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The Kairs Center in one of three principal programs of the AKF School.

To be a Place of retreat, as well for trainings and hospitality that provides a space where we can be immersed in Nature, and live in harmony with her, appreciating, caring for, and living in way that will Benefit life.

To offer services of hospitality where rooms and meals are available in a way that everyone has access to the beauty of the Center opening our doors to peoples of different countries and economic realities. Therefore, we scale the prices for the services we provide such that, those who have more resources pay more, and those with less resources pay less. To be a source of income that will allow the AKF School to one day be self sustaining.

To be a space of rest, joy, and encounter for people and communities, especially for those who have committed their lives to the struggle for justice and peace in our world.

In the year 2011 we embraced 18 organizations, Churches, Institutions, for a total of 33 delegations or groups served. Amongst them there were Workshops on gender equality, cultural exchanges, the empowerment of women, and themes of sustainability, fair trade and Leadership.