1. What is MicroStrategy Integrity Manager?

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is an automated report and document comparison tool. Report SQL, data, graphs, Excel, and PDF output are compared to help customers verify data and BI output integrity when intended or unintended changes are introduced in the BI ecosystem. The test results are analyzed in the MicroStrategy Integrity Manager graphical interface, or in an HTML output file that can be shared with any user.

2. What does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager do?
Administrators create tests in MicroStrategy Integrity Manager that define which BI Output (reports, documents, Intelligent Cubes, data mart reports) to compare. The report and document output can be compared between two BI applications, between one BI application and a previously stored set of "baseline" results, or between two baselines. Differences in the data, SQL, graph output, Excel output, PDF output, and execution statistics are displayed in the MicroStrategy Integrity Manager graphical interface and are also saved in HTML files.

3. What are the main uses of MicroStrategy Integrity Manager?
MicroStrategy Integrity Manager provides ongoing auto-detection of anomalies before your users see them. This auto-detection ensures that all critical reports are correct every day, and thus provides information assurance to your BI users. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager also provides targeted regression testing for all planned changes and dramatically reduces the time and manpower required to deploy any change in the BI environment. Read detailed features of MicroStrategy Integrity Manager

4. How long does it take to set up and run a MicroStrategy Integrity Manager test?
Administrators can create a simple yet extremely powerful MicroStrategy Integrity Manager test in a few minutes using the Test Creation Wizard. For example, creating a test that compares two entire projects is as simple as connecting directly to the Base and Target projects, selecting the entire project’s reports and documents with one click, and then running the test.

5. Can I run MicroStrategy Integrity Manager against previous version of MicroStrategy?
Yes. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is able to connect to any project running on a previous version of MicroStrategy. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager has been tested against all MicroStrategy versions that are presently supported.

6. How can I get MicroStrategy Integrity Manager?

and the PDF output (in . Is MicroStrategy Integrity Manager available in other languages? Yes. Korean. Japanese. Where are the baseline files stored? The baseline files can be stored in any location.com. 7. HP-UX. Please consult the product Readme files for the latest supported languages. Swedish. Sun Solaris.png format). Can I test for changes between one version of a Data Warehouse and another? . aliased with a date-time stamp. French.sql and .ser and . Portuguese. 13.png format). Red Hat and SUSE Linux operating systems.1.xls and . On which operating systems can MicroStrategy Integrity Manager be installed? MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is supported on Windows®.exe. the graph (in .1) onwards. 8. The MicroStrategy Integrity Manager interface is available in multiple languages (English. the Excel output (in . Traditional Chinese. Please consult the product Readme files for the latest supported operating system versions. Simplified Chinese. and stored in the baseline files.xml summary files and individual files for each report for the SQL (in . Danish. Spanish. In what format are the baseline files stored? The baseline results are a combination of . 11. in the "Integrity Manager" folder under Program Files – MicroStrategy. German. 12. Italian.html format). Select MicroStrategy Integrity Manager as part of the installation routine (as per other MicroStrategy products) via the MicroStrategy setup.MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is a new product and can be purchased through your account manager or by contacting sales at info@microstrategy. Dutch). How does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager integrate with the rest of the MicroStrategy platform? MicroStrategy Integrity Manager connects to and executes reports through MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.pdf format). How do I install MicroStrategy Integrity Manager? MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is included from MicroStrategy 8 Release 11 (8. IBM AIX.csv format). the data (in . 9. The default location is within a newly created folder. 10. The results are passed back to MicroStrategy Integrity Manager for comparison and analysis.

and/or the export to PDF output.Yes. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests can be configured to execute reports and documents through multiple performance cycles. and logging settings. all of which can be saved in an MTC file. Hyperion® Essbase™. Multiple executions of the same report and document generate performance execution statistics — including average. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager captures the average execution time to enable the comparison of report and document performance between environments. 18. returned by a selected search. execution. Does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager compare Documents? Yes. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager compares MicroStrategy Report Services Documents within MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests. within selected folders. Does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager compare Intelligent Cubes? Yes. 15. and unmatched output clearly grouped and highlighted against the fully-formatted document. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can execute and compare reports created against SAP® BW. How can I set up a test to run in off-peak hours? A MicroStrategy Integrity Manager test includes parameters for connectivity information. Does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager support reports created against MDX based data sources? Yes. The documents are compared pixel-bypixel to find any exceptions. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can be launched through the operating system command . Intelligent Cubes are included in MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests whether they are selected individually. and Microsoft Analysis Services™ cubes. 16. including (but not limited to):      Data Warehouse load routines and ETL processes Metadata object promotions from development to test to production systems MicroStrategy software version upgrades 64-bit operating system upgrades Database version or platform changes 14. Just like Reports and Documents. parse-by-parse and clause-by-clause. minimum and maximum execution time — across that sample. A document can be compared by generating the export to Excel output. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can verify success after any changes to your BI ecosystem. and any differences are highlighted in the test results. 17. Does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager compare performance statistics? Yes. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can be used to compare differences from a project pointing towards different versions of Data Warehouse. Execution time is integrated into the Results Summary interface and HTML results. Intelligent Cubes SQL is generated and compared. or selected via a shortcut. report selection.

Administrators can use a batch file to trigger MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests during off-peak hours. Pre-saved personal prompt answers. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager replaces what used to be a manual laborious process (lasting weeks or months) with an automated test completed in a matter of hours. Or manually resolve each required prompt during the test via a direct connection to the prompt interface in MicroStrategy Web. . are completely individually configurable. How does MicroStrategy Integrity Manager resolve prompts? As an automated report and document comparison product. turned off. An administrator can choose to use:      MicroStrategy Integrity Manager prompt resolution logic that resolves 100% of prompts.prompt using the MTC file as the input parameter for the test. Input text values across a range of similar prompts. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager has four different prompt resolution strategies to resolve prompts found in reports and documents selected in an MicroStrategy Integrity Manager test. These Prompt strategies can be prioritized. Default prompt answers. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager resolves Prompts automatically in order to continue to pass on these 1000’s man-hour savings to administrators and BI developers. 19.

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