Vertical Axis Water Turbine by Using Moving Blades

Author : P. Kahana, M.Eng. Publish : 04-08-2011 14:37:48

Abstract: The objective of this study is developing the system hydropower plant in irrigation channels. The observational step started by study of hydropower potency, designing of vertical axis water turbine by using moving blades, turbine testing and installation the system power plant. The power available of water can be determined by measurement velocity of water or head and flowrate. Manufacturing of vertical axis water turbine by using moving blades should be considered the power available, in order the turbine running well. Mechanical power generated by turbine is determined by area of blade, velocity of water and speed of turbine. To develop the system of hydro power plant can use the induction motor as generator (IMAG). Since the turbine usually run at low speed and the generator speed is quite high (1500 rpm) it is required the speed increaser. The test results show that the low head water turbine by using moving blades more efficien than a conventional turbine. Efficiency of the turbine runner is 45% and efficiency of the system (overall efficiency) is 40%. Keywords : water turbine, hydropower, mechanical power, speed increaser. Reference to this paper should be made as follows : Khurmi, Gupta, 2005. A Taxtbook of Machine Design, Chand (S,) & Co.LTd, India., Lal, J. 1975. Hydraulics Machines. Metropolitan Book Co.Pt.LTd., Delhi., and Maryono, 2005. Ecological Hydraulics of River Development. Biographical notes : P. Kahana has been a physics teacher since 1990 at Senior High School, graduate from Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta Indonesia, at Mechanical Engineering ( Engineering System – Microhydro Power System )

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