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Gandhi Quotes

Gandhi Quotes

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Published by: mjthome on Jun 04, 2012
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I may be a despicable person, but when Truth speaks through me, I am invincible. (EF, p71)

I am devoted to none but Truth and I owe no discipline to anybody but Truth. (H, 25-5-1935, p115)

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I have no God to serve but Truth. (H, 15-4-1939, p87)

I have no strength except what comes from insistence on truth. Non-violence, too, springs from the
same insistence. (H, 7-4-1946, p70)

I am a humble but very earnest seeker after Truth. And in my search, I take all fellow-seekers in
uttermost confidence so that I may know my mistakes and correct them. I confess that I have often
erred in my estimates and judgments… And inasmuch as in every case I retraced my steps, no
permanent harm was done. On the contrary, the fundamental truth of non-violence has been made
infinitely more manifest than it ever has been, and the country has in no way been permanently
injured. (YI, 21-4-1927, p126)

I am a learner myself, I have no axe to grind, and wherever I see a truth, I take it up and try to act up
to it. (YI, 11-8-1927, p250)

I believe that, if in spite of the best of intentions, one is led into committing mistakes, they do not really
result in harm to the world or, for the matter of that, any individual. God always saves the world from
the consequences of unintended errors or men who live in fear of Him.

Those who are likely to be misled by my example would have gone that way all the same even if they
had not known of my action. For, in the final analysis, a man is guided in his conduct by his own inner
promptings, though the example of others might sometimes seem to guide him. But be it as it may, I
know that the world has never had to suffer on account of my errors because they were all due to my
ignorance. It is my firm belief that not one of my known errors was willful. (YI, 3-1-1929, p6)

Indeed, what may appear to be an obvious error to one may appear to another as pure wisdom. He
cannot help himself even if he is under a hallucination. Truly as Tulsidas said: 'Even though there
never is silver in mother o' pearl nor water in the sunbeams, while the illusion of silver in the shinning
shell or that of water in the beam lasts, no power on earth can shake the deluded man free from the
spell.' Even so must it be with men like me who, it may be, are labouring under a great hallucination.
Surely God will pardon them and the world should bear with them. Truth will assert itself in the end.

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Truth never damages a cause that is just. (H, 10-11-1946, p389)

Life is an aspiration. Its mission is to strive after perfection, which is self-realization. The ideal must
not be lowered because of our weaknesses or imperfections. I am painfully conscious of both in me.
The silent cry daily goes out to Truth to help me to remove these weakness and imperfections of
(H, 22-6-1935, p145)

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