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• Swiss company. • Around 2 million people working all over world. • Operating in more than 80 countries. • World´s leading food & beverage company. • People, brands & products are key to success.

.History of Nestle • Henri Nestle established nestle in 1867 in Switzerland • Henri Nestle developed a baby formula that saved a child's life. .

.Social Responsibilies Environment Clearly defined Chemical Policy Sustainability Quality .

Global Organization . .

. we believe that research can help us make better food so that people live a better life. .Mission Statement At Nestle.

and nutrition company in the world.Vision Statement The Nestle global vision is to be the leading health. . . wellness.

.History of Nestle Pure Life • Nestle Pure Life was first launched in 1998 • Purpose was to meet the global need for a safe drinking water • Pleasant taste at an affordable price .

• To introduce our product nestle in Beijing (China). . . • To make the Marketing Plan.Objectives of research • The objective of our research is to study Beijing Market.

5 million by 2010.03 billion Yuan annual . & 6 Economic Situation: GDP rate 772.Demographics of Beijing 1 2 3 Name Area Population Beijing Municipality 16. 4 Location Beijing is located on the north of the Hubei (North China) 5 Natural Resources Beijing has a diversified with mountains resources.800 square kilometers The population of Beijing is expected to exceed 15. .

.Marketing Plan .

.Marketing Plan Components • Market Research • Target Market • Product • Competition • Distribution Channel • Market Strategies • Pricing and Positioning • Budgeting • Marketing Goals .

With the help of which we are able to know about our product. . Fahad Raza (Channel Incharge-NP).Research Methodology Primary Research • Questionnaires We have distributed questionnaires to a sample size of 50 people. • Interview We have done an interview with the Mr. . With the help of this interview we are able to know different marketing strategies used by Nestle.

e. Secondary research In order to collect data through secondary research method we have used the most convenient form of this research i. . Internet. ..Research Methodology Cont.

Target Market We will target every one as follow. . but our main focus will be on retailers • Individuals • House holds • Businesses • Retailers .

.Product Our Product is Nestle Pure Life.5L 12L 19L Our product relates to the Beijing market in a way that there is a very huge demand of water in the market. . 0.And it comes in the sizes as shown.5L 1.

.Competition SWOT Analysis of China Maifan Stone Alkaline Water Strengths: • Locally Strong brand reputation • Modern equipments • Quality process and procedures Weaknesses: • Focuses on Elite class • No promotion through advertisement .

. . SWOT Analysis of China Maifan Stone Alkaline Water Opportunities: • Advertisement • Reduction in Prices • Expansion in market Threats: • Price conflicts with competitors • Economic pressure • Changing consumer trends .Competition Cont.

.Competitor Edge SWOT Analysis of Nestle Strengths: • Modern equipments • Globally Strong brand reputation • Quality of our product .

.. Weaknesses: • Competitors have more access to distribution channels Opportunities: • Joint ventures • Moving in to new market segments • Developing new marketing campaigns Threats: • Competitors • Changing consumer trends • Increase in Trade barriers .Competitor Edge Cont.

.Distribution Channel The channel which we will focus in the early stages is “Retailers”. . Because the retailers in Beijing have more knowledge about the market place.

flyers) Web site (Internet Marketing) Personal selling . Electronic media) Direct marketing (brochures. .Advertising (Print .

. . 7.5 liter.5 Yuan per 0.Pricing. 24 Yuan per 19 liter. Great Taste). Positioning Price: Our pricing strategy is very competitive it will be 1. 16 Yuan per 12 liter.5 liter. Positioning Strategy We have created a reputed perception about our brand through strong jingles and slogans (Great Water.5 Yuan per 1.

.Budgeting .

000元 Newspapers 30.000元 Raw material 125.000元 .000元 Wages 15.Budget Finance 400.000元 45.000元 Others 50.000元 Internet 50.000元 5.000元 Misc 50.000元 Transport Salaries 35.000元 Marketing 100.000元 Others 75.000元 Road Broadcast 20.000元 Production 200. .

.Marketing Goals • Increase in Sales • Profits Increase • Customer's satisfaction • Attract more & more Customer • Awareness of brand .

Suggestions • The strategies should be according to market trends. . . • The price of the product should be in accordance with their competitor’s price. • The product should be in reach of every one. • They should run such campaigns which attracts every one. •.

.Conclusion • At the end it may be concluded that the project provides us with an opportunity to experience a real time scenario. • We got a chance to get involved in the practical life. . • We have learnt that how processes and activities studies should be formulated.

.Thank You… .

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