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Gandhi Quotes

Gandhi Quotes

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Published by: mjthome on Jun 04, 2012
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Times change and systems decay. But it is my faith that, in the result, it is only non-violence and
things that are based on non-violence that will endure. Nineteen hundred years ago Christianity was
born. The ministry of Jesus lasted for only three brief years. His teaching was misunderstood even
during his own time and today Christianity is a denial of his central teaching [: "Love your enemy." But
what are nineteen hundred years for the spread of the central doctrine of a man's teaching?]
Six centuries rolled by and Islam appeared on the scene. Many Musalmans will not even allow me to
say that Islam, as the word implies, it unadulterated peace. My reading of the Koran has convinced
me that the basis of Islam is not violence.
But, here again, thirteen hundred years are but a speck in the cycle of Time. I am convinced that both
these great faiths will life only to the extent that their followers imbibe the central teaching of non-
violence. But it is not a thing to be grasped through mere intellect, it must sink into our hearts.
(H, 12-11-1938, p. 327)

Although non-co-operation is one of the main weapons in the armoury of Satyagraha, it should not be
forgotten that it is after all only a means to secure the co-operation of the opponent consistently with
truth and justice. The essence of non-violent technique is that it seeks to liquidate antagonisms but
not the antagonists themselves. In non-violent fight you have, to a certain measure, to conform to the
tradition and conventions to the system you are pitted against. Avoidance of all relationship with the
opposing power, therefore, can never be a Satyagrahi's object, but transformation or purification of
that relationship. (H, 29-4-1939, p. 101)

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