Here are the errata that have so far been discovered in Impetus. Any feedback on additional errata is welcome. Please write to
last update 2 October 2008 p.6 Wrong caption. Seljuk Turks (and not Seleucid Turks) are from Gripping Beast. p.7 - line 9 - Skirmishers - should read "2 or 3 cm" - not "2 o 3 cm" p.12 Par. 2.3. "V" (Velocity) is wrongly reported instead of "M" (Movement). p.22 Par. 4.2. 16th line. Add "be performed" after "must" (any reaction must be performed before the activation...). p.28 Par. 5.9 The sentence "A Cavalry Unit can only be Counter-charged by another Cavalry Unit and not by infantry" should be "A Mounted Unit can only be Counter-charged by another Mounted Unit and not by infantry". p.35 Par. 6.3.2. Remove the part between parenthesis in the 3rd line as can cause confusion. The closest edge can be also the rear, not only the front or the side. LISTS p.45 Philip II and Alexander Macedonians List. "Rhorians" are Rodhians. p.46 Roman list. Correct cost of Triarii is 27 and not 26. p.47 Gauls List. Chariots correct move is 10U and not 8U as reported. p.47 Parthian List. Correct cost of Cataphracts with VBU=7 is 35 and not 33 and with VBU=6 is 28 and not 26. QUICK REFERENCE SHEET Terrain Movement table "Altri" should read "Other" Melee table 4th Depth Bonus, currently reads "+1d6 for Schiltron and FP with Long Spears vs Mounted". It should read ""+1d6 for Schiltron and FP with Long Spears vs Infantry". [05/04/2010 13:23:54]