Explanations on Spouse/Common Law Questionnaire

Section 2 As My spouse have come to home country on a short trip due to his job responsibilities so there was not a long and far trips with like going to any hill station or abroad. However we have gone to different places like EMPEROR JAHANGEER AND QUEEN NOOR JAHAN tomb, Royal Shalimar garden, Royal Fort, different restaurants etc. Section 3 As I don’t have the visa of Canada so I cannot go to Canada. As soon as I get the visa I will live with my husband in Canada. It is therefore I am living with my parents’ house. My parents contact no is as under:Parents information Shafique Ahmed & Tahira Shafique House#479 street #13 Sector X, Lahore DHA Phone#92-334-3444906

Section 4 All of my relatives and my friends know my spouse. Following is the detail Name Relation Date of meeting

We found similarities in each other. We talk to each other after understanding each other we get married Section 7 Our marriage ceremony was arranged in our residential house. Our parents meet each other and after that we meet each other. Some photographs have attached b) Yes My Sponsor parents had attended this ceremony .Section 5 This was an arranged marriage. In the last we perform some traditional rites and there was a photo section too. The total gathering from both sides was around about 100 peoples. a) Yes My Parents have the vital role in the ceremony so they both attend it. We welcome the baraat and garland the groom and his parent’s after that we guide them to the sitting arrangement after refreshments there was a NiKKAH speech by Immam.After that there was a special dinner.

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