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Traduzcanlas ER and IR Practice

Traduzcanlas ER and IR Practice

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Published by: Sarah Kristina on Jun 04, 2012
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¡Traduzcanlas! Translate them!
1. Can I go to the restroom? 2. He believes in ghosts (fantasmas) 3. He comes to school every day 4. I know many people (personas) 5. I know Spanish 6. I learn math every day 7. I make the bed every day 8. I see the school 9. I understand English 10. If (si) you insist 11. My sister and I share a room 12. She drinks soda sometimes 13. She receives a dog 14. She sells coffee 15. They have a lot of homework 16. They lost the game (el partido) 17. They rarely sleep 18. They understand Spanish 19. We eat hamburgers on Fridays 20. We go out on Saturdays 21. We live in Seattle 22. We read every night 23. We should talk 24. Y’all climb mountains every summer 25. Y’all decide to go to the movie theater 26. Y’all prefer to speak English 27. You (formal) write stories (cuentos) once in a while 28. You open the book right now 29. You like to run 30. You want to dance a lot

to drink COMER – to eat COMPARTIR – to share COMPRENDER . double check to see if… a) You conjugated all the endings correctly? b) You changed all of the irregular and boot verbs correctly? c) Your adjective and noun endings match (ex: muchos libros.to leave/go out SUBIR – to climb/go up TENER* (E-IE) – to have VENDER – to sell VENIR* (E-IE) – to come VER* .to believe DEBER .to understand CONOCER* .to know something SALIR* .to do/make INSISTIR – to insist LEER – to read PERDER (E-IE) – to lose PODER (O-UE) – to be able to (“can”) PREFERIR (E-IE) – to prefer QUERER (E-IE) – to want/ love RECIBIR – to receive SABER* .) Verbs you should already know: ABRIR . etc.to see VIVIR – to live * = stuck up verb (irregular in “yo” form) (E-IE) / (O-UE) / (E-I) / (U-UE) = boot verb (stem-changing verb) . rather than mucho libros.Now.to ought to (“should”) DECIDIR – to decide DECIR (E-I) – to say DORMIR (O-UE) – to sleep ENTENDER (E-IE) – to understand ESCRIBIR – to write HACER* .to open APRENDER – to learn BEBER .know a person/place CORRER – to run CREER .

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