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Youth Voice

Well-being and Mental Health Literacy
Engaging parents, families and communities in collaborative and reciprocal relationships for the purpose of intentionally improving student achievement and success.

In our continuous work to identify and address the needs of our growing and diverse school communities a collaborative and reciprocal partnership between the York Region District School Board and the York Regional Police was formed. This goal is in alignment with the 2010-2014 Trustee’s Multi-Year Plan and the 2011-2012 Director’s Annual Plan in addressing Student Achievement and Well-Being as well Equity and Inclusivity Education and Positive Climates for Learning. Research shows that:  Children’s mental health is a key factor of overall health and well-being, because it affects learning, social relationships, emotional growth and self-esteem.  One in five children and youth struggle with some mental health issues.  Intermediate students making a transition to high school may experience a decline in grades and attendance, show new behaviours and attitudes due to bullying, stress, anxiety, making new choices and new friends and the unfamiliarity of new school. A focus on promoting, raising awareness, increasing knowledge and support would have a positive effect on many outcomes, including transition to high school, behaviours, academic performance and school and community engagement.

Schools have a wide range of programs and practices to offer their students, however, schools are finding an increased need to address the health needs of their students, particularly in relation to mental health and wellbeing. In response, we are able to offer to our schools to be involved in Youth Voice – a collaborative between school, York Regional Police and community agencies .

Overall well-being of students will improve by creating an opportunity in the school that builds awareness and mental health literacy. In addition, providing intermediate students with the tools that relate directly to their transition in high school will provide them with a supportive school experience.

This conference will be the starting point for the work in our school communities to provide education, information and resources.  Early indicators of mental health  Types of mental health conditions  Addressing mental health in the community  Awareness and Prevention  Breaking the stigma 1. York Region District School Board, York Regional Police and Community Partners to provide a Youth Voice Conference on mental health and well-being for intermediate students, educators, parents and community members.

April 2012

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2. To promote and heighten awareness of mental health in the community and the positive impact schools can have. 3. To promote a positive relationship between the school and community members.

1. Incorporate strategies implemented within York Region District schools such as; Peace Tree, TRIBES, Character Matters, Restorative Approaches and Triple P.

2. Provide educational enrichment opportunities with a focus on bullying prevention, child mental health and well-being and transition to high school. 3. Promote and encourage participation at all elementary schools.

We will collaboratively meet to evaluate the success by using the following criteria:      Number and type of participants Number of schools that participate and carry out a school plan for action to promote mental health awareness and well-being Participant feedback Workshop Presenter feedback School Administrator and staff feedback CEC East CEC North CEC Central CEC East/West P+ CEC North P+ CEC West

Yasmin Mawani Jennifer Gillespie Yvonne Kelly Patti O’Neil Pauline Costello Oksana Majaski
  

Promote and encourage school participation and parent, family and community engagement Actively participate in their respective area conference Provide leadership to the schools in planning and implementation processes Provide leadership on the implementation of staff training and school conference Actively participate in the planning and implementation processes Actively support the school’s Youth Voice initiative Spring 2012: Promote and encourage school participation Fall 2012: Conference 2012-2013: Provide support as requested

  

  

April 2012

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Developing Child Well-being and Mental Health Literacy
Focused leadership for intermediate students, educators, parents and community members
York Regional Police Community Safety Village

October 24, 2012 CEC Central and West area elementary schools October 25, 2012 CEC East and North area elementary schools
Participants: Community members and YRDSB elementary schools Representatives (contact Teachers and Intermediate students and Parents). Note: The Mini-Conference is open to YRDSB staff, parents and community 8members interested in learning more about the Child Well- Being and Mental :30 Registrations – Front Door Health Literacy. and Welcome 9:20 Introductions 9:30 Keynote (Andy Thibodeau and Sergeant Chris Palmer) 10:15 Break and refreshments Student Workshops (10:30 – 11:15/ 11:15-noon/ noon-12:45) Bullies: More than Sticks and Stones
Students will learn about the causes and effects of bullying and be taught the ability to deal with a bully through their character and actions.

8:30 DRAFT

a.m. –

A G 2:00 N D A E p.m.


H.E.A.R.T. (Healthy Emotions and Relations for Teens)
Students will learn about using the main key s of communication, trust, respect and boundaries to building and maintaining healthy emotions and relationships with peers, teachers, parents and members of the community.

Be Heard
Students will l gain knowledge and awareness that will bring a positive change and attitude about mental health conditions, stigma ,misperception, discrimination and social exclusion.

Educator and Parent Workshop 10:30-12:30 Making Care Contagious
Educators, parents and community members will develop a greater awareness off the early warning signs of mental health problems, what to do about them and where to go for further assistance.

12:45 – 1:15 April 2012

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1:15 – 1:45 1::45 2:00

School Plan for Action Closing Adjournment


April 2012

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