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Camtasia Tech Smith

Camtasia Tech Smith

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Published by Wilfredo J Olmos

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Published by: Wilfredo J Olmos on Jun 02, 2012
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Select Full Screen to record large, maximized applications or all activity on your computer desktop.

1. Open Camtasia Recorder.
2. Click the Full Screen button.
3. Optional: Record from a Web Camera. This becomes picture-in-picture in the main video.

4. Record Audio. By default, both microphone and system audio are recorded.
5. Click the Record button.
6. Press F10 to stop recording. The Preview Window appears.
Click Save and Edit to open your video in Editor where you can enhance and edit the video.
Click Produce to open the Production Wizard to create a shareable video.

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Camtasia Studio 7.1

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