Penetration Testing Course for Students


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com . eLearnSecurity s. Pisa. A Lab module will allow the student to set up a lab environment with Backtrack 4 and a vulnerable virtual machine.The Penetration Testing Course for Student is divided into two main section: Preliminary Skills Penetration Testing Every chapter in the above sections contains:      Interactive slides (650) Video training (total 3 hours of video training) Self assessment quizzes Practical exercises (where possible) References and books for further studies All examples.l. – Via Carnelutti 11.elearnsecurity. videos and exercises are based on Backtrack 4. 56124. Italy | www.r.

Italy | www.3.r.3. Web Applications Understanding the Penetration Testing Process 1.9.5. Preliminary Skills 1. 1.1.3. Networking 1. 1.3. 1. Vulnerability Assessment 1.1. 1. Nessus 1.7. 1.3.3. How penetration testers work Technical Background 1. 1.2.1. Tools: 1.3. 1.1. 1. 1. Pisa. – Via Carnelutti 11. 1. Packets IP Address Routing Forwarding ARP TCP UDP Firewalls Wireshark Wireshark configuration Exercises: Studying networking with Wireshark 1.1. 56124. HTTP Protocol basics Cookies Sessions Same Origin Study web applications and http with Burp Suite eLearnSecurity s. 1.1.elearnsecurity. 1. .2.

1.3. Open Source Information Gathering 2.2. 2.r. Mapping The Remote Network 2.1.6. Password Cracking 2. OS Fingerprinting with nmap .14.3. 2.1. 2.1.3. XSS 2.3. Penetration Testing 2. Footprinting & Scanning 2. Pisa.elearnsecurity. Attacks & Exploitation 2. Nmap 2.5.3. Information Gathering 2.3.2. Malware 2. Port Scanning 2. 2. Italy | www.l.2. – Via Carnelutti Finding vulnerable websites Reflected XSS Persistent and XSS Exploitation Virus Trojan Horses Rootkit Bootkit Backdoors Adware Spyware Greyware Dialer Key-logger Botnet Ransomware Data-Stealing Malware Worm 2.2.2. Brute Force Attack eLearnSecurity s. 2.1. 2.7. 2.3. 2.3.1. 2. 56124.3.12.4.

2. 56124. Italy | www.3. Buffer Overflows .2.1. Understanding Buffer overflow and the stack Exploitation 2.2.2. – Via Carnelutti 2. Fingerprinting Netcat HttpRecon 2.8. 2.l.5. 2. 2.3.3. Enum.8.3.6 2. eLearnSecurity s.1.3.3. 2.3.2.r.3.5.7. Pisa.3.3. Winfo 2. Guide to Metasploit 3.elearnsecurity.5.2.2. Exploiting misconfigurations Finding hidden files Uploading PHP shells Using Google Hacking to discover hidden files 2.2. Understanding SQL injection Finding SQL injections in websites Retrieve data from remote databases through: Sqlninja sqlmap SQL Injection 2. Web Servers 2. Breaking into Windows machines with Null Sessions Exploiting Null Sessions with Linux tools Dictionary Attack Using Hydra and John the ripper to crack passwords Nbtstat. Exploiting Null Sessions with Windows tools Net.2. 2.3.3. 2.

– Via Carnelutti 11.r. Italy | www. catering to Government . Italy eLearnSecurity contactus@elearnsecurity.l.eLearnSecurity Information Security Training Solutions eLearnSecurity is a global Information Technology Security Training Solutions provider. 56124.elearnsecurity. Website: E-mail: Phone: Address: http://www. Pisa. Educational Institutions and IT Security Professionals around the +39 050 574113 Head Office Pisa.

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