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Gandhi Quotes

Gandhi Quotes

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I hold it to be an utter delusion to believe that a large number of delegates is in any way a help to the
better conduct of business, or that it safeguards the principle of democracy. Fifteen hundred
delegates, jealous of the interests of the people, broad-minded and truthful, would any day be a better
safeguard for democracy for democracy than six thousand irresponsible men chosen anyhow. To
safeguard democracy the people must have a keen sense of independence, self-respect and their
oneness, and should insist on choosing as their representatives only such persons as are good and
true. (A, p. 369)

True democracy is not inconsistent with a few persons representing the spirit, the hope and the
aspirations of those whom they claim to represent. I hold that democracy cannot be evolved by
forcible methods. The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within.
(BC, 18-9-1934)

The very essence of democracy is that every person represents all the varied interests which
compose the nation. It is true that it does not exclude and should not exclude special representation of
special interests, but such representation is not its test. It is a sign of its imperfection. (H, 22-4-1939,
p. 99)

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In the true democracy of India the unit is the village, …. True democracy cannot be worked by twenty
men sitting at the centre. It has to be worked from below by the people of every village.
(H, 18-1-1948, p. 519)

Surely, timidity has no place in democracy, where people in general believe in and want a particular
thing. Their representatives have but to give shape to their demand and make it feasible. A favorable
mental attitude of the multitude has been found to go a long way in winning battles. (ibid, p. 518)

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