LANGUAGE and CROSS CULTURE FACILITATOR Reports to: The Language Coordinator

Position Summary: The LCFs are the primary PST contact persons with the trainee. They oversee and are responsible for all aspects of the Trainee homestay experience and instruction in language and cross culture. The Language Facilitator is the most important staff member in ensuring individual trainee language and cross cultural learning. S/he is responsible for trainees mastering, in a very short time, basic sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar of the language and to develop a positive attitude towards language learning. S/he observes/assesses and corrects trainees in the implementation of new cultural behaviors. Tasks:  Attend Language Instructors’ Training (LTOT) and Staff Training (GTOT).           Advises the Language and Cross Culture Coordinator on a regular basis, individual trainee linguistic and cultural adaptation progress. Develop all necessary teaching materials with the assistance of the Language Coordinator. Use appropriate language learning techniques ensuring that all trainees get the optimum amount of time to speak. Interact with trainees outside of class acting as a language resource and model at all times. Gather feedback from all staff concerning individual trainee language skills and cross cultural adaptation. Implement with the Language Coordinator special language programs for the advanced level speaker and slow language learners. Participates as appropriate in cross-cultural and technical training activities. They are involved in all of the activities and assignments that the trainees are responsible for in the villages. Help organize village technical activities for technical staff. For example, take trainees to see the local Home Based Carers. Work as administrators by implementing rules, evaluating trainees overall behavior and performance.

   

Meet weekly with each individual trainee to give feedback on language and cultural progress. In conjunction with trainee, designs experiences to improve any deficits. Work with individual trainee to ensure that the technical assignments or tasks are performed. They serve as liaison between the trainees and their families and training staff for problem solving and all concerns or issues Act immediately in the case of emergency (e.g. sickness)or any safety/security concerns.

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