Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2013

The global consumer electronics industry is set to witness phenomenal growth in the near future after the moderation of tough economic conditions. The prospective growth in the consumer electronics industry could be attributed to the revolutionary technological developments. The digital technology revolution has enabled the industry to make profit from the growing interaction of digital applications, such as camcorders, DVD player/recorder, digital camera, etc. With these technological advancement, the global consumer electronics industry generated revenue of around US$ 694 Billion in 2008. Our new research report “Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2013” has predicted that the global consumer electronics industry will grow at a CAGR of around 5% during 2010–2013. During this time period, we expect that 3D TV will experience the highest CAGR of around 118% because manufacturers begin to implement 3D as a standard feature in their HD flat-panel product lines. We have also found that the American region (mainly the US) is driving the global consumer electronics industry, closely followed by the EU. However, the growth pattern will change in future, with the emergence of Asia Pacific as the major contributor for the industry due to increase in demand for low-priced devices in the developed countries. For instance - India is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 19% during 2010-2013. We also expect the continuous development of digital technologies will add new features and improve quality of electronic devices. Moreover, the connectivity and mobility also play a vital role in accelerating the industry growth rate as younger generation is fascinated by such features. These factors indicate that the consumer electronics industry has bright future ahead, particularly in countries like China and India where the economy is moving at a fast pace. “Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2013” provides extensive information and rational analysis of the global consumer electronics industry and its emerging trends. It gives an insight into the regional trends together with discussion on the product segmentation. We have thoroughly analyzed market size, growth opportunities, regional segmentation and trends in technology to give comprehensive overview of the market. We have also included the key players segment to give brief idea of the competitive landscape and business strategies of players.

5 Taiwan 3.1 Market Overview Camera Phones UK 2.1 HD Set-Top Boxes Hard Disc Drives (HDD) 3.3 High Definition TV (HDTV) 3.4 Audio Products 3.2 Germany 2.2.4 Wireless Handsets 3.5 Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Mobile Phones 3.2 3D TV 3.Table of content 1.3.6. Global Consumer Electronics Market Performance and Outlook Europe 2.2.3 HD DVD Players/Recorders MP3 Players South Korea Television Market 3.1.2 PC Notebook/Desktop PC 3.3 Japan 2.4 HD Game Consoles 3.4 Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) 3.1 Liquid Crystal Display TV (LCD TV) 3.2 Plasma Display Panel (PDP) 3.2 India 2.3 High Definition Consumer Electronics 3.3 Blu-Ray Drives (BD) .1 Video Equipments 3. Analyst View 2.6 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 3.4.2 Digital Radio Smartphones 3.2 Regional Segmentation US 2. Market Segmentation by Product 3.1 Digital TV (DTV) 3.3.3 Asia-Pacific 2.2.2 HD Camcorders 3.5 Telephone Equipments 3.1.1 China 2.6 Computer Products 3.

Consumer Electronics Market (Billion Yuan).Forecast for 3D TV Shipment (Million Units).Forecast for Active HDTV Homes by Region (%).4 Low Price 4. 5. 2010-2013 Figure 3-5: Global . 2008 Figure 3-3: Global .6 LG Electronics Inc. 2008-2013 Figure 3-1: Global . 5.5 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. 2008-2013 Figure 2-6: Asia-Pacific . 2008-2013 Figure 3-6: Global . 5. 2008-2013 Figure 2-8: India .3 Mobility and Connectivity 4.4 Toshiba Corporation 5. Key Players 5. Ltd.9 Samsung Electronics Co.Active HDTV Homes (Million Units).7 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. 2008-2013 Figure 2-7: China . 5.Consumer Electronics Market (Billion £).3 Sharp Corporation 5.Forecast for DTV Homes (Million Units).7 Rising Competition 4.Consumer Electronics Market (Billion €).1 Sony Corporation 5.7 Portable Navigation Devices (PND) 4.Forecast for DTV Homes by Region (%).. Key Market Trends 4. 2008-2013 Figure 2-10: South Korea .Consumer Electronics Market (Billion US$).2 Consumer Awareness 4.Active HDTV Homes by Region (%).Consumer Electronics Market (Trillion JPY). 2008 Figure 3-7: Global .6 Digital Display 4. Ltd.Consumer Electronics Market (Billion US$).8 Shifting Product Boundaries 5. Ltd. 2010-2013 Figure 3-2: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 2-9: Japan .2 Apple Inc. 5.5 High Definition Recording 4.Consumer Electronics Market (Billion US$).3..Consumer Electronics Market (Trillion KRW). 2013 .DTV Homes by Region (%).8 Sanyo Electric Co. 2008-2013 Figure 2-3: EU .Consumer Electronics Market (Billion NT$). 2008-2013 Figure 2-4: UK . 20082013 Figure 2-11: Taiwan . List of Figures: Figure 2-1: Global .Digital Consumer Electronics Market (Billion €). 2008-2013 Figure 2-2: US .Consumer Electronics Market (Billion US$). 2013 Figure 3-4: Global .V. 2008-2013 Figure 2-5: Germany .1 Technology and Innovation 4.

2008-2013 Figure 3-16: Global . 2013 Figure 3-13: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 3-17: Global .Mobile Phones Shipment (Billion Units). 2008 Figure 3-19: Global .Number of IPTV Subscribers (Million).PND in Use (Million Units).LCD TV Shipment (Million Units). 2009-2013 Figure 3-38: Global .HD Consumer Electronics Shipment (Million Units).HD Game Consoles Shipment (Million Units).Share of Vendors in Mobile Phone Market (2009) Figure 3-28: Global . 2009-2013 Figure 3-33: Global .PDP TV Sales (Million Units).Consumer Electronics Domestic Shipment (‘000 Units). 2009 For more detail visit: . 2008 Figure 3-12: Global .PVR Shipment (Million Units). 2008-2013 Figure 3-11: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 3-9: Global .Smartphones Shipment (Million Units).PC Shipment (Million Units).com/Market-Analysis-Reports/Global-ConsumerElectronics-Market-Forecast-to-2013-IM260.Camera Phones Shipment (Million Units). 2007-2013 Figure 3-10: Global .Hard Disc Drives Shipment (Million Units). 2008-2013 Figure 3-24: Global .Wireless Handsets Shipment (Billion Units).HD Consumer Electronics Shipment by Product (%). 2008-2013 Figure 3-21: Global .Digital Radio Shipment (Million Units). 2008-2013 Figure 3-27: Global . 20082013 Figure 3-18: Global .Number of Households with DVR (Million).HD DVD Players/Recorders Shipment (Million Units).Forecast for HD Consumer Electronics Shipment by Product (%).DVR Households by Region (%).Share of Vendors in Smartphone Market (2009) Figure 3-31: Global. 20082013 Figure 3-23: Global .Share of Vendors in PC Shipment (Q1 2010) Figure 3-37: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 3-25: Global . 2013 Figure 3-20: Global .Figure 3-8: Global .HD Set-Top Boxes Shipment (Million Units).Share of Operating System in Smartphone Market (2009) Figure 3-32: Global .Forecast for DVR Households by Region (%). 2008-2013 Figure 3-14: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 3-22: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 3-30: Global .HD Camcorders Shipment (Million Units).http://www. Q4 2009 Figure 3-15: Global .Blu-Ray Drives Shipment in PC (Million Units). 2008-2013 Figure 3-34: Global .TV Shipment by Type (%). 2009 & 2014 List of Table: Table 2-1: Japan .Share of Vendors in Hard Disc Drives Market (Q4 2009) Figure 3-35: Global .TV Sales (Million Units).rncos. 2008-2013 Figure 3-36: Global .htm .MP3 Players Shipment (Million Units). 2008-2013 Figure 3-26: Global . 2008-2013 Figure 3-29: Global .