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Published by: carltonramsay on Jun 03, 2012
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Tonight my state was really bad and it's a Monday night. So I had some problems getting
started, but it got good later.

Where I'm at right now is I have 6 fuck buddy/relationship girls in my area and many more
from traveling, but I'm getting a bit bored with them. I'm experimenting with various aspects
of pickup. I tried stealing away girls that have boyfriends a while back, decided it's not for
me. I just did a few threesomes, I feel like I conquered that one and I'm not that fixated on
it. I'm having fleeting thoughts of maybe getting a girlfriend soon. I have one multiple long
term relationship who I dig a lot in NY and another in KY, but not necessarily girlfriend
material. I may start working soon on a new part of my game- consistently pulling 10s. I've
done it here and there, but I don't find that I'm consistent with it and my game is not built for
it, it's built for 8s and 9s I think. With a few small adjustments it can be built for 10s. So it's
something to tinker with.

Bad State – I didn't leave the house all weekend. Stayed in working on music, which is great
and all, just no social contact so that results in poor state after a while I think. By Monday I
was getting cabin fever and just felt blah. I meant to go to my first ever "lair" meeting today,
but I fucked up and it was yesterday. I was dressed and out the door to go to that. So when I
realized it was the wrong day I decided to go game since I looked too good to sit home.

8pm Monday Night, Street Gaming in Queens – It was desolate. I checked 3 bar/lounges. All
were empty or closed. I decided to do street approaches. First approach the chick was not
even cute, I was just trying to get through my 3 warm up approaches cause that's a rule for
me. I delivered a half ass opener and she looked at me confused. I looked closer at her and I
said "uhhh, you ugly!" in my head. So I had to eject. Then I saw a young girl staring at me as
I skateboarded by in the other direction. I looped around and delivered horse girl opener. I
triggered an automatic rejection with my body language and bad state. She got skeeved and
would not talk to me. Eject. I approached 2 girls speaking Russian. Another automatic
rejection. This time I got frustrated with them and said "You guys suuuuck!" as I ejected.
They walked into a bar, I could've followed them in and saved the set I think in retrospect,
but they weren't worth it and it was just a warm up set. I'm so not interested in 7s and 8s at
the moment after spending all last week having threesomes with one of my relationship girls.
Ok so now I see the streets are desolate and I decide to game the supermarket. Nothing. No
girls to be found. I chalked up the night as a loss and decided to call a few fuck buddies and
try to salvage something.

As far as fuck buddies go, I have a few of them that I'm outgrowing right now. I'm not that
into them, but it just hasn't made sense to actually cut them loose, so I just have been
ignoring their calls. I mean these girls have been in fuck buddy-land a LONG time. I
wondered how long you can keep a fuck buddy. I guess as a game-less chump I used to think
it was just a few months then the girl demands a relationship. Hell no! I've had this one girl
as a fuck buddy for about 16 months! She's hot, too. She's a 9 and her ass the most amazing

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Diary of A Pickup Artist

I've ever seen cause she's a ballet dancer and runs track. She does like a 5:09 mile, which is
like 40 seconds faster than I could do in my prime as a college basketball player. That ass just
propels her through space I guess, but anyway... I've been thinking of ditching her cause
she's all unstable. So she's at #6 in the rotation right now, on the brink of falling off. I meet
up with her and she's completely sucking the life out of me. We both can sense it so we
agree to not hang out anymore. Kinda sad, but it had to be that way. Actually I feel better off
without her, I just hope she doesn't off herself or something. She's in bad shape. I tell her
“let's just be friends.” She wants to walk me to the train, but I say I'm not going to the train,
I'm gonna go out and have a good time by myself, and I wish her well. I have a moment of
silence for a really sweet girl and then move on to see what the night holds for me.

11:30pm, Times Square, Manhattan – One of my favorite places to meet women is the
McDonald's in Times Square. It's open late. Girls are coming in there from all kinds of places.
Drunk club girls, tourists; you name it. This time there was nothing. So out I go and this guy
is yelling on the street about a comedy club where ladies get in free. I chat with him and he
agrees to let me in free too, so it's off to the comedy club. I wasn't planning any of this, but
that's part of the beauty of gaming alone, spontaneity. I'm thinking if ladies get in free it will
be good for gaming... and it's always good to see comedy. Especially if you are in a low state
like I was.

I get to the place. Really funny comedians! Lots of hot girls! This is the spot I've been
needing to get to all night. The comedy was raising my state and I got a chance to size up
some of the girls. One girl screamed really loudly for "anyone in here ever ride a motorcycle?"
and so I knew she was into bad boys. I kinda look like a motorcycle guy (never rode one,
hehe) so I had a feeling she'd be a good approach. Sure enough she started to give me eye
contact. Some was really blatant then I saw her whispering to her friend, so I knew it was on.
Can't make a move till the comedians are done cause of the way the place is set up. So after
they're done I go into the next room and wait.

A gay comedian is trying to chat me up. Then I see the target girl so I get rid of him. She's
coming toward me, and wow what a hottie. I'm gonna tentatively say a 10. 5'9 blond
California girl. Looks kinda like a white Mariah Carey, if you can imagine that. She had a
winter coat on, so couldn't get a really good look at the body, that's why it's tentative. It was
2 girls. The friend was ok too. Jennifer Aniston as a 7. They are good-girl types. Nice clothes,
well put together. I opened Mariah without saying a single word. I just sat on the barstool
and put out my hand. When she reached for it, I grabbed her hand and started to thumb
wrestle. We thumb wrestled and I still did not speak. I gave her the "so-so" hand waver
because she wasn't a good thumb wrestler. Then she says "Oh ok, how about sign language,
do you know it?" And she starts signing. This girl thought I was deaf. So that game is over, I
say "no, I'm not deaf." It seemed to give me some advantage that she mistook me for deaf. I
don't know why. Then we start talking about sign language. Her friend is waiting by the door
so we call her back. Now I've got them. Bling bling, they're looking like deer in headlights. I
start to spit all kinds of tight game. Some natural conversation, some routines (horse girl,
Brad Pitt routine, smart tests). They say wow you're so funny, are you a stand up comedian?
I say no, they say you should be. So I say "You think? Let's go try it out." And we walk back

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Diary of A Pickup Artist

into the empty room, I walk onto the stage, grab the microphone and start making stuff up.
Jokes about California since that's where they're from. This is where I shined, grabbing all the
advantages of being on stage. All those good feelings they had about comedy were now
transferred onto me. 100% attraction. I get off stage and ask them if they want to try, I feed
them bad knock-knock jokes they can do on stage. No one who works there is really
bothering us and everyone is gone, so I really had a nice opportunity. Just needed to grab it.
But they won't get on stage so I do my Asian Girl routine.

This is where you say "Hey let me draw your picture" to a white girl. Then you draw an Asian
girl with a kimono and braids and the cone shaped hat. Then present it to the girl with much
pride and dignity. When she says she's not Asian, you say "Oh really? I'm so sorry, I thought
you were." This routine is an attraction builder because it is random and confusing. Many
parts of my game actually are intended to get the girl as confused as possible, in a fun way of

Now one of the comedians comes and sits down to kick it to these girls. He's kinda famous,
his name is Rich Aronovitch. Been on MTV and comedy central and all that so I said "hmmm,
gotta keep this guy in check." I did love his comedy, but now he's in my world so gotta let
him know. So I give him this little speech:

"Dude I loved your show, but you gotta take that joke about the psychedelic drugs and the
Asian girl a little further. It was gonna be a great bit but you cut it off early. I'm thinking you
gotta really drive that one into the ground. I loved it, but I couldn't get enough out of it. It's
like a girl who gives you blue balls. That's how I felt about your act. You know when a girl
gives you blue balls, you still like her anyway? You feel like the next time you're gonna blow a
big load and it's gonna be great. That's how I felt about you. Dude I'd check out your act a
few more times even if I got that feeling again. That's how much I liked it."

The guy was staying cool, but I could tell he was like "WTF?" The girls were watching, I think
they could tell I just dominated the whole thing. Dominating a high status dude is always
helpful I think. Now on the other hand it was a 2 set, so I could have used this guy's help.
Now that he was in check I invited him to come along with us when we left, but he said he
had to do another show.

He and the girls were also bonding about being Jewish, which was all good. I'm not Jewish,
but it turns out that I was just reading Douglas Rushkoff on the shitter today. So I went into
another long story about a 17th century Jew who people thought was the messiah, but then
he converted to Islam when threatened with death by the Ottoman Empire. Once again that
shut down the comedian's thread about building commonalities. He was attempting an
interview style game of these girls "Where you from? What college you go to, blah, blah,
blah." So that's pretty easy to shut down I think. Famous guy neutralized.

Mental Note – Comedians are beta most of the time. Even the way they interact with the
audience they often have approval seeking behaviors and nice guy vibe.

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Diary of A Pickup Artist

So I extract the 2 girls back to McDonald's. Hip hop dudes on the corner social proof me "You
just walked in alone, now you're back with 2 beautiful girls." Yup, that's how I roll. I get a
shake and we sit and chill. Just vibing. Mariah tries to go to bathroom but can't find it, then
it's too dirty, so I tell her "Come here little girl, I'm taking you to the bathroom." I grab her by
the hand and off we go. We walk right past the manager into a closed off section and I send
her into the men’s room. I wait outside, I take a second to think through how I'm gonna hook
up with this girl in the bathroom. I go in with her, I say "Gotta pee, but stay in here and
watch the door, I have a bathroom phobia. No peeking ok?" All good. I pee, wash, and this
manager guy keeps knocking on the door. That's a cock block for sure! I've had serious
problems in the past with being caught banging girls in public restrooms. So I know I'm not
gonna be able to bang this girl cause 1. The manager is onto us and 2. Her friend is waiting.
We make out for a minute. Then I end it first and we go back. Funniest part was this: we're
walking back up the stairs and all these people are looking. Mostly a bunch of black dudes
staring blatantly. You know that everyone in the place wants this chick. She wipes her lips off,
makes a sucking sound and says out loud "Mmm that was good." Basically signaling to all the
guys that she just swallowed my load. Hahaha!

So we rejoin the friend. I run the cube after a while and they’re loving it SO much. My cube
readings are really super long. It takes me about 30 minutes to read 2 girls cubes. We leave
and I have to out-game another player at 2am on a Monday night. He's a Spanish guy giving
the little player bounce/dance and he's like "what's up." I butt in all loud "What's up ESE!?"
The girls laugh and we split. Poor guy had no chance; all he did was help me out by
sacrificing himself.

We're on the train and they gotta get off, they're like "Oh we wanna take you home" at the
last minute, but I know the logistics are fucked and they're just yapping. I'd give away all
chance for a second meeting if I got all "Oh really? Can I come? Pretty please?" They're only
in town one more day. I wanna fuck this super hot blond tomorrow, but it's logistically looking
really bad. I can't get rid of the friend. It's gonna be hard. And the friend has a boyfriend, so
I can't even try to get a wing. AND I have another second meeting lined up with a black chick
tomorrow. I can cancel that but I don't know what I'm gonna do. Figure it out in the morning
I guess. I'm pretty sure she wants to fuck me. The decision has been made. I will probably
just try to get into their place and figure it out from there. They're staying with a friend so I
can maybe have her occupy Aniston for me.

Kinda slow night, cause I only got to do 4 approaches and no sex. But not bad for it being
Monday and me starting with such poor state.

- Everything is very state dependent. With poor state I was getting blown out by ugly girls.
With good state I was making out with a 10 in under an hour in a public restroom.
- McDonald's would not let me have it my way.
- Seize opportunities to go into places where you're not really allowed. This is something I
learned from a 50 year old motivational speaker years ago. People usually won't call you on
it. You can walk right up on stage and tell jokes after a comedy show. You can walk right past

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Diary of A Pickup Artist

the manager into the roped off area of McDonald's. You just have to BELIEVE you can do it.
No one will question you and girls dig that shit a lot!
- Comedians are beta. So is almost everyone in the fucking world. Never assume that just
cause someone is kinda famous/rich/whatever they can dominate anything.
- Shitty nights can still yield results. Think Monday nights are bad? That's a self limiting belief.
- There are tremendous advantages to enriching your identity, i.e.: having random knowledge
available, traveling, etc. You'll be ready for anything that way.
- Started in low state, but now I feel great.

I'll be putting some thought into making adjustments to my game so it's more 10 oriented. I
think it's just a matter of doing the same shit I'm doing but putting more thought into venues
or doing a little networking.

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Diary of A Pickup Artist

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