T’was the Week After Christmas

T’was the week after Christmas, Mom sat alone in her chair. She had packed up the stockings, the mantle was bare. The decorations were boxed, the tree taken down, The visiting relatives had packed and left town. She thought of the parties and the bright party clothes, The beautiful gifts, the tinsel, the bows. But they were all gone, the house quiet and dark, And she sat alone, sadness filling her heart. Why was it, she wondered, as she sat and she reasoned. The joy and the peace of that wonderful season Had been so widespread and had been so strong, But when Christmas was over, the feelings were gone. She closed her eyes and she prayed, “Lord help me reclaim, The joy and the peace that the angels proclaimed. They were real in my heart and real in my hands, Now I’m empty and sad, I don't understand.” Then she quieted her heart and quieted her mind, And rocked in her chair awaiting a reply. The response came quickly, but not a comforting word. Instead of an answer, it was questions she heard. “When were these feeling you mourn the most real? When with that peace was your tender heart filled? When did you know joy, when did love overflow? When did knowing and comfort make your heart glow?” The answers came clearly to mind and to heart, It was her own actions that caused those feeling to start. When she gave of herself so that others were blessed, The blessing returned, she had more and not less. Then a comforting word filled her heart and she knew, The great joy of Christmas appeared right on cue. It came when she gave of herself and her love, It came when she believed in miracles from above. She resolved then and there from deep in her heart, To keep Christmas all year and she knew how to start. By expecting God's miracles in every day, And through generous acts, giving God’s love away.

Paul O’Briant
Copyright 2003 Paul OBriant