Process of choosing the most suitable candidate for a job from the available applicants Cost of wrong selection

Elements in a Selection Process
Organizational Objectives  Job Design & Job Description  Job specifications  Competency Modelling  Recruitment Policy  Selection Steps in a selection Process

Selection Methods standards

RELIABILITY  Repeat or test –retest approach  Alternate form or Parallel Form Approach  Split Halves Approach VALIDITY  Criterion Validity ( Correlation )  Content Validity (Aspects of Jobs Performance )  Construct Validity ( Identifiable Characteristics ) GENERALIZABILITY UTILITY

Evaluation Of Application Forms

Clinical Method ( Assessed Personality Vs Success In the Job ) Weighted Form ( Certain Points or weights assigned to each Item ) ) Ethical Issues in Application Form design

Selection Tests
       

Intelligence tests Aptitude Tests Achievement Tests Situational Tests Interest Tests Personality Tests Polygraph Tests Graphology

Preliminary Interview Selection Interview  Formal and structured Interview  Unstructured Interview  Stress Interview  Group Interview  Panel Interview  In depth Interview Decision Making Interview

The Interview Process
Preparation  Setting  Conduct Of Interview  Closing an Interview  Evaluation  Reference Checks  Medical Examination PLACEMENT

 

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