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Captain Morgan's Ricardo (1)

Captain Morgan's Ricardo (1)

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Published by: Ed Kishinevsky on Jun 04, 2012
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A Lifestyle Profile of Young Adult American Latino Men

  Objective: Capture the lifestyle insights of young adult American Latinos who “lived” online to develop a strategy for a new business pitch on Diageo’s Captain Morgan Spiced Rum brand. Problem: With difficulty finding a central acculturated Hispanic online community - for potential respondents, we instead came up with the idea of bringing the respondents to us. Solution: We developed the idea of “creating” a Hispanic reality show, and to “cast” for show “participants” - who were to become our study respondents. Execution: We posted a “casting call” on Craigslist across 25 US markets. Results: We received over 100 personal diaries from individuals participating in the casting call/study. The insights we delivered helped win the Captain Morgan account along with the accounts for US Hispanic advertising for other Diageo brands: Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal and Jose Cuervo.  



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but feel free to be as specific as you would like about this area of your life. We need you to provide name. etc)? And what do you want to do? Describe your current nightlife – be honest. What do you do (job/school. Don’t forget to tell us what city you live in. tell us why you'd be good for a reality show. It’ll only take two minutes. how and where would you spend it? What kind of car do you drive? If you won a car of your choice in the lottery – what would it be and why? What kind of music do you listen to? What do you think are some developing trends or artists in music? Can you briefly tell us about your lovelife? How about your lovelife goals? Do not give real names. What's your definition of a 'legend' and why? Can you give us an example? What do you have to do to become a legend? If you have one more minute. Give us the ‘all access’ night of your life.ages 21-29. Please send your information to tyler@westlondongarcia. young. and age and please answer the following basic questions for us to follow up on.“The Casting Call” Header: Casting Hispanic-American Men for Reality Show West London Garcia production company in New York is developing a national reality television show on America’s REAL. it’s all good. and it’ll help us find the right people for the show. photo. Give it a shot – you never know. Describe your fashion style. If you win a $1000 gift certificate to spend on clothes. Details tell us more about you.com . Give us a party story or two – Tell us how you hang and who you hang with. bilingual Hispanic-American men .

Ricardo – A Glimpse of the Respondents .

Executive Overview – Key Lifestyle Insights .

Respondents are Highly Acculturated: •  English is their first language. through: –  –  –  –  Music Fashion/Retail Brands Cars TV consumption •  They are dynamic individuals – international –  In terms of socialization/assimilation. friendships and relationships •  They value their Hispanic culture. history & community –  Integration: Professional & Social –  Community involvement & empowerment . acceptance and comfort in American culture. •  The overwhelming majority portray a high level of knowledge.

•  Some acknowledge Spanish language deficiency. –  Use colloquial terms –  Use online-speak •  Some learn Spanish at school .English First: •  An overwhelming majority exhibit highly proficient writing skills.here in the US. .

Student “I grew up in the mission district of San Francisco and led an almost sheltered life. “My Dad is a full blooded Mexican born in San Francisco as well. . I did not learn Spanish growing up and had to learn it in High school. “I have always struggled with certain Latino issues.David William Gonzalez. and her mother was from Nicaragua. My mother's father is Mexican. “I have learned that it matters. Especially. She is also a San Francisco native. “My parents have always tried to be white and it has always gotten to me because that is what society tries to mirror our culture as. when latinos think I am white and whites think I am latino. or whether it even mattered. 22. I appear to be mixed and have struggled with whether or not I was white or latin. San Francisco.

Rock en Espanol. Indie Rock –  Reggaeton. Hip Hop. World. and Latin musical genres: –  Rock. International.American & Mainstream Music is Accepted •  Music is essential •  Respondents consume a wide range of US. Raperos. Rockeros . Salsa. House. Trance. Pop Latino. Merengue. Rap.

Shakira for Latin. Dean Martin for Lounge. “Some trends in music right now are Hot Dancing females with hip raggae dance music. Gwen Stefani for Pop. like Ciara and Rihanna. artists. Los Angeles. “Fav. Benny Goodman for Swing. studying History and Art History “I am such a fan of all types of music. 24. Lenny Kravitz for Rock. UCLA Sr. Mozart for Classical. . to name one for each type of music. Musiq for Neo Soul.Andrew Hernandez. Aaliyah for R&B. The Cars for 80's. Faith Hill for Country. Paul Van Dyk for Dance. and Elvis. Missy Elliott for Hip Hop..

Fashion is American •  Respondents exhibit a diverse taste in American fashion: –  T-shirt and Jeans –  Pretty Boy –  Preppy –  Surfer •  Respondents are brand loyal in terms of both fashion and retail brands •  Some respondents shop online .

I also like to where a some what tight t-shirt and jeans and flip-flops to hang out during the day. Chicago. AX.Adrian Javier Gonzalez. Recent Northwestern Grad “In spanish terms I'm what you might call a "freza. trendy button down shirts and dark jeans and occasionally I'll put on a sports coat. “There are too many places I like. 22. Urban Outfitters. “I would take the $1000 certificate and spend it at Lacoste. Guess. I like to look good." At clubs I where nice.” . “My clothes tends to be more fitted.

America is a Car Culture •  Majority of respondents are car fans –  Muscle Cars in vogue –  Minis for the city –  European cars for prestige –  Comfortable with “It’s paid for” .

350 engine. 25.Big Rally Tires in the Back and would have an engine sounding Tuff! “I’ve always liked Classic Cars specially Camaros there just something else I’ve liked them ever since I saw “Better Off Dead” Camaros Are Tuff. Chevy Tuff!” .Rick Pena.Cherry Red with white stripes. San Antonio. Customer Svc Rep “If I had a choice on what to drive if would be a 1969 Z28 Camaro with hideaway lights.

such as telenovelas. but say: –  It’s predictable.American TV is missing the picture •  Respondents want programming that represents who they are –  In English •  Respondents say some Spanish language programming connects. and –  Doesn’t reflect & isn’t keeping up with this audience .

24. I've been waiting to watch some Hispanic Americans on TV besides those telemundo channels. SelfEmployed “Finally.Zizinho Licea.” . Dallas.

‘Trailblazing’ into American culture •  Friendships and relationships extend beyond the Hispanic community –  Anglo. . Professional friends –  International friends –  Relationships with Anglo Women and International Women.Dynamic Individuals .

“I don’t mind an independent woman.Edmundo Aguilar. 28. but I want what any man wants respect and unconditional love. “Being a young Latino. Those insecurities have made me look like a jealous fool. My Last relationship was with a white woman. financial planners) when we go out. so culturally I believe the experience was difficult to understand. teachers. my relationships have suffered because of Machismo. At the same time. or having gay guy friends. TV News Reporter “I typically hang with other professionals (lawyers. Spokane. other guys (who she says are just friends) calling her pad. . Latinos grow up demanding certain respect. Although our action are hardly professional when we hit the scene. Such as. WA.

Community Uplift –  Helping youth –  Professional Integration –  Social Integration . History & Community •  Respondents exhibit strong connection to their Hispanic culture and History •  Exhibit strong sense of responsibility to their community –  Giving back .Hispanic Culture.

“It also will consist of a volunteer Youth program called "Angels of Peace" as well as the construction of serveral Community centers that will focus on the arts as well as science and religion for the youth of today. “I feel that today’s youth either lack an appreciate for the arts or are not put in the publics view enough. 31. . “In the future I actually want to use knowldege and experience that I have attained and when I am financially able to start a program called the "Society for the Preservation of Health Wellness and Spirituality". Actor.Rodney Roldan. I also see a lot of unrecognized artists and performers that need to be given a chance. Virginia. “This program will focus on helping low income families with housing and provide primary health care prevention for free.

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