Habit is defined as intersection of knowledge skill and desire .

how to do Desire -.Knowledge – what to do Skill -.want to do .

Maturity continuum .

Dependence to independence to interdependence .

you come through me You didn’t come through.Dependence is a paradigm of you.I blame you for the results .You Take care of me.

I can choose . I can do it .Independence is a paradigm of I.I am self reliant.I am responsible.

Interdependence is a paradigm of we. We can cooperate. .We can combine our talents and abilities and create something great together. We can do it.

They don’t own enough of themselves . They don’t have the character to do it.Interdependence is a choice only independent people can make.Dependent people cannot choose to become interdependent.

Be proactive Habit2 – Begin with the end in mind Habit 3.Habit 1.2.Do first things first Habits 1.3 move a person from dependence to independence .

They are private victories .

Seek first to understand.Think Win/ Win Habit 5. then to be understood Habit 6. Habit4.Now you have character base to work on habits 4.6 .Synergize .5.

Sharpen the saw .Habit 7 is the habit of renewal Habit7.

These seven habits are habits of effectiveness .

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