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1. Define strategic management. Blog 2. Discuss the process of strategic management Blog 3. Discuss the importance of strategic management.

Blog 4. Differentiate strategic management from other types of management. Blog 5. State diversification strategy with its merits and risks. PC 6. Describe the major pitfalls of strategic management. Blog 7. What is growth strategy and why is it done? Is there any risk with it? 8. What is environmental scanning and how can you do it? Copy 9. Discuss various defensive strategies. PC 10. Discuss various business level strategies. 11. State the best practices in the core processes involved in operational level strategy. 12. Explain the key success factors for competitive success (PC). 13. Explain the SWOT analysis technique. (SIR) 14. Identification of SBUs for making further investment decisions is a vital strategic action. Elaborately present the Boston Consulting Group Matrix for such action. (PC) 15. State concentration strategy in detail for the growth of a firm. 16. State the common flaws in competitive analysis. 17. Explain the Michael Porters 5-competitive Forces Model. 18. Discuss the strategies that you will follow to compete and sustain in turbulent high velocity market? 19. State the principal strategy implementation tasks in a nutshell. 20. What is strategy and what are its characteristics? 21. Define mission. What are its characteristics? How can you draft a mission statement? 22. Define objective along with the qualities of good objective. Why do you need changes in objectives? 23. How will you determine the attractiveness of industry? 24. How will you know that the present strategy is working well? 25. Define strategic control? State its steps and techniques. Discuss the importance of strategic control. 26. Balanced Score Card is a particular technique to assess internal environment analysis of an organization. Show the elements of such card in a diagram and explain what information of strengths you could get from financial analysis. 27. Explain the strategy implementation process. 28. a. Why is international strategy a concern for every business today? b. What are the various methods to enter into international market? 29. Explain the concept of strategic group alliance. 30. State the value chain approach of internal environment analysis.