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(French horn), and

Lizzie D
(percussion)! They
are creating folk
songs to perform
on exhibition
night. They are
working hard to
create a wonderful
folk song! To learn
more about the
band exhibition,
tuned into the up-
coming issues of
Vreeland F.Y.I.

F.Y.I presents...

Fountaindale Ele-
mentary School has
a very talented
band and strings
program and you
will be able to read
about what inter-
esting and exciting
news pops up in
band and strings in
4th! This program
is all made possible
by the wonderful
and talented

Ms.Jones is putting
together a fourth
grade band exhibi-
tion. The fourth
grade exhibition is
about students
composing folk
songs. The kids
class were ran-
domly chosen to
participate in this
exciting opportu-
nity. These are the
kids that were cho-
sen Hunter M
(trombone), Rachel
M (trumpet), Made-
line B (flute),
Melanie B (French
horn), Owen S
Band and Strings
Mystery Instrument
What instrument
am I?

I am a large
I am a string
I have a bow
Someone (only
one person) in
4th grade
strings plays it
4/11/12 Issue 1
0 5 9 5 ( ( / $ 1 ' 6 & / $ 6 6 1 ( : 6
Vreeland FYI
Sometimes it is a
great joy just to listen
to someone we love
-Vincent McNabb
By: Melanie Boschen
On May 8th, Fountaindale
will be holding an Exhibition
of Learning. In Mr. Vree-
lano's class, we are tocuslng
on math. The different topics
we are doing are: Patterns
and functions, geometry, meas-
urement, statistics and prob-
ability and numbers and com-
I asked Mr. Vreeland a few
questions to get a better
Question 1: Why do we
have an Exhibition? He
salo: To sbare wltb tamllles
in the community what
we've learneo. Questlon 2:
What math topic do you
find most interesting? He
salo: Geometry because lt's
easler to unoerstano. Ques-
tion 3: How are we repre-
senting or showing what
Creatlng lessons to teacb
younger students, using PBL
Proouct Caros to sbow.
Question 4: How did you
think of the way to pre-
sent our thinking? He said:
The magnet teachers
worked together to think of
it. We had help from Ms.
Hartley, Ms. Leatherman and
tbe SAS's.
Everyone has worked hard
on accomplishing their work.
We hope to see you at the
Exhibition May 8th!
big mighty claws and,
start to ATTACK another
crayIish. I don`t know
why they do it, but it
seems to make the fighter
crayfish more tough! The
toughest ones of them all
are John Cena and Mr.
Krabs. (I think they are
the murderers!)
The crayfish can
sometimes be exciting and
By: Alexis French

I am writing this article
about crayfish and I
wanted to tell you some
about what they do, how
they fight, and more. Hope
you enjoy!
Ok. So you have proba-
bly seen crayfish fight if
you are in the fourth grade.
To fight, they raise up their
sometimes not be, but I
think that they are really

Exhibition of Learning
Letter from the Editor
Dear Readers,
If you find something in the newspaper you think we should always include, email me at with the thing listed. You can also comment online at our web-
site. If you want to comment the writers, they will appreciate it. Thanks,
The Editor~ Melanie Boschen

Vreeland FYI
Am I not
destroying my
enemies when I
make friends of
Abraham Lincoln

People who think by
the inch and talk by
the yard deserve to
be kicked by the foot.
Summary of Learning

Science - Finish eco-
systems and life sci-
ence. Look at human
impact on the environ-

Social Studies - Pre-
pare for our Annapolis
trip - Learn about Dec-
laration of Independ-
ence and the begin-
ning of the USA.
Math - Mastering mul-
tiplication and division
facts. Moving on to
multiplying and divid-
ing larger numbers
using the algorithms.

Reading - Using read-
ing strategies to learn
more about our math
topics for exhibition
as well as the content
in Science and Social
One can be the
master of what
one does, but
never of what one
Gustave Flaubert

Name:_______________________________ Date:__________
asteergegunht _________________________________
refloerws _______________________
eengr ______________________________
liebustter ________________________________________
dsirb _________________________
gegs ____________________________________

Turn in this Easter Unscramble to Melanie Boschen for a prize if you finished it correctly!

By: Peggy Mothershed

think its a little cold out but probably not there I hope. Also Easter is during spring
break and that means egg hunts and other things like dinner with the family. It has
the house looks really good after you done. What are you going to do for spring
please E-Mail me month I will share the results.
the ride, espe-
cially if you're
next to your

By: Alex Gregory
and Mikayla Reed

What to Bring...
Money, Camera,
Yourself, a book,
and Ipod.
Who is looking for-
ward to it?
Every girl and boy
class (and Mr.
What are you look-
ing forward to?
A lot of people in
the class are look-
ing forward to eat-
ing in a huge boat
and looking for-
ward to maybe
getting a chance to
see the capi-
tal building of An-
When is the trip?
The trip is on May
1,2012 *Save the
Here are some tips
for Annapolis
asleep during
Fieldtrip to Annapolis
We`re on the web!

The Newspaper Committee For This Issue
Melanie Boschen~ Editor and Exhibition
Hannah Chaney, Eliza Durham~ Band and Strings
Mikayla Reed, Alex Gregory~ Annapolis
Alexis French~ Crayfish
Peggy Mothershed~ Spring Break