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Globalization of FCBARCELONA

• Barça’s first president was the Englishman Walter Wild.1899 by Joan GAMPER when he had moved to the "City of Counts” (as Barcelona is also known) for business reasons. .History of FCBARCELONA • FC BARCELONA was founded on November 29. blue and claret were the colors of Zurich where GAMPER grew up. • The team’s colors.

the Spanish dictatorship closed the stadium for three months when the crowd jeered the Spanish national anthem in an international match.• The club’s coat of arms has Saint Jordi cross “ The patron saint of Catalunya” and the four red bars on a golden background of the Catalan flag. . • In 1925.

. • However during a large part of Franco’s dictatorship. the president of the Barça shot by Franco’s soldiers. a month into the Spanish Civil war. Barça stadium became the only gathering place where the Catalan culture was publicly supported at a time when even speaking Catalan was banned. • In 1940 the team was forced to change its name to Spanish and to remove Catalan flag from its coat of arms.• In 1936.

two of the most charismatic players of the early history joined the team : Josep Samitier and Ricardo Zamora.• In 1909. the club expanded to 10. . • In 1921.000 socis. the club inaugurated Spain’s first stadium with artificial lighting.000 fans (later expanded to 60. The next year the team moved the a new stadium with capacity for 20.000). • In 1919.

and 4.• Barça won the first edition of the Spanish League in 1929.000 in 1924.719 in 1936. • In 1953.000 fans . It did not win any of the Spanish tournaments and number of the socis dwindled slowly from over 12. the socis chose the first democratically elected president and four years later the Nou Camp stadium inaugurated with capacity for 120. to 7. • The 1930s were a low period for the club.760 in 1940.

• In 1973. the team regained it prowess when it signed Johan Cruyff. Barça again became a sporting powerhouse when the club signed Diego Armando Maradona another of the world’s best soccer player. • By its 75th anniversary. one of the 10 greatest players all the times.566 socis. Barça was the largest club in the world with 69. . • In 1982.

the club was emerged in a deep crisis.• Great years followed in the mid 1990s when Cruyff became the coach of the so-called “ Dream Team” which won FC Barcelona’s first European Champions League title. the club hadn’t won any title. • Revenues were flat in a rapidly growing market and large payments to bring world class player had deepened to the economic crisis. . • After several great years. • Between 2000 and 2003.


• After the resignation of president Gaspart. . Joan Laporta became new president who brought a team of managers with solid business experience(Ferran Soriano and Marc Ingla).

where fans lived close enough to go to the stadium. the target market for soccer teams had been their own locale. • After FIFA held the World Cup in the USA the managers of teams realized the potential of the USA market and also 2002 World Cup at South Korea and Japan was another resounding success and confirmed the potential of the Asian market. . While larger teams such as Barça had fans outside this primary market.Globalization Strategies • Until the early 1990s. management paid little attention to them.

Barça played their first exhibition game in Shanghai. The interested soccer population was estimated at 641 million. a year later they played a game in Macau. .Barça’s Market Regions CHINA Soccer is the most popular sport in China. People aged between 15-69 the largest TV market in the world. This efforts rewarded the team by the sponsorship of Lenovo and they signed with Titan Sports to publish Barça’s Magazine supplement. In the summer of 2004.

and also J-Sport became the first international distributor of Barça TV. All of the matches were huge successes.JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA Barça is the most popular team in Japan because the foundation of J-league in the early 1990s coincided with Barça’s domination of the soccer scene. ZetProject Became Barça’s partner in mobile content distribution. . Nike reported in 2005 that the Barça shirt became its top-selling football uniform in Japan. Barça played two games against Yokohama Marinos and Urawa Reds.

and also Latin America has strong local teams which avoids European teams to create fan base. .AFRICA and LATIN AMERICA The African and Latin American markets hadn’t been main objectives of the European teams’ globalization efforts. A top team in Ecuador is named CF Barcelona by Barça fans. Barça is the popular team in Latin America. The markets are smaller than the USA and Asia because of the purchasing power.

Barça’ management team wanted to analyze taking an equity position in one of the MLS teams. Barça traveled to USA to play for exhibition games. .Major League Soccer In August 2006. professional soccer league in the USA if this franchising happens Barça would be unique for a European soccer team but not new to MLS.

Management Strategy Hire the best players Healthy financials Win Championships Control costs Strengthen and grow global fans Grow and expand revenues sources Media sees us as a global leaders .

Birçok televizyon programına haber olarak İsminin daha çok duyuylmasını sağlar. Buda takıma yeni reklam anlaşmaları televizyon ve forma satışından gelir sağlar . Futbolcuların farklı bölgelerden olmsı sayesinde ise o bölgelerde sempati ve taraftar oluşturur.Hiring The Best Player • En iyi futbolcuları transfer etmek dünyada yankı uyandırır.


.Win Championships Kazanılan kupalar dünya çapında bi popülarite sağlar.

.Strengthen and grow global fans Kupaları kazandıkça ve uluslar arası başarışar sağlandıkça takıma olan sempati artar ve taraftar sayısı oluşur.

Media sees us as a global leaders Zaten görüyor .

Grow and expand revenues sources • Ve bu başarılar sonucunda yeni gelir kaynakları oluşur örneğin reklam sponsorluklar stad geliri zart zurt. .

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