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Orange Mushroom. . Fish Implication on New Product Launch .Growing Youth population .Lakhs of recipes used across India daily .wife/mother) in the family .Emergence of Nuclear family .Mostly preparation of breakfast (in general all meals) is dependent on one person (woman. Meat .Taste remains the dominant factor in the type of food consumed Changing Trends affecting Breakfast Socioeconomic Changes .Rise in Household Consumption levels . Coffee. Evening Snacks and Dinner .Rising incidence of life style diseases – Diabetes .Longer nights leading to late morning Psychological Changes .Convenience in making food is becoming increasingly important . breakfast and snacks are consumed individually . Beverage Tea. Beans Protein Food Egg. Fruit Juice Carbohydrate Food Grains & Cereals Bread and related items etc. .Primary concern remains with health and primary expectation with taste while consuming food.People are getting more Individualistic – popularity of facebook and other such platforms suggest the same.Across India people prefer meals 4 times a dayBreakfast. Fruits & Vegetables Apple.Breakfast – Now and Tomorrow Breakfast in India. Lunch.Regional Recipes Breakfast Existing Trends related to Breakfast . Hence new products have to have the mix positioning of both.In families food Dinner and lunch are preferably taken together.Different food habits and taste bud in different regions of India makes it infeasible to launch one kind of food for whole India . Obesity etc.Increasing awareness towards healthy food habits . .The great diversity of Indian culture resonates very well in the diverse food habit and taste of different parts of India .Increasing migration of population from rural to urban cities Lifestyle Changes . Regional focus becomes imperative.

Breakfast is the starting food of the day hence it holds a important place though health wise people don’t consider it as the most important . Example Hot Cereals Like Oat Ready to Eat: Food that can be consumed from the box or with the addition of milk. Meals Consumed Over a Week Dinner 99% 48% Meal Type Evening Snack Lunch Breakfast 0% 99% 80% 50% 100% 150% Percentage of Respondent Source: 2009 Technopak Report on Food Habits India .For any kind of product in breakfast both opportunity and competition is diverse and fierce Most Important Meal to Stay in Good Health Breakfast [14%] Lunch [54%] Evening Snack [1%] Dinner [31%] Source: 2009 Technopak Report on Food Habits India Ready to Cook: Food that require further cooking or heating before consumption.Breakfast is the only food where people prefer all three kind of food . Example Cold Cereals like Corn flakes Unpackaged Food: Food that are primarily consumed after cooking except for fruits and some vegetables.Breakfast – Comparison against other meals Inferences: .

People do try out new things but they return to there already developed taste bud and that is a set of breakfast (meal) items .Breakfast in rural areas are primarily cooked as opposed to urban set up where in it’s a mix of both cooked and packaged food.Cost and Convenience was perceived to be more with Ready to cook and ready to eat products. . .Four Factors . Convenience. Health.Taste.Breakfast – Consumer Acceptance with Different type of Breakfast based on Cooking Inferences-1: . Convenience.Health was perceived to be more with cooked breakfast . Economy • Here concern is of provider.Taste is developed over time.Dependency factor (Elaborated below) comes into being when breakfast is cooked H Type Of Making Cooked A Ready to Cook B Ready to Eat C Literature and Observation Urban Rural Dependency H Age: 0-15 Dependency: Mother (parents) Age: 16-35 Age: 36-0 Dependency: Spouse Self Primary Concern: Health and Economy H L H L Dependency: Office Canteens College mess Self Primary Concern: Primary Concern: Health Taste & Convenience Other Concerns across age: Health. like mothers are concerned about the health of their kids while providing food Survey Result (Urban) Taste Decreasing Importance H H Health H L Inferences-2: . Taste. Children develop taste for those items which parents make them eat regularly .Food promoted as healthy are ate for health reasons but people always try to have food which they consider normal Convenience Cost L H L H H L This stands for being perceived as Higher on the concerned front This stands for being perceived as Lower on the concerned front . Cost dominated the decision of choosing one breakfast over other. Observation: .

Oat can also be used in beverages Oatmeal stoutbrewed beer (Britain) Taste .Its lower cost makes it highly competitive and well poised for both rural and urban market .Oat has cholesterol-lowering properties.Oat is bland in its raw from .Oat is one such breakfast cereal which can be used in making other breakfast items like idly.Oats are generally considered healthy .Flexibility and convenience makes it win over cooked foods but same doesn’t create any age over other break fast cereals Inferences2 : . . .Used in other breakfast cereals as Muesli .Oat takes the test of the ingredients it is made with .Oat is not that convenient when bought as ready to cook item (Oatmeal) as it becomes necessary to cook it with milk which is not the case with corn flakes or Muesli .Oat as a product is in Introduction stage (All Region point of view) .Oat can easily be promoted as both ready to cook and ready to eat products.Oat products will require positioning in such a way that it creates awareness but at the same time it should not be so niche that it hampers the growth possibility.Being Taste Independent allowsit to promote under different flavor and varieties which gives it an extra edge over other cereals .Breakfast – Oat Ready to Cook Oat Ready to Eat Use .Promoting Oat as healthy meal becomes an obvious choice. .Used in making cooked items like Idly. Dosa etc.Oat –product category is in its nascent stage and hence product innovation remains the key to success. .Due to fibers its also is considered good for weight reduction . Hence to certain extent it curbs away the competition with cooked breakfast.In certain regions like south it is about to enter the growth stage Cost . hence is considered good for Heart .Oat is rather cheaper than other breakfast cereals like corn flakes and Muesli Inferences1 : .Used in baked items like Biscuits . Dosa etc.But when bought as ready to eat items (Masala Oat) it is comparably convenient as other cereals.Oat has more soluble fiber hence improves digestion and fights constipation . .Used as ready to cook / eat breakfast cereal .Oat has more soluble fiber which gives a sensation of fullness for longer duration . .It is also high in terms of protein contain t as compare to other cereals Health Convenience . Product Life Cycle .

Vita Marie Honey Oats (women) Horlicks Nutribar Kellogg.Oat – Products and Competition Ready to Cook Oat Product Type Products Quaker Oats Kellogg’s.Breakfast Cereals Company Shares 2006-2010 Oatmeal ( Plain and flavored ) Britannia Healthy Start Oats Baggry’s Oats Horlicks Oats 8 1 Ready to eat Oat Product Type Oat Flakes Products Kellogg. Strawberry: 88 (for 300gm) 69 (for 500 gm) 58 Distribution Bonus/promotional packs Small packs(Rs 10 price) Tamil Nadu.NutriChoice Oat Cookies SKUs 1 2 Price in Rs Distribution 25 for 75gm Oatmeal cookies and Biscuits Britannia . Small pack(43g for Rs 15) Modern retail and grocery stores in Mumbai and South India Retail stores South India Source: Euro Monitor.Corn Flakes with Oat Flakes Britannia .Oat-bites 1 12 for 103gm Promotion with other Marie products Retail stores Retail stores Oat cereal bar Other ready to eat varieties 1 1 18 for 30gm 95 for 350 gm .Heart To Heart Oats Marico.Saffola Oats SKUs 3 4 4 6 Price (Per 400gm) in Rs 58 60 Masala. Curry: 55 Classic: 58 Savory.

com http://gsk-ch. 0 cholesterol Diabetic patients Strong breakfast brand connection with cereals Breakfast suite of products: Bread Biscuits & Yoghurt which can Include oats as ingredient Classic Oats Strawberry Oats Savory Oats.britanniahealthystart. convenience and happier breakfasts Not known November 2011 3 Way Health What’s your heart age? Celebrating World Heart Day every year Reduce cholesterol. manage weight & healthy blood pressure Sampling not on the cards Wet sampling in retail stores Wet sampling in retail stores Hoardings.com No social media http://www.aspx July 2010 T L A I G N E O O H T V C + + + P D T S 2010 Care for your heart health 2010 Wake up to a Healthy Start Health.saffolalife. mall facades Free blood pressure checkup 10-day campaign Cholesterol IQ Quiz Kids find oats boring Mother cooks for family Taste & Health considered Popular heart campaign related to oil products Britannia Nutri Choice: Focus on Wife decides what to cook Health comes first. Ragi Cookies Wife knows best for husband Health emphasis. with modern day lifestyle being unhealthy Leverage upon recommendations by doctors of Horlicks products Masala & Coriander Oats Curry & Pepper Oats Heart to Heart Oats Corn Flakes with Oat Flakes Oat-bites Horlicks Oats Horlicks Nutribar .in/Products.Oat – Promotion. Multigrain Porridge Honey & Oats Vita Marie Biscuit Oats Cookies.Media Campigns W E B http://www.

are very different and specific . .Moreover all the competitors all positioning Oat in the same way: Saving Heart (Health) or Taste (Vanilla ).When Oat as a product which has potential to be part of all kind food –lunch.Usually people after 30s start considering health as an important criteria for food. Convenience Positioning: . . health positioning is just to niche and can hamper growth of this product category Cost Positioning: . .Moreover it clearly separates Oat from other cooked things and brings absolutely in the realm of a packaged breakfast cereals which Oat as a product can’t afford to have as positioning given its inherent characteristics of tastelessness and its ability in making of all possible dishes with it . we also recognize the fact that its important to have such niche positioning as the awareness about Oat itself is very Low. But what will fail these positioning in general in long run that consumer will only accept it as health food rather than a normal food which is healthy. Horlicks Health Health Positioning: . . .When we see problem with the above positioning ideas.The current positioning of oat across companies also suggest that awareness towards Oat in general is necessary.Portraying Oat as in general as a tasty food has another problem as people already has a definition of test build in in their local food.Moreover when mostly all companies took health positioning hence for them making it low cost might have worked in opposite direction as consumer considers something costly as healthy and vice versa Taste Positioning: .Young people rarely start consuming food because it is considered healthy and even they do they try and do come back to the food that is considered normal.If Oat has to be one product accept by whole India then positioning with taste creates problem. . .But problem with such position is that it has limited appeal has many people who consume don’t cook there food and who usually cook (housewife etc.Oat – Positioning Across Competition Saffola.Taste is something drives food habits of individuals in general but than taste bud of individual /culture/state etc.Positioning on low cost has largely been neglected. dinner etc. . Kellogg.Convenience is that all consumers want and that is the most important reason people look forward to packaged food. Cost Taste Convenience Britannia Health Cost Taste Convenience Inferences : .) for them it’s a least important thing .Though there are some tastes that are universally excepted like Choco but there are too any products which satiates that need. .

Uniqueness: Its certainly unquiet as has been positioned in a dimension that is not even look by competitors .To acquire a position that is universal and local at the same time . My status Update etc.A positioning that thrives on being independent of all worries of taste and health and yet find the taste and health . test .A position that reflects freedom from all worries.To make consumer accept Oat as part for their normal breakfast item .A positioning that celebrates consumer as individuals .To acquire a position in consumer’s mind which takes them away from their regional taste bias .My Profile. Even the success of platform like facebook and all suggest that people across demography likes the idea of Individualism. Relevance : Individualism along with freedom that is always relevant given the dependency of food on Economic. These contemporary factors make this positioning desirable.A positioning that thrives on getting away from the dependency of their food providers . Be it freedom form corruption or be it freedom from social Barriers and stigmas people are loving the idea of freedom. Taste and many other factor.A positioning that is not only different form competitors but also flexible and sustainable Our Positioning: Cook it My way . Being a abstract positioning it will help in creating emotional attachment with the brand and that in turn will infuse loyalty.Using Fifth Dimension Objective of Our Positioning: . Desirability: This positioning is done to associate the brand with mental hook of Individualism and Freedom.To acquire a position that reaches most of the consumers instead of targeting only on kind of consumer .be it health. Not only historically Individualism and Freedom has been celebrated but also This is the new world order. Parental .Oat – Proposed Positioning. person anything Existing Positioning of Oat Brands Across Companies Proposed Positioning for Quaker Oatmeal Health Convenience Taste Cost Independency Cook it My way Resonance Judgment Performance Feelings Imagery Salience Strengths: The Strength of this positioning lies in its expected sustainability and flexibility over years and across demography.

because its my Health .because its my money (Demographic Diversity) .because its my Taste .It brings Oat in competition with cooked (preferred) alternatives .It instates sense of command My .because its my Money .because its my taste (Demographic Diversity) ….Even time requirements are different For different people.In long run Oat can easily be promoted As economical product for breakfast in Rural part of India Sub-Campaigns …. a young people who Getting education time will promoted like Getting meals at the right time and for Young professional getting Oat meal in Less time …….It resonates active participation with the product .because its my health (Need Diversity) ….It echoes Independence Cook it My way -An experience attained in individualistic way with sense of command and Independence -------------------------------------------------------- …….because its my time (Need Diversity) ….It catches the Individualist urge It resounds belongingness My Way .Taste changes by region and that can Very well be captured by regional advertising like in North India advertisement can show man making Puri form Oat wherein in South man Making Idly in their own way …….It uses the consumer psychology that cooked food is healthy Cook it .It infuses sense of authority .It reflects the sense of urge .Requirement of health varies even Among the segment 24-60. for younger Age people Oat should be promoted as Slimming product where for Older ones Oat as a heart savior …….because its my Time .Cook it My Way – The Umbrella Campaign – Sub Campagin Achieving Universal Positioning in Umbrella Campaign terms of Individuality and Freedom Cook it My way Capturing Niche Positioning using Demographic and Need Diversity Ready to Cook Products Ready to eat Products Cook it My way Cook it My way Semantics -------------------------------------------------------Cook: .

Oat + Strawberry flavor + Dried Strawberry cuts Sweet Flavored Instant Strawberry Oat Ingredients.Instant Oat + Veg Cuts + NIM Salt Salt Instant South Indian Veg Masala Oat Ingredients. In Instant Oat category we want to experience them Oat with established flavors.Oat + North Indian Masala (NIM) (NIM: Chat Masala + Chili powder + Black salt) South Indian Masala Oat Ingredients. We want them to enjoy oat with convenience.Cook it My Way – Product Portfolio (Existing and More) Product Portfolio Cook it My way Ready to Cook Cook it My way Ready to Eat Plain Existing Oat Meal Sweet Flavored Strawberry Oat Ingredients.Oat + South Indian Masala (SIM) (SIM: Sambar Podi (powder) + Garlic + plain salt) Instant Choco-Almond Oat Ingredients-Instant Oat flavored with Choco and Almond cuts Instant North Indian Veg Masala Oat Ingredients.Instant Oat flavored with strawberry Choco-Almond Oat Ingredients. . We want our consumers to experiment with oat (cook it my way) and by doing that getting attached to product and brand.Instant Oat + Veg Cuts + SIM Objective: Introduction of New Product with added in Ready to eat category and Introduction of New Flavors in Ready to cook category Moreover we don’t want excessive customization of Oat.Oat + Choco flavor + Dried Almond North Indian Masala Oat Ingredients.

Normal Width of pack is around 8 cm 6 cm Logos are made smaller and at are at bottom as this logo doesn't have any cultural significance or any association in with Indian consumer .Cook it My Way – Product Packaging (Ready to Cook) Cook it My way Type of Oat One Regional Recipe for cooking oat Tagline with symbol suggesting Ready to cook product Cook it My way Oat Manchurian Masala Recipe Oat Ingredient Information North Indian Masla Oats Oat Benefits 100% Natural ----------------------------- Slim Pack Slim Pack Pictures and color Relating to freedom and Individualism Health Reinforcing Mental hook can Be brought by reducing the Width of pack and calling it slim Pack.

Cook it My Way – Product Packaging (Ready to Eat) Cook it My way Tagline with symbol suggesting Ready to eat product Type of Instant Oat Top View Cook it My way Cook it My way Instant Oats Veg Masala Side View Pictures and color Relating to freedom and Individualism Bottom Logos are made smaller and at are at bottom as this logo doesn't have any cultural significance or any association in with Indian consumer .

Microsites.Campaign COOK IT MY WAY – Freedom to choose Umbrella campaign COOK IT MY WAY shows that you can use Quaker Oats depending on your convenience. taste and health Objectives Brand re-positioning. Print. Internet Search. TV. Email. Tasty and Convenient Duration: 1 year Launch in 3 Phases Print ‘Single Jacket’ Advertisement for each flavor on leading newspapers which is customized for different households Based on the subscription information and surveys the flavor preference can be inferred beforehand Social Media High engagement campaign to be launched on social media platform like Facebook and Twitter Users can share viral ads and recipes with their friends Different facebook applications to be launched in phases OOH Android and Iphone applications to be launched simultaneously with the social media plan Android and Iphone applications to be launched simultaneously with the social media plan Mobile Android and Iphone applications to be launched simultaneously with the social media plan Internet Search Google Adwords will be employed for greater search visibility . Mobile TVC The TVC copy seeks to engage consumers with the idea that they can exercise their freedom and use Quaker Oats There will be separate 30 second copies for each segment: Healthy. New Product Launches Budget: Touch points: Social Media.

The double spread has been designed to catch the newspaper reader’s eye .Print Instant Oats Cook it My way Veg Masala Cook it My way A top strip print and a bottom jacket print advertisement will be created.

Goldilocks tries the bowls one after the other. She then proceeds to cook Veg Masala Oats her way! In this ad. the creative will be an animated re-enactment of Goldilocks’ travails with the three bowls of ‘Oats’. adults would re-visit this popular story and connect the individuality message with the product Estimated Time of Ad: 30 seconds . but despises the flavour of oats in each of them.TVC advertisement – Goldilocks cooked it her way Using the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

712. High reach expected in 24-50 age segment across India. You can share your scores and attempt to get into Hall of Fame Re-use of the Goldilocks TVC ad by posting it on YouTube. the user is taken to the Quaker Oats India landing page Facebook application#1 in the form of an interactive shooting game. The scenario is about an oats farmer who is trying to protect his crops from wolves.740 people Objective Advertising Social Media Brand awareness. user engagement and user content generation Creation of Facebook ads with breakfast related creative.Estimated reach: 24. the user gets to participate in contests and can share his stories with other member of the Facebook page The page would feature celebrities every couple of dayswho share their recipes and discuss about how they use oats their way Applications Viral Video Profile Page Cook it My way . Viewers are encourage to visit Oats – Cook it My way profile page where they can share stories about how they experience oats in their way Creation of Facebook profile page for the Cook it My way campaign which is meant to be a hub of all Quacker activities On liking the page. On clicking the ad.

the user is taken to the Quaker Oats India landing page Applications:Facebook application#1 in the form of an interactive shooting game.Further.The page would feature celebrities every couple of dayswho share their recipes and discuss about how they use oats their way -An analysis using Google’s Keyword Traffic estimator indicates that some of the highest related India searches are for “What are oats”.Objective: Brand awareness. the user gets to participate in contests and can share his stories with other member of the Facebook page .On liking the page. user engagement and user content generation Advertising: Creation of Facebook ads with breakfast related creative. On clicking the ad. The scenario is about an oats farmer who is trying to protect his crops from wolves.Creation of Facebook profile page for the Cook it My way campaign which is meant to be a hub of all Quacker activities . Viewers are encourage to visit Oats – Cook it My way profile page where they can share stories about how they experience oats in their way Profile Page: . High reach expected in 24-50 age segment across India. we see that “oats recipes” have 12000 searches while “oats health” and nutrition have searches in the range of 20003000 . “about oats”. pegged at 90500 . You can share your scores and attempt to get into Hall of Fame Viral Video: Re-use of the Goldilocks TVC ad by posting it on YouTube.

2. it also targets the young employees that might be away from families and will now be on their own for food for the first time and also desire healthy food. 2. Will help in generating awareness and linking it to health and variety will in turn strength the "Cook it my way " campaign Rationale 1. Lends credibity and thus induce acceptability in the market. Give free small packets to rural people and educate them to make it the way they want highlighting recipes closer to their taste We can also partner with other government health related programs to generate awareness and credibility in the minds of rural consumers. 2. Government Doctors prescribing consumption of oats would be a really strong influence Action Points 1. . Work along with doctors to prescribe oats as a meal in times of health issues. Working with government lends credibility to brand in the eyes of the rural consumer.Cook it My Way – Partnerships and Alliances Cook it My way This is one of the most important partnership as this targets the broadest age group and highlights both the healthy and variety part that strengthen “cook it my way campaign” Most importantly. Partnership and Alliance Target Segment National Rural Health Mission Centers Rural people Associate with various between age health related initiatives group 20-50 of government years Advantages 1.

Half Marathon and people and Reasonable media coverage and Mumbai Marathon that fitness apiring strong association as healthy and are organized for a cause segment light food Rationale Action Points Reasonable number of people attend (30.60.Tarla Dalal. Social celebrity chefs media (Facebook) Television Shows All these celebrities have TV shows like khana khazana.Goodwill Urban health of oats and the Quakers' Marathons like Delhi oriented commitment to the cause. Tarla Dalal has successfully pages to lend more credibility to our written many recipes books with over 4 claims of healthy and “cook it my way” million readership. Kicthen Champion where recipes related to oats can be highlighted and talked about. on our social media campaign campaign”. highlighting the various recipes that can be made with oat Target Segment Advantage Cook it My way Rationale Medium More and more recipes with oat will Primarily be developed strengthening "Cook women looking it my way" campaign for newer Healthiness of oat can be further recipes highlighted Reasonable reach with recipe programmes which would attract millions of users across India and Television Programmes. hence good reach is there Good media coverage Serving oats to participants in the marathon free of cost highlighting it as healthy. Receipe Books Social Media These celebrities can write recipe These celebrities can write oat recipes books on oat and that will certainly on their twitter and facebook pages strengthen the “cook it my way and also. Recipe well-established image of Books.000). We can be official health and food partner in goodwill marathons and provide free of cost oat meals to participant as healthy and nutritious food. nutritious food. . This will highlight healthy and nutritional dimension of oats.000 . Anjum Anand or Sanjeev Kapoor. Partnership and Alliance Target Segment Advantage Will accentuate the healthy nature Marathons .Cook it My Way – Partnerships and Alliances Partnership and Alliance Celebrity Chefs . Online websites.

urban and rural. all types of people – men and women. working and non-working.Cook it My Way – Partnerships and Alliances Cook it My way Summary Partnership IT and BPO companies Goodwill Marathons Celebrity Chefs National Rural Health Centers Target Urban working people (24-50 years) Health conscious urban people (20-50 years) Primarily Women Housewives Rural People of all age groups Potential Effect Strengthen “cook my way” and healthy positioning Strengthen “cook my way” and healthy positioning Strengthen “cook my way” and healthy positioning Strengthen “cook my way” and healthy positioning Scalability Partnership above mentioned four entities will target all relevant age groups (24-50). . and also.

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