Project Organization _ consulting Partner

Has the team Organisation chart been completed Name of the implementation consulting partner Number of partner consultants on project name back bround and Number of years of SAP Experience Back ground Days/ weeks on Years SAP (Module) project experience Consultant Name Anbazhagan Murugesan Project Manager 6 weeks 12 Vivek Gopal Sales and Distribution 6 Weeks 5 Kurban Tinwala FI-CO 6 Weeks 5 Krishna Prasad MM 6 Weeks 5.5 Ravi Kumhar Ramu PS 6 Weeks 5 Youssef Annan FI 2 weeks 4 Ahmed Anwar MM 3 Weeks 4.5 Gamal Salamaa PS 6 weeks 4 Logo Partner CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC

Sr no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Certified consultant No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes .

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