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Kofax Capture 10 New Features

Kofax Capture 10 New Features

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Published by Prasad Rajashekar

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Published by: Prasad Rajashekar on Jun 04, 2012
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Kofax Capture 10.

0 New Features
New User Interface

Complete update to the user interface of Kofax Capture to fully leverage the Microsoft Fluent UI standards. Kofax Capture 10 has the same look and feel and navigation as a Microsoft Office application. Ability to deploy and run Kofax Capture components and modules through a web browser.

Easier to use. Lower training and support costs. Greater user acceptance.

Browser Based Deployment

Improves software deployment. Ability to invoke Kofax Capture from another application. Reduced support and maintenance costs. Greater flexibility to support multi-language environments. Provides for faster release and support of new languages. Fixpacks and Service Packs available for all languages simultaneously. Significantly improves usability and reduces support costs for a multi-language environment.

Language Packs

Administrator can choose to include multiple languages for automatic installation during Kofax Capture installation. Also, new languages can be added after install using language packs.

Multiple Languages on a Single System

A single Kofax Capture system can support multiple languages. The user can choose their preferred language when the run Kofax Capture or they can choose to default to the Operating System language. Quickly find batches within batch manager and attended modules. Allows for easy sorting and filtering on specific criteria.

Batch Filtering

Improves administrator control over the system. Allows for the easy search and identification of specific batches. Reduce document preparation time because a parent batch can now be broken into multiple batches once the documents are classified. Better security controls

Enhanced Batch Workflow Improvements

Split batches into separate batches based upon classification results. Updated to allow batch class for split batches to be different than original batch.

Segregated User Profile Management
Kofax Capture 10 New Features

Separate User Profile Management from the other Admin functions

August 31, 2011

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