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Emma Bromley Erdit Celo Katherine Fletcher Henry Guardado Lizzy Velasquez

• Sports brings us all together
• All over the world people of different ethnicities and backgrounds unite to play sports. • Sports are the only thing we can all agree on.

…sports are not entirely unaffected by ethnic differences

• To find any correlations between athletic excellence in certain sports, and the ethnicity of top players

• To determine if sport stereotypes are based in reality, or completely unfounded



• To see if these trends are reflected in our school.

• To discover whether students of different ethnicities participate more in sports, and what sports they choose to play and watch.

. • These trends will be reflected in the high school population.Hypothesis • We believe that there will be definite ethnic trends in the world of professional sports.

Hypothesis cont. . • We believe that African Americans and North Americans will be the most involved in sports.

Current Stereotypes • Based on current stereotypes. here are our predictions: Sport Hockey Basketball Baseball Football Soccer Predicted Leaders North Americans Europeans African Americans Hispanics North Americans North Americans African Americans Europeans Actual Leaders? .

Possible Bias • Only North American leagues were chosen. • American soccer leagues are not the best. only 50 boys were surveyed. • In the “Our School” section. Surveyed 6% Approximate Percentage of High School Boys Surveyed Not Surveyed 94% .

Data Collection: Professional Data • There was no data set available comparing ethnicity and athletic achievement. • We had to create our own data using information from NHL.com. NBA. .com etc.

how many hours do you spend a week playing sports? (To the nearest hour)  What sport do you enjoy watching the most? . • We asked these questions:  What ethnicity are you?  What sport do you enjoy playing the most?  Are you involved in any after school sports?  If yes.Data Collection: High School Data • We picked 50 high school boys at random.

Ethnic Breakdown .

Chapter I HOCKEY .

• The top players in the NHL are either European or North American. but it is also very popular in Europe.Introduction • Hockey is Canada’s favorite sport. • Only one exception: Jerome Iginla. .

Percentage of Top NHL Players. by Ethnicity Percentage of Top NHL Players by Ethnicity African American 2% European 46% North American 52% .

.Who scored more points? • They both have nearly the same mean number of points.

00 717 760 1477 • Goals in the NHL are split nearly 50/50 between Europeans and North Americans.46 100.Who scored the majority of goals? Goals Europeans North Americans Total % 48.54 51. .

00 Standard Deviation Hat Plot .Who is more consistent? Standard Deviation Europeans North Americans 13.00 to 1.09 8.58 -1.

the top SEVEN of the top TEN players are European.Conclusion • North Americans and Europeans dominate the sport of hockey. • North Americans are more consistent. • However. .


about 88% of the players will by African American.Introduction • It does not take complicated graphs to show that professional basketball is dominated by African Americans. . • In any given NBA game.

Percentage of Top NBA Players. by Ethnicity Percentage of Top NBA Players by Ethnicity Oriental North American 2% 2% European 8% African American 88% .

Complete Domination • African Americans top the list in all of these categories: Category Scoring Assists Steals Rebounds Turnovers Blocks .

• The NBA MVP for 2006 and 2007 was a North American.But Wait… • Basketball is also very popular in Europe. . • The American team is often challenged in the World Championships and the Olympics.

• There were students of every ethnicity who enjoyed basketball.Is It the Same in Our School? • No. African American students in our school played a variety of sports. Number or Boys Who Played Basketball in Each Ethnic Group 2 1 0 African European North Oriental American American Middle Eastern Other .

Conclusion • Professional basketball is dominated by African Americans. • But! This trend is not reflected in our high school. • This could point to a reversal of the trend in future years. .


• Even though baseball is popular all over the world. . the top players were almost all North American or Hispanic.Introduction • Our analysis of baseball is divided into two main sections: pitching and hitting/fielding.

by Ethnicity Percentage of Top Pitchers in the MLB by Ethnicity Oriental 2% Hispanic 25% North American 73% .Percentage of Top MLB Pitchers.

6 StdDev Wins Hispanics 1.75 0.55 • Even though there are more North American pitchers. .94 North Americans 2.Pitching – Who is Better? Average Wins Hispanics 15 Average ERA 3.69 StdDev ERA 0.9 North Americans 15 3. the stats of both ethnicities are almost identical.

Percentage of Top MLB Hitters. by Ethnicity Percentage of Top MLB Hitters by Ethnicity Hispanic 33% North American 67% .

. • North Americans excel at infield positions.Who is Better at What Position? Percentage of Players of a Certain Ethnicity by Position • Hispanics excel at outfield positions requiring speed.

Conclusion • There is more North American pitchers. . • North Americans excel at infield positions requiring precision. but their stats are almost identical to Hispanics. • Hispanics excel at outfield positions requiring speed and endurance.


• Football has many positions. We took the top 10 players in the categories of: – – – – Passing Rushing Receiving Tackling – Sacking – Kicking – Punting .Introduction • Football is arguably North America’s most favored sport.

by Ethnicity Percentage of Top NFL players by Ethnicity European 3% North American 43% African American 54% .Percentage of Top NFL Players.

Therefore.Who Does What Best? Number of Players of Each Ethnicity by Position Ethnicity North American European African American Passing Rushing 0 Tackles 1 Sacks Kickers and Punters 10 0 4 0 17 2 1 0 0 0 10 9 6 • Each category was dominated by one type of ethnicity. we must examine it further. • The position of “Sacks” was split. . some having 100% of only one ethnicity.

• North American dominated both of these categories. . • It can not be a coincidence that 100% of quarterback are North American.Kickers/Punters and Quarter Backs • We decided to put kickers and punters together in a group because both positions involve the use of legs and length of kicks.

. it can not be a coincidence that 95% of the players in this category are African American.Rushing and Tackling • Both of these positions require large body size. strength. and speed. • Again. • African Americans dominated both these categories.

Sacks – Who is More Consistent SD Hats of -1 to 1 for Total Number of Sacks. by Ethnicity • There are more African Americans. . but they are less consistent and have a lower mean.

• North American excel at football positions involving precision and technique. .Conclusion • African American excel at football positions involving strength and speed.

Chapter V SOCCER .

• Unfortunately.Introduction • Soccer is truly an international sport. • As such. soccer is not very popular in North America. very few good players are attracted to the MLS league. This means that our report will not accurately portray this sport. .

by Ethnicity Percentage of Top MLS Players by Ethnicity Hispanic 45% North American 40% European 5% African American 10% .Percentage of Top MLS Players.

but the top players are North American. but not spectacular (they are not very good or very bad). .So Who is Better? • Hispanics are consistent. • North Americans are less consistent.

who has been hired more for his ability to sell tickets than to play the game. • We can assume that there is a large number or North Americans in the MLS because they are not good enough to play in an European league.Conclusion • There is an almost equal number of Hispanic and North American players in the MLS. • The one European is David Beckham. .


We surveyed 50 boys at random and these are our results. .Introduction • Our group wanted to find out if there is a correlation between ethnicity and sports and if that correlation can be found in our school.

. • 1/3 play football and watch hockey. • Only one boy participates in after school activities. • 1/5 play and watch football • 1/5 play soccer and watch hockey. Hispanics (3 boys) • We hypothesized that Hispanics would play soccer. • 2/3 play and watch soccer.African Americans ( 5 boys) • We hypothesized that African Americans would play basketball. • 2/5 play basketball • 1/5 play and watch hockey.

Europeans (6 boys) • We hypothesized that Europeans would play soccer. (only 5 like to watch and play ) • 4/11 play soccer . • 1/6 play and watch hockey. • 2/6 play baseball. • 2/6 play and watch soccer. one watched hockey and the other soccer. (only 1 like to play and watch soccer) • 1/11 play baseball and watch hockey. • 2/20 played “other” sports. North Americans ( 20 boys) • We hypothesized that North Americans would play soccer. • 11/20 play hockey. one likes to watch hockey the other football. • 2/20 play and watch basketball. .

• 1/5 play basketball and watch football. Middle Eastern (4 boys) • We hypothesized that Middle Easterner would play soccer. • 1/4 play and watch hockey. • 1/5 play and watch “other”. • 1/4 play and watch basketball.Oriental (5 boys) • We hypothesized that Orientals would play soccer. • 2/5 play and watch soccer. • 1/5 play soccer but watches basketball. • 2/4 play and watch soccer. .

• 2/5 play and watch basketball. • 1/5 to watch “other” and play soccer.Other (5 boys) • 1/5 play baseball and watch hockey. Percentage of Boys of Each Ethnicity in our Survey 10% 8% 43% North Am erican Oriental African Am erican His panic 13% 6% 10% 10% European Middle Eas tern Other . • 1/5 play football and watch soccer.

Involvement • Middle Eastern students participated the most. . North Americans and African Americans also participated quite a bit. We where happy to find that the majority of students participated in sports.

hitting. In general. The sport of basketball is dominated by African Americans. players of both these ethnicities demonstrate the same level of skill. and fielding. Hispanic and North American players excel at the sport of baseball. However. North American layers demonstrate a higher degree of consistency. • 2. They are equally matched in all aspects of baseball: pitching. Players of this descent top the leader boards in every aspect of the game. Europeans and North Americans lead the sport of hockey. • 3.Conclusion • 1. .

while positions requiring precision and technique were excelled at by North Americans. but boys of all ethnicities participate in sports to some degree. Middle Eastern students are the most physically active over all.Conclusion • 4. this is not truly representative which ethnicity excels at this sport. However. . In professional football. • 6. positions requiring strength and stamina were filled by African Americans. Hispanic and North American players dominate soccer in North America. Students in our school are not affected by the ethnic trends found in professional sports. • 5.

Conclusion Sport Hockey Basketball Baseball Football Soccer Predicted Leaders North Americans Europeans African Americans Hispanics North Americans African Americans Europeans African Americans Actual Leaders? .

Thank You for Your Time! .

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