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Gandhi Quotes

Gandhi Quotes

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Published by: mjthome on Jun 04, 2012
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THE CONGRESS will die a natural and deserved death if and when it substitutes reason and when it
substitutes reason and moral influence by GOONDAISM. (H, 18-6-1938, p.149)

All that is wanted is the will to clear the Congress of Augean stables. But if the heads of Congress
committees are indifferent or supine, the corruption cannot be dealt with." If the salt loses its savour,
wherewith shall it be salted?" (H, 22-10-1938, p. 299)

Rome's decline began long before it fell. The Congress, which has been nursed for over fifty years by
the best brains of the country, will not fall at all, if the corruption is handled in time. (H, 28-1-1939, p.

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