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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jan. 31, 2012 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Clarice S. Guido Director of Media Relations 925-858-0571

ValleyLink launches new SeniorLink service EUGENE, Ore. – ValleyLink announced today “SeniorLink,” a new service for senior centers within the community. This new service will promote computer use for senior citizens, teaching them how to email messages to connect with the outside world. “Studies support that senior involvement with computers will promote a positive mental attitude,” ValleyLink President Lou Anderson said. “We are passionate about our community and believe that it is important that seniors learn how to use computers.” Elms Elementary School partners with ValleyLink to be a part of this new service. Students volunteer to Willamette Oaks Retirement Living to help teach seniors how to use the computers. Interns at ValleyLink also assist with SeniorLink by creating the website and teaching the seniors how to set up email accounts. SeniorLink will help senior citizens to communicate with their families in a fast and efficient manner. ValleyLink will provide services and ten computers to Willamette Oaks Retirement with the help of the Foundation of Senior Action. ###

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