I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to a) Form the plural of nouns correctly b) Show proper ways of keeping our body healthy c) Write the correct spelling of nouns ( ending in s, ss, ch .x ,y ) in their plural form. Subject Matter: working with singular and plural nouns Reference: English Language 3 p.96-107 BEC.4.2 p.13 Values: Saving money, Being healthy Materials: real objects and pictures Skills: writing, reading and thinking Procedures: Teacher’s activity A. Preparation 1. Review (The teacher will show pictures and let the pupils enumerate what they can see) Class what can you see in the picture? Very good!!! What part of speech are these words? These words are nouns Can you define noun based on the given words. What is noun? 2. Motivation I will show real objects and name each object Children what is this? Very Good!! 3. Valuing Do you plant fruits and vegetables in your backyard? Do you love to eat fruits and vegetables? What are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables? Very Good!! We don’t need to buy in the Market, the fruits and vegetables we need, we just get in our backyard so we can save money



Pupils’ Activity

boy, girls, fans, coconut Bottles Noun

yes ma’am Nouns are names of persons places, things and animals

Carrot, banana, eggplant pencil, book, mango

Yes ma’am Yes ma’am

Eating fruits &Vegetables makes one healthy and strong We can save money

Do you know children that there are 6 rules in forming the plural nouns of singular nouns but we will take up the 1st four rules. wax. B. class. library. Presentation Do you know what is our lesson for today? What is it? Let’s read the dialog between a mother and a daughter. story .church What is the 2nd rule? bus. SS. X.buses box – boxes class – classes brush – brushes If singular noun ends with S. monkey day.days toy.stories Can you give noun ending in y How can we make these singular noun in plural form? What is the 3rd rule? If a singular noun ends with a consonant and y change y to I and add es day.carrots we add “S” add S to most singular nouns to form Plural bus. toy. After reading the dialog answer the questions that follows. SS. Yes/No Ma’am Singular and plural Nouns one mop. How can we make these singular nouns in plural form? What is the 4th rule? . two small pails What can you observe in the following words? What is the first rule in forming singular nouns to form the plural? Very Good!! Can you give noun that ends with S. Class can you pick out nouns in the dialog.If we are healthy and strong we can save also money. Lesson Proper 1. Then identify the nouns that can be found in the dialog. story. box. Ch How can we make these singular nouns in plural forms? Pencil – pencils Book – books Carrot . toy city. Ch add es to form the plural city. day. monkeymonkeys If singular noun ends with a vowel and y add -s to form the plural Take note there are some words ends with a vowel y. Let’s go back to the name of objects that you were given.

Prepared by: Ana joy L. Evaluation Write the form of the following nouns. 10. kite__________ 2. (magazine) _________________ and news papers. Palabay Teacher Applicant .___________ elephant__________ key_____________ brush___________ cowboy__________ V. 1.Fixing skills Give the plural forms of the words in the parentheses. Third. (factory) _________________. They are the source of many (thing) (1) _________________ that we need in our everyday life. First. ss. box___________ 4. 9. if a singular noun ends with a vowel and y add s to formlural D . lesson. Most of all. add es to form the plural. Generalization What are the rules in changing singular nouns in plural forms? 1. x. 3. they give us (10) the air that we need in order to breathe. Fourth. banana.C. and (3) (4) (5) (industry) _________________. IV. 7. (6) (7) (book) _________________. (building) _________________. Assignment Study very well the different rules. They give us (8) (9) (fruit) _________________ like mango. Write your answers in the blanks. lady__________ 5. They supply us with paper for our (letter) _________________. if a singular noun ends with consonant and y change y to i and add es to form the plural 4. dress_________ 3. if a singular noun ends with s. 8. then in one whole sheet of paper give five examples on each rule. chico. Second. motor________ 6. and avocado. (Tree)_________________ are important to people. add – to most singular noun to form the plural 2. They give us wood for our (home) (2) _________________.

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