Top 10 Business Schools in Canada

School Schulich School of Business Richard Ivey School of Business Queens School of Business WLU School of Business & Economics Rotman School of Management DeGroote School of Business McGill School of Business UVIC Business Asper School of Business Sauder School of Business University York University University of Western Ontario Wilfrid Laurier University University of Torronto McMaster university University of Victoria University of Manitoba Robert H Lee Graduate School Program MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA Total Fees $60,000 $90,000 $75,000 N/A $98,000 $53,500 $68,000 N/A $40,000 $52,000 GMAT Score Any acceptable Min 600 Near 600 Min 550 Min 550 Min 600 N/A Min 600 Min 500 Min 550 IELTS Min 7 Min 6 Min 6 min 6 Min 7 N/A N/A Min 6 Min 6 Min 7

Work experience 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years N/A 1 year 2 Years 2 Years N/A 2 Years Other Requirements Min B+ in last two years None None Min B in final year Min 3.0 CGPA Extracurricular Activities None None Min 3.0 CGPA .0 GPA in last year Min 3.

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