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Electronic Commerce (BM011-3-2)
Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this assignment, students should be able to demonstrate: Explain the implications of E-Commerce approaches for Business Strategies. Explain the ethical issues and legal implications of E-Commerce solutions. Explain the security issues from a business/ customer viewpoint and technical perspectives. Discuss areas in which standards are emerging. Assignment Description This assignment is worth 50% of your total marks for this module. It should be done in a group no bigger than 4 students. Select an existing business (with a website) which is adopting online direct marketing as its major business model for this assignment. The business can be of any size (small / medium or large), classification (sole proprietor, partnership, private limited or public limited), and industry. Objectives: You are required to design a website with electronic commerce enabled functions that is to be the main thrust of a business plan. The website should be able to provide commerce opportunities to be rendered to the target market of the selected business. In addition, you should suggest creative mechanisms or features to enhance the website. This assignment tests on the design, implementation and application of electronic commerce in an industry. Coding skills are not required for this. However, you must prove that the proposed electronic commerce function is able to meet the full demands that are needed within the business selected.


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concise and to the point.4 Payment Options 2.1 Encryption 4. you should provide support and evidences concerning the effectiveness of the system implemented.2 Computer Crime 3. Your support and effectiveness should be based on electronic commerce elements learnt in the module. In the plan.2 Firewall 5.1 Property Right 3.2 Website Design 2.3 Privacy 4. This should be short. security and payment issues).3 Website Functions and Usability 2. The written report should include the following: 1.5 Delivery Options 3.0 Marketing Strategies and business plan 2.BM011-3-2 Electronic Commerce Group Assignment Page 2 of 6 a) Written Business Plan: describing how the electronic commerce system works and explaining the design of the website / system and how it would encourage online sales. Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation .Financial Plan (Optional) The Written Plan should not exceed 2.0 Legal Concerns 3.0 Security Issues 4.0 Conclusion References Appendix .1 Marketing Mixes (4Ps) and Business Models 2.0 Business background 2. The plan should also detail out the main strategy and the relevant issues pertaining to electronic commerce (including but not limited to legal.500 words.

The design of the website is adequate and functions implemented were operational with no or little problems. reference and bibliography lists and any appendices without word penalty. You may include diagrams or figures. The presentation will be individually assessed. The penalties will be as follows: 1 -10% excess 11-20% excess 21-30% excess 31-40% excess no penalty 3 marks reduction 6 marks reduction 9 marks reduction The report must follow the standard academic format: • • • Font type: Times New Roman Font size: 12 pts Line spacing : 1. You are able to implement a functional electronic commerce system.BM011-3-2 Electronic Commerce Group Assignment Page 3 of 6 b) A 20-minutes presentation of the business plan. It also creates a suitable environment for online commerce. professional and reflects the nature of the business. The design of the website is neat. The electronic commerce system implemented clearly addresses the needs of the business selected. The design of the website is adequate. You should be able to shown proper understanding of the theories and concepts chosen from the topics covered.5 Marking Criteria Marks are awarded based on the following guidelines: Grade 75% – 100% Description of performance level You should be able to show good application of theories and concepts covered in the module. The standard sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed. Do ensure that all members are participative of the presentation as individual marks are given based on contribution. No grammatical errors. Sufficient references from various 65% – 74% sources and not primarily from the Internet. There are no clear explanations on the Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation . spelling mistakes and appropriate conclusion. Your plan is creative and yet feasible.

Sufficient references but not varied. You should be able to show understanding on theories and concepts taught in the subject. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Poor website aesthetics. Minimal citation problems relating to style and presentation. Not workable electronic commerce function. Unattractive website with no coherent linkage between design and commerce system. Poor Below 50% references. Not enough explanations on the effectiveness of the system. Students are advised to confirm and show draft points and information with the lecturer half way into the assignment period. The basic electronic system is functioning. Minimum references. The breakdown of marks is as follows: Business Plan Critical Analysis Presentation (Individual) 20% 15% 15% Additional Notes • • • You are advised to make use of your word limit as a guideline for word allocation. spelling mistakes. the submission of the essay and work contents should be individually done. but does not necessarily create a conducive online commerce environment.BM011-3-2 Electronic Commerce Group Assignment Page 4 of 6 effectiveness of the system to the business. Similar points. Citation problems and minor referencing problems. Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation . Citation and referencing problems. You did not show understanding of the theories and concepts taught. There are sufficient enhancements. Minor grammatical 50% – 64% errors. Not workable functions or too problematic system. Students may only work as a group together to research on the same issues. analysis and critique will be investigated and may be penalised. questionable sources. Grammatical and spelling mistakes. You are encouraged to use proper headings to differentiate each point in your essay. However. however it does not necessarily support the business selected.

attribution. Plagiarism is NOT acceptable.BM011-3-2 Electronic Commerce Group Assignment Page 5 of 6 Submission and Administrative Information • • Students should include the Coursework Submission and Feedback Form with their submission. and proper research technique submission. All submissions must be made before the stipulated time. without acknowledgement of the source. The lecturer will give the CSFF before the submission dates. Representation of another person's work as your own. You may not copy another student’s work in any way. GROUP TASK REPORT Group Members: 1) Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation . If the work is submitted after this time it will be given 0 (zero). The possible consequences of plagiarism include:  Reduced grade for this module  Referral for this module  Failure of this module  Expulsion from the Institution • • • You can avoid plagiarism by using correct referencing. for the purpose of satisfying formal assessment requirements is considered plagiarism.

BM011-3-2 Electronic Commerce Group Assignment Page 6 of 6 2) 3) 4) No. 1 Task / Description / Responsibility Name & Signature 2 3 4 Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation .

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