG MUSCLES. Your mind will start filtering out things in life to get you that stuff. and sometimes girls don’t look welcoming. You can if you want but that takes YEARS to get a decent look so don’t waste your time. It’s going to make you feel in a better mood all the time. Next Exercise: I want you to take a new sheet of paper and write this question: . If you didn’t then I’ll wait and you go do it now……………………………. “You cannot honestly claim a BELIEF as your own if you didn’t consciously choose it”. not only to feel good but for health reasons. You create them. If you put down a “specific girl” it’s not going to work. They’re not physical like your computer or coffee table. “I want to be more confident around people I don’t know”. Ok good now you have a purpose of what you want to achieve. You need to do this.

The way to start feeling that love is NOT JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE. Be Selfish for once and start thinking good shit about yourself. Try it for a week. You all have achieved something so don’t say that you have none. You need to start appreciating everything around you. I’m charming. -Came second place in the science fair -Won a ping pong tournament -Started my own business -Hit on a hot girl and got her number Everything counts guys. Everything you do. club… you need to look at everyone as EQUAL. metro. Whenever you are out or watching T. This stuff should start making you feel good about yourself. I am in shape. Now I got this message from “Symphony of Science” on youtube. Remember what I said about being connected? To truly feel a connection with people you need to feel a connection with Nature. do it for 2-4 weeks. If you got the patience. If you approached only one girl in your life but still approached that’s an achievement. I got a better understanding that we are really all the same no matter what race. and trust me it pays off. When you’re at the store. school. Emotional: People like my humor. If you cannot gel with someone. That’s the best way to describe it. connect with someone forget about approaching. While you’re doing this exercise your mind will be accepting the positive traits FOR ONCE about you instead of the negative stuff. like my calmness. Learn to care about yourself first. I have a pleasant glow etc…. Once you feel that love it will be easier to approach women.V I want you to catch yourself . I’m good looking. I’m pleasant. If you can’t care about yourself first how are you going to care about others? Step – 2 – Being Non-Judgemental If you’re the type to judge other people then you cannot connect with women or anybody for that matter. You need to be able to feel LOVE for other people. love about me? Break it up into Emotional likes and Intellect likes.-What do the people who love me. I’m approachable Intellect: I know interesting stuff. I’m caring. especially HOT GIRLS. Next Exercise: Write down a list of your Greatest Achievements. I want you to be ADDING to this list EVERYDAY for 7 days. I’m smart. We as humans are naturally selfish. Try and be friends with everyone. Ex. Come up with as many as you can. park. whether it’s good or bad is for yourself. Accept everyone for who they are. Ex. size or look. Do you want to approach women with love? Or do you want to approach with fear? I don’t know I would rather approach them feeling love.

you see it sometimes in the clubs or on the street (actually never). You will act like this when: -You are a player and use women (but suck at hiding it) -You are nervous as hell In the odd occasion you can be insanely nervous and it might look like you’re a Secret Spy about to get caught and a woman will still talk. . be relaxed and not stressed etc… It’s the core of the confident behavior. How about first day of school? You have ANXIETY (same as approach). Some guys can be really relaxed around women. silencing the MIND. This exercise is good because it gets you USE TO forgetting about the OUTCOME WITH WOMEN. I’ve shown you examples of Ricky and the guy who approaches the table. Hidden agenda is one of the reasons women reject guys instantly. Step – 3 – Learning To RELAX You see it in the videos. Start catching yourself and become AWARE of this and CHANGE IT. How about Public speaking? Learning to relax(which has several meanings) will make you not give a shit. RARELY happens though. the dominance trait. Well it’s the same when you approach a woman. you won’t look weird. nervous on the way there. the new people. not nervous. getting rid of the negative self talk etc… Let’s explain this a little. It seems like they don’t have approach anxiety or seem like they can silence it?? In this part I will explain how to start relaxing. and they start talking to you but you feel they called because they want something or are asking for something? Yeah that feeling…. You will get use to it. When you feel the love it shows through your behavior and this in turn shows women you have no “hidden agenda”. That’s what it means by “your approach sucks” or “work on your approach”. When you first get a job you go there for the first day…. You’re nervous around the people. Hidden agenda means this: -You’re hiding something -You have an evil plan -Something is “up” -I don’t trust him You know when someone calls you. So learn to LOVE and not HATE. women can sense if you are hiding something or not in seconds too. that’s why they blow you out. Either you’ll get jealous or racist or whatever and in your mind say something. Change the behavior if you want to be CONFIDENT and COOL. You’re nervous. You will. They feel that in seconds just like we look at a chick and know if shes hot or not. people MIGHT not like you (remember Ricky? Like he gave a shit lol). Got it? If you come on the forums and constantly start shit. This is important to remember that FEELING and what it means. or do that with your brother or friend then STOP.JUDGING someone. let’s say a friend. Like I mentioned before it’s ok to find women sexy but try and not focus on fucking them in the approach.

You can do that or just be aware every time you’re around people or do something to act clam. A good way to practice body control is Tai Chi: http://www. Don’t be so ENERGETIC. screams.. That is what I did and takes a good month to adapt to it. Without that awareness.) you make in the moment. All the decisions you make in life (approaching hot women. Ever have a great night and meet tons of hot women? You are in the NOW. but turn it SLOW. What is stillness? The inner space or awareness in which the words on this page are being perceived and become thoughts.Exercise: Don’t react to loud noises. Learn to ignore it (Remember Ricky’s boss getting confrontational with Ricky?).com/watch?v=nNWPk6tYoUM I haven’t done Tai Chi but its basically slow body movements which gets your body relaxed. the NOW. or yelling at you. clubbing etc.Practicing the power of now(get the power of now first) . dancing stupid etc… is unattractive to women. You are at your best in the NOW. It’s ok to be like that in the club when you’re speaking but being ENERGETIC PHYSICALLY like moving fast. if your name is called don’t turn your head fast. even if something is said that hurts you: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but Words will never hurt me” -Random Child A fucking kid said that guys. with no tonality. Here are a few Quotes from his book: Stillness “When you lose touch with inner stillness. The equivalent of external . Being in the NOW means not thinking about the past or the future. there would be no perception. no world” “The Equivalent of external noise is the inner noise of thinking. you lose touch with yourself. in the NOW. When you lose touch with yourself. We all said it when we were kids but you seem to grow up and develop an EGO. I mean use expression when talking but don’t move around. Get it? If someone is screaming. going PERIOD.Stilness Speaks It might not make sense to you but read it. This is what it means to live in the MOMENT. Here are some books YOU HAVE TO READ for you to fully understand this: -Eckhart Tolle – The Power of NOW . Let’s make this a little more clear. no thoughts. you lose yourself in the world” “Stillness is your essential nature. If you’re arguing with your brother (great practice) just take it in. You make powerful decisions in the NOW. I don’t mean talk low.

You can’t change the subconscious mind just like that. It’s called OPEN FOCUS. the NOW. when you allow each person to be as they There is also an audio that gets you into this state of Get the FEELING of how it feels to be AMAZING. In order for your subconscious to register anything you say you need to FEEL IT because that is the language it understands. To give a run That is a good example of stillness. since I already explain in part one what control it has. it controls your behavior. the way you act around women because it has old. If you want a video of the explanation I thought Alan Watts did it pretty good here: http://topdocumentaryfilms. With this book you’ll learn how to access your subconscious mind. Anyways you get the idea. stubborn BELIEFS. emotions. CONFIDENT. The Subconscious Mind: A reaaaallly good book on this is called “The Genie Within” by Harry Carpenter. The other times you can access your . your movements.silence is inner stillness” Relationships: “As long as the EGO runs your life. I haven’t really tried it but I heard it’s good. and actions arise from desire and fear. they begin to change” –This quote pretty much confirms what I talked about above. Here is another video of him: http://www. In the book harry talks more about it. That is the secret. In relationships you then either want or fear something from the other person” “When you receive whoever comes into the space of NOW as a noble guest. most of your thoughts. You need to access it at certain times. LOVED BY WOMEN. You can find it on the seduction database. I think you have around 10-15 minutes so that is the best time to say affirmations: -I’m amazing -Women love me -I’m so confident -Anywhere I go people like me Etc… When you say these affirmations you need to FEEL it. The easy times are right when you wake up from bed and right before you go to sleep (when you’re tired). His books are ENLIGHTENING.

Future will Voluntary Limited Master Of the Subconscious mind Subconscious mind Old(Reptillion) Large Blind Images. He’s got tons of exercises in his book so get it. I will list some stuff in a second. If you looked at that chart and DIDN’T understand it then I give up. But I won’t give up and I’ll tell you that you DIDN’T FOCUS and actively LISTEN to when you’re reading. the other into Beta state. Illogical Immature Present. it’s because that is the language of the subconscious. His second cd if you buy it has some hypnosis tracks for He also sells two cds for 10 bucks. power Unlimited Body and Your GENIE Now I can explain more but I can’t explain everything. Now here is . RELAXATION etc… it’s really good shit. There are two states your body needs to be in and those states.thegeniewithin. close your eyes etc…). I’ll explain hypnosis in the next part. You can get Harry’s book here: www. Now that you understand why FEELING the emotion or though is important. in a HYPNOTIC state. like mentioned in Harry’s book. are called: -Alpha state -Beta State Some of the audio tracks online get you into this AUTOMATICALLY (you play the audio and someone speaks telling you to relax. One has two recordings to. That’s why you see all these audios of HYPNOSIS online. BUY THE BOOK and the cds if you want. You become completely still while being awake while the guy is talking.subconscious mind is when your body is relaxed. one to put you into Alpha state. Let’s look at the difference between the conscious mind and subconscious mind in case you’re confused: Characteristic Age Size Sight Communication FEELINGS Cognitive Process Maturity Time NOW Willpower Functions Involuntary(behavior) Memory Control Behavior Conscious mind New(cortex) Small Sees Words Logical Mature Past. Present.

This is good for all areas of life. you need to learn FOCUS and LISTEN to be good.http://www. get in touch) 3) Go deep into your mind and focus on those feelings excluding all other thoughts or feelings (Absolutely at the expense of all other thoughts and feelings. the more likely you are to manifest the object of your focus. Meditation is a good for helping you focus and silent thought. Simply choose what it is you really want. or work. download that it’s a body awareness experience that helps you focus. That helps.. Actively Listening: -Alan Watts talks about it in his video “Conversation with myself”.) and the other form is HARD CORE REALITY. Being feeling the emotions and let yourself go deeper into the emotion until it generates something even deeper…. if you don’t have this practice. How to FOCUS and LISTEN: When you approach a woman or women. your mind can only be focused on this thought until it generates emotion in . -Download Kelly Howell’s “Pure Focus” audio. even school. (Be very specific and detailed) 2) Hold that thought. -Visit: Follow the instructions. where girls Also I mentioned above about “OPEN FOCUS”. Focus: -You get focus by understanding the power of NOW. . one being opportunity(that’s why awareness in public is so important… like surrounding. It’s a must.egodevelopment.Dov Barons Equation for Manifestation: 1) Choose what it is you want in life. Your ability to FOCUS exclusively on the feeling will determine the degree to which you experience your desired outcome) Side note: The universe reflects that back to you in two forms.feeling. and hold it until it gets you in touch with the feeling it arouses in you (hold that feeling for 16 seconds. being open to eye contact etc. the more focused you When you are afraid you are obsolutely focused” . I listed it above. I’ll give you some tools on how to improve your focus and listening. Here is a quote from Dov Baron: “Fear is a powerful manifestor because fear generates FOCUS.

Hypnosis etc. Read that book. EFT is one of the most POWERFUL belief destroyers out there. Has mantra. -http://www. Will help you tremendously with Approach Anxiety. Helps you “reset” to the “DEFAULT STATE”. I think that’s the name. Comes with the “BLINK without thinking” eBook. I went over the inner game part because I believe that is where the problem .org/ . I got the audios but they’re alright. Once you got this part handled you can watch dvds. So be dedicated and listen to them. and maybe you just needed a few tools here. listen to audios and everything starts clicking.a approach women WITHOUT THINKING. You need to be EXPOSED to the public and WOMEN or you’ll take forever to reach your goal. So I just went over a TON of information. Here is a couple of his's a year long program where you pay per month but can benefit right away! -Download MONSTER CONFIDENCE – Great tool for confidence.. Maybe too many tools but the more the better. these hypnosis tracks may seem stupid at first but they WORK because now you know WHY they work. it teaches you to act on your impulse . Remember I told you how being in the hypnosis state is being in the theta or alpha state? That means these hypnosis cds or audios designed for pick up are good because it communicates to your subconscious mind directly. BUT you need to balance it with going out. follow the steps. I could have made a 1000 page book but I don’t have that time. This means you WILL STAY AT HOME and do . It might mean you’ll be locked in your room and that’s FINE. Here are a few to try: -Radicalinnergame. Got that? Go out to a club or bar once a week. I don’t expect you to grasp all of it in one read. Remember. the state where you are at your best.This is an audio to help you RELAX -http://humanoperatingsystem.Let’s talk about hypnosis now.k. but the tools are . RELAX. That’s fine . -I mentioned already The Genie Within Audios -Devon White’s “Reality Bender”. It should take about 2 weeks to a month to start feeling something from it. try it out and see if you like it. I mean I think there’s better out there but try and see if you can download it. So start doing the exercises.Hypnosis track. trust me once you start doing the above you’ll WANT TO GO OUT. 90% of it. You need to understand that this will take some practice.relaxforachange. EFT. -PUAhypnosis. Takes about a few weeks to really start feeling it. just listened to this now and it’s really good. Some of you already go out a lot. You need to dedicate yourself to doing this stuff if you REALLY want to finish your journey. -http://reality-bender.

‘Don’t fear conflict. If you think your better than people. Start by noticing your addictions. Be around them either talking to them. A few EGO/Belief quotes: “Fear keeps you stuck. You are the only thing that can change. and changing what keeps you from thriving” “What is it that you’re holding onto in your life that may be preventing you from exploring new adventures?” “Ego-MindGrumpy Old Man Beliefs” “The Ego-Mind is a grumpy old man who holds on to BELIEFS” “The Ego-Mind only helps you survive. anger leads to hate. it doesn’t help you strive” “The EGO’s three deadly words… “I KNOW THAT”…” . Don’t worry the tools above will take care of the EGO. challenging your beliefs. Fear keeps you in pain” “Fear leads to anger. deal with it in a healthy manner” “You must be the one to change. It takes some work if you really want it. Stop caring how cool you are and you will become COOL. -THE EGO – Yup it will hold you back. It will hold you back with women because you’ll be afraid of rejection. going to the club etc… BUT I CAN’T APPROACH WOMEN? The only thing that will hold you back is: -BEING LAZY – Yes some guys are fucking lazy and want everything on a silver platter.but for those who don’t go out often I made a simple step process to help you go further in your goal to success but you need to EXPOSE yourself to women. hate leads to suffering” –Yoda “Having the knowledge to master your EGO-MIND is only the beginning of change. think you know it all that will hold you back. while “DOING” something with knowledge represents the wisdom of change” “Facing our pain is as simple as facing our beliefs” “If you want to look at where the EGO is hiding at any given moment. look into your pain. The EGO is always hiding behind it.

are the same people who have had the balls to stand up and face massive rejection” “Be willing to give what you are asking for. not just when you know it” “You must reclaim mastery of your ego-mind and you must do it NOW” “The people who have made the greatest difference in the world. That type of thinking will keep you in a nasty bind because it is founded on a belief of “LACK” “Abundance is all around us” “Don’t give up on you. It’s almost as if we’re waiting for the world to show us more before we give more. you will never know the real heart pounding joy of success” “The EGO mind sees change as death” “Change is pretty simple” “No event in life has any meaning other than the meaning we attach to it” “Why do you care what people think? Remember it’s your life. If you never risk failure. limited beliefs leads to limited lives” “What seperates those who do from those who don’t? The desire and willingness to learn” “All comparison is negative” “There is a difference between KNOWING the path and WALKING it” –Morpheus The Matrix “As you feel is as you react” . There’s NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU” “Limited nutrition leads to limited health. if you want more love give more love” “Only be in relationships that add value to both people” “Sometimes we don’t give as much as we would like to because we’re afraid that we won’t get anything in return. live for them or live for you” “Mastery is where you do it.“Your beliefs become the blue-print for your life” “The EGO mind is constantly distorting information that is coming in” “There is no real success without the risk of failure. whose ideas and actions have moved millions.

Ex. Get it? Read the book called BLINK – Thinking without thinking(I think that’s the name) Also you do need to go out and do some approaches. Instead of IGNORING the person I actually went over and said HI.“Pride gets in the way of growing and becoming more. I never played World Of Warcraft but it’s the same thing in life. Works fucking 100% like that. If you were scared before do the thing above(not ignoring what you want during the day) and then you’ll see it’s much easier in the clubs. see women. The tools I gave you will REDUCE approach anxiety drastically. The more you STOP avoiding the things you WANT the more the experience goes up. You then get use to ACTING ON YOUR IMPULSE. Do you have ANY fucking idea how this helps? Cashier lady? Spoke to approach her. Meaning I acted on it as if I was approaching a girl. All the UNCOMFORTABLE things in my life I avoided I actually started doing. Women having trouble getting her baby carriage off the bus? I went over and helped her. I find his Infield Insider very beneficial. What I did for approach anxiety was the tools above. Can even make it an automatic response. because pride is fear based” Some Extra Resources: -RSD: The Blue Print – This is good because it talks about the technical part of pick up. All this stuff ADDS UP and gives you CONFIDENCE. If I wanted coffee but didn’t want to walk across the street I FORCED myself to do it. Because of the mind. It gets you seeing the whole “approach” live to get use to it. I recently listened to one of his audios and he mentioned something I would’ve mentioned which is called micro-avoidance (I wouldn’t even have called it that).. -Vin DiCarlo: Attraction code -4 Elements of Game – Look to understand the 4 elements -Vin DiCarlo – Conversation Cure -Mehow’s Infield Insider: Even though I argued with this guy. Women dropped her scarf? Picked it up and told her. Re watch it. Maybe you didn’t understand it before but now get a better understanding as I made some things clearer. Everything else I think is just bullshit. but also whatever I did during the day and I avoided would be stopped. Now 60 years of challenge makes a good point. As you move through life you gain experience like (24) or (67). . Approach Anxiety: BONUS I explained in this whole book the reason you fear the approach. For example I’m on the bus and see someone I know. You start off with no experience (1).

If I met the same girls in a club you better believe I’ll get shitted on. -Awareness – Being aware of your fears. See him here: http://watch. This guy has killer confidence. how to approach. If you take a look at “Deep Inner Game” by Hypnotica.Emotional Freedom Technique – This is powerful shit. Mystery. This is a golden rule not to take clubs personally. Mehow. The one telling you that you can’t go over. You would be her prince in shining armor if it was in the mall. Neil and whoever else mainstream does. They work though let me tell you. you would “sweep her off her feet” but in a club you’re just another guy looking for ass lol. you’ll see Mehow before he became Mehow sort of speak. just listen to the audios. It explains how to act on what you want.a approach anxiety).k.Also if you fear hitting on women in a club you really shouldn’t.P: This is a Canadian show based on guys going to clubs and competing against each other in a 3 round match to see who can get the most numbers. I think I heard Vin doing a lot of EFT and Subconscious exercises. can’t talk to her. Keys to the V. or ignored. you soon come to realize how retarded they are. It’s the method that all the desperate PUA guys like Vin DiCarlo. but it’s amazing to see different game styles. They stopped production. their BELIEFS hold them back(that feeling that makes you not approach a.thecomedynetwork. You’ll see him in dork mode to make it clearer. EFT. Their GUARDS ARE DOWN. anxieties and beliefs. You know that 2 seconds before approaching women but you’re held back? He explains this in the scientific sense. That’s your EGO saving you from nothing. -Hypnosis – I mentioned it above. In MONSTER CONFIDENCE you have this technique in there. Conditioning – This is the old “Just do it. the quality won’t be as good but never the less: . Funny how it works like that huh? Don’t fucking take rejection in a club personally because that same girl who rejected you in the club would have been happy to have met you in the day. Look… I can meet women during the day who will think I am prince charming because I did it in a book store or at school. will reduce your anxiety. There’s a guy name “Cajun” who’s a pick up coach. That’s fine it works but a lot of guys can’t get over their EGO. from actually getting hot women. don’t be a pussy” Go to season two and watch “Faxe” vs “Cajun”. I don’t know if there’s a limitation on international viewer but if there is watch it here on youtube. I never tried it but I read how the RELEASE TECHNIQUE is good as well. BLINK – The power of thinking without thinking – Some might find this eBook boring at first but it’s not.I. It takes some practice and time but you will be able to LESSEN the negative voice in your head. how girls respond. It’s amazing and the first and only of it’s kind. she has a boyfriend. I know Vin and Mehow did a lot of inner game work. I don’t know why? . So basically if you go approach a lot of girls you start becoming conditioned. how direct works.

Here is the clip: http://www. Can you look at girls on the street. If you can hold eye contact with a woman long enough for her to look away you already got This is so important I am saying it again. So learn to focus on something else. What I mean by already got her is it’s easy to go talk to how they overcome their anxiety.theattractionforums. Eye contact shows confidence. Actively listening means you’ll never fuck up a conversation. Eye contact is the KEY to approaching. Now FOCUS/ATTENTION comes into play because when you approach a women you need to put your FOCUS(THOUGHT) on something other then impressing her. just TOUCH. I added an article in the bonus part. friend. You just need to feel comfortable touching them. brother. If you just listen to what she says you don’t need to work on conversation. If you talk to your mom. Don’t even THINK about approaching women if you can’t practice eye contact. Eye contact is so important that if you STIL can’t use eye contact you need to drop everything and start doing it now. but those feeling diminish the more you do it. dad. You can avoid this by being in the MOMENT. Your body will get use to using eye contact. Do the exercises and go out and practice. If you don’t touch it goes nowhere. But most guys will just get “WOZZY” in their heads. At first you might get nervous. Now with Eye Contact it’s EXTREMELY important to get this down. There’s no secret but to condition yourself to touching Lovesystems is bullshit. I think learning about “TOUCHING” women is important too but it’s very simple. Go do some research on eye contact. school. FOCUSING and ACTIVELY LISTENING. blank. Always touch the arm or back first. Cajuns the exception. Approaching a girl becomes much easier when you do the above exercises. USE EYE CONTACT AND HOLD IT. If you look away first and if she has experience then it shows you’re weak. Eye contact creates Final Thoughts . see that it’s OK to approach.http://www. DAZED. what will she think of me? She might reject me. feel gay if it’s a Get use to understanding WHY they’re not afraid to approach. Also check out Cajun’s articles at http://www. This pua youtube guy did a body language thing with James bond Casino royale. feel weird. stay away from anything that teaches routines first. clubs. EYE CONTACT I might as well add Eye Contact in here. Never the face unless she gets comfortable with you. If you can’t hold eye contact or even look at someone in the eye from a distance then go back to square one and start learning this. anywhere and hold eye contact? If not go practice. Practice with EVERYONE you talk to. store.

I also didn’t touch on certain subjects. After that I won’t be on the database. less money involved and do the exercises. you already are. Reading this isn’t enough. because it’s a very short life. You need to stop caring what other people think and start living your life. but I invested the time and it paid off. “The only difference between you and someone who’s amazing with women is the way you guys think” Good Luck! Reality7 . you need to do the exercises so your mind gets USE TO the behaviors. Trust me this stuff works you just need to do it. Reading. confidence OR you could do it the practical way. I can’t be there kicking you in the ass so BE A MAN and take charge of your life. I feel I covered the most important stuff. it’s only fair since you got this for free. Find the time. depending on how much money you have and if you have time. I never have to worry about this again and you can too become successful with women. staying in. Both ways are good. subconscious etc… Get the books I told you to get and most importantly DO THE EXERCISES. Dominance/Confidence/Calmness/Internal Strength is what needs to be learned first. You will need to put some time aside to do this stuff. you need to practice. If you are on the bus. I won’t return so take the time to ask your important questions. There are really two ways of getting good with women. If you’re walking in the office to the coffee machine and wonder if how your shirt is tucked.As we’re coming to an end I want to say I am glad you read the whole thing. I will be answering questions for the next week because I know there are some gaps that need to be filled so now is your time to ask. gets rid of the beliefs. but time is important and this is all the time I can give. If you walk out of your house and feel nervous. I’m fucking busy but I managed ok? A few years ago I sacrificed my entire summer to deal with this. you need to practice. I encourage you to learn. you need to practice. The first is to relentlessly go out night after night doing it the hard way to DEVELOP your internal strength. listening. Conscious. at school or in the mall and are thinking that people are looking at you. Believe in yourself because whether you believe it or not. if your tie is straight. dominance. If there is a word that doesn’t quite click do some research on it ex. I hope you guys spread this eBook around to save other guys from wasting their time and buying LOUSY products. the mindsets.

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