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Joshua Venture Group 2010 Wave

Joshua Venture Group 2010 Wave

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Published by: Hyim Brandes on Jun 04, 2012
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Me and Embeddy: Joshua Venture Group IDEA DEVELOPMENT 1.

Please provide a brief, one-paragraph synopsis of your venture. Clearly and succinctly pitch to us the concept behind your venture. Focus your response on results and impact. 500 character limit, about 100 words. Me, CountColon and Sara:

Feb 15, 2010

Feb 14, 2010

The Jewish Online Academy (JOA) can transform the face of Jewish Education. By digitizing the curricula of 5 established Jewish high schools, JOA will expand the range of students served by these schools by including students who necessitate personalized, accommodated curricula and students who have a limited access to conventional campus life. Ultimately, the digitized curricula can be used to lower overall cost of instruction, and make schools more accessible by drastically lowering tuition. 501 characters

4. How will you measure success as your venture develops? Be specific 1500 character limit, about 250 words. Characters remaining: 1500

about the evaluation metrics and/or processes you will incorporate.

Me, CountColon and Sara:

Feb 14, 2010

JOA intends to measure its success on two fronts. On a micro level, student academic achievement will be measured on an ongoing basis. By using computer assisted learning models to match instruction to students' learning styles, we expect to measurably improve individual student achievement. This goal will be measured by weighing students prior work against a combination of computer scored testing, teacher-graded assessments, and standardized tests. On a macro level, our most important goal is to increase access to Jewish education. As a measure we have set a goal to raise Los Angeles’s annual Jewish high school enrollment by 180 students within six years, and increase of 7-8%. We will do this by achiving three objectives: Lower Tuition: We will measure our tuition against that of existing schools. Our budget projects an enrollment cost of $16,250, 39% below the average 2009-2010 tuition for participating schools. Special Needs Inclusion: Our ability to meet the needs of a wide student body will be measured by the number of students applying whose particular needs we are unable to meet, as well as attrition rates for the same reason. We also plan to survey the community to measure the perceived level of unmet need. Geographic Outreach: Currently our participating schools serve students within a radius of approx 1500 square miles. Our goal of expanding geographic access will be measured by indentifying the location of enrolled students. 1470 characters 5. Include a budget narrative below explaining the rationale behind your fundraising and marketing strategies, as well as any other revenues and/or expenses not fully explained in your Milestones Plan.

Me and CountColon: The philosophy behind the budget for the Jewish Online Academy is simple. Spend only what is necessary to create high quality product, while striving toward sustainability as soon as possible. More 75% of our first year’s cash expenses will go directly to creating the highest caliber online courses possible. This investment, while large, is the minimum necessary to begin enrolling students in the fall of 2010. 47% of this first year’s budget will come from grants, and 14% from private donations.

Feb 15, 2010

We will also be relying heavily of our partners, with 39% of our operating budget as in-kind support from our partner schools. This comes, not only in the form of facilities and administrative support, but also by handling most of the recruitment and admissions process. Drawing on their existing recruitment efforts and brand registration. Each campus will identify two students whom they would otherwise be unable to accommodate to enter our program. This saves money and prevents a duplication of efforts, both high values within JOA. Beginning in the fall of 2011, we will take a major step toward self-reliance and sustainability. Even with a pioneer class of only 10 students, (allowing us to test the program and ensure individual attention and support) we expect to collect $162,500 in tuition. By the time the financial support from the Joshua Venture Group ends in 2012, that number will have risen to $487,500. Beginning in the fall of 2013 we will be 100% revenue sustained, having achieved that feat in just four years. 1547 characters

6. The Dual Investment Program provides Fellows with two years of financial support to help start up or scale their ventures. How will your venture sustain itself after the Program has concluded? 1000 character limit, about 200 words. Characters remaining: 1000

Me, CountColon and Sara:

Feb 14, 2010

The Jewish Online Academy is being built with sustainability in mind. Although the initial cost of developing online courses is high, we expect to be fully revenue supported. In our third year, with 30 students, we will collect approximately $487,500.00 in tuition and fees. Because online content delivery is scalable, we expect income to exceed $1.2 million in year four, and reach nearly $3 million by year six. This revenue far exceeds expected costs. Not only do we hope to serve as a model for sustainability and lower cost of instruction for Jewish education across the country, we expect to be able share revenue with our partner schools, allowing them to lower their own tuition rates. Should we fail to attract a sufficient number of students, or if we have failed to accurately project our costs, we will need to adjust our tuition accordingly. Currently our tuition is 39% below the average cost of a Jewish high school education in Los Angeles. 965 characters 7. How are you engaging other institutions, programs, models, and individuals in the advancement of your venture's goals? How do you (intend to) strike a balance between collaborating with and differentiating from others in your venture's field? 1500 character limit, about 300 words. Characters remaining: 1500

Me, CountColon and Sara:

Feb 14, 2010

The academy is, at its core, a collaboration of competitors. It is made up of a consortium of five established high schools in the LA community. The schools are philosophically, religiously and geographically diverse, but not so much so that they do not all regularly compete for students. JOA will provide the participating schools with teacher training, consulting, and the resources necessary digitize their courses allowing them to reach out to new students, including those with special needs. In return, JOA will receive access to the schools' existing curricular resources, course accreditation, access to their brand, and recruitment efforts through their offices of admissions.

I plan to ask the head of each school to sit on JOA's board. Characters remaining: 750 Me.Each school will be relying on the others to provide a portion of the general studies curriculum that is to be offered online. 1000 character limit. CountColon and Sara: Feb 14. To help. I had fired people before. Together. By the time the issue was resolved a couple of months later. and were doing a great job. We had had two strategies to launch the site and grow the network. the company was nearly out of money. We needed a new plan. Should I be able to launch JOA. I fully expect to devote well more than that to making JOA a reality. Laying off employees was the hardest part. Why are you a good fit for the Dual Investment Program? 750 character limit.May 2012. Finally I had an obligation to myself to see my vision through. 1002 characters Sara: Feb 14. We had arrangement with an online advertiser that guaranteed a certain number of sign-ups for a fee. 2010 I am the right person to lead JOA because I have a deep understanding of education in general. so by June. but always for cause. I have taught math. CountColon and Sara: Feb 14. As we grow.net. I took what was left of our marketing budget and spent it on a booth at the GA and an iPod to give away. history and Jewish studies all at the high school level. particularly in the area of Jewish studies. however. Characters remaining: 750 Me. Addressing the issue setback our launch and pushed our development costs over budget. Describe a time when you had to get something done and you did not have enough information or resources to do it. . because as CEO of the company. I'll have an infant as well. I have worked in Jewish Education for more than fifteen years. science. and of Jewish education and educational technology in particular. I also have a wider view of the Jewish organizational world. 1475 characters LEADERSHIP AND EXPERIENCE 8. and am expecting a son to arrive in April. With the mentorship and resources of a cohort I will persevere where I stumbled before. I know how all-consuming a startup venture can be. but lacked the funds to integrate their databases with our system. I had conflicting obligations. thereby transforming the face of Jewish education. giving notice before ending employment and filing the tax documents necessary for investors to declare their losses. hard work. Characters remaining: 750 Me. alongside others with more independent voices. as well as those of JOA might prove difficult at times. a fatal security glitch surfaced. I had an obligation to my employees to keep the business operational. about 150 words. I had an obligation to my family to earn a regular salary. 2010 Why me? I am a social entrepreneur. 2010 9. and organizations would in-turn bring users. As it became clear that the business was no longer viable. The Dual Investment Program requires Fellows to commit full-time (at least 35 hours a week) to their ventures from June 2010 . I have no illusions that it will be easy. 2010 In 2006. I have consulted for and founded Jewish organizations and I know what it means to compete for attention and resources. The plan had some success but in the end. 2010 Having run a successful consulting buisiness. I have started multiple businesses. I hope to reach out to other schools and foster similar collaborations in other geographic areas. As such. lack of sleep. I have a broad understanding of the particular needs of a wide range of courses that would be offered by this venture. The workers at JG were putting their hearts and souls into their work. Balancing the needs of each of the five existing institutions. as well as an unsuccessful Jewish organization. CountColon and Sara: Feb 14. 1000 character limit. Describe a time when you were required to do something that you did not want to do. 2010 The hardest task I have ever faced was winding down the operations of Jewish Geography (JG). Since starting Jewish Geography I have had a daughter. as I was wrapping up development of JewishGeography. all with my values at their core. I had an obligation to my investors to minimize their losses. each school will maintain their separate identities within the academy. I committed myself to communicating with my stakeholders in the most upfront manner possible. CountColon and Sara: Feb 14. administrator and consultant. while keeping the site online with hope future revival. I’ve learned from success and failure. about 200 words. and hiring the right help. At the same time. Signing up users would attract partner organizations. as a teacher. In addition. It will be matter of focus. but the funds were cannibalized by fixing the security bug. about 200 words. 1003 characters 10. How will you balance this commitment with other obligations you either currently or plan to have over the next two years? 750 character limit. about 150 words. Likewise we had organizational partners. I will dedicate my full energies to its success. CountColon and Sara: Feb 14. The biggest challenge will be in managing a work/life balance. Why are you the right person to lead this venture? 750 character limit. I had to let them go for reasons entirely beyond their control. hoping to signup users. we failed to gain the traction we needed. Characters remaining: 1000 Me. Characters remaining: 1000 Me. I expect to create an organization whose mutual benefit far outweighs any competition between those involved. about 150 words. but it was important to do so. 694 characters 12. a social network for Jewish organizations. 736 characters MAKING THE CASE: WHY YOU? WHY JVGROUP? 11. I am a trained computer programmer and web developer. I laughed when I saw 35 hours a week. both at work and at home.

What's more. I have a technology skill set and perspective that will be useful to many of the other venture participants. CountColon and Sara: Feb 14. As tuition prices rise. 753 characters 13. Characters remaining: 750 Me. willing to reflect openly on my successes and failures. height: height"></div> 560 420 Background color: Text color: white black Font face: Font size: Arial 13 And this one right before your </body> tag: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://wave-api. wave. energy.init(document. wave. about 150 words. color. improving instruction and lowering costs. </script> Me and CountColon: Feb 11. 2010 3 characters Tags: Next w ave . the ability of families to pay continues to decline. like the one offered by JOE is necessary to move our community forward. A 21st century solution. How do you see yourself contributing to this collaborative environment? 750 character limit. and depth of experience in building a community of peers.com/public/embed. font.setUIConfig(bgcolor. It will help Jewish schools meet our moral obligation to serve children across the needs spectrum. I am an approachable and humble person and an experienced social entrepenure.loadWave(waveId). Why now? Digitization marks a paradigm shift in education at the same time Jewish education faces a crisis of funding and sustainability. we expect our Fellows to invest their time. Furthermore.getElementById('wave')). having worked and consulted in a wide variety of Jewish organization I have had an opportunity to see how operations of all sizes function.appspot. collaborative member of a Joshua Venture cohort.js"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var wave = new WavePanel(rootUrl). 2010 I will be a candid.Why JOA? JOA has the potential to transform Jewish education. 480 characters Embeddy Options Width: Height: Code Paste this snippet wherever you want the wave to show up: <div id="wave" style="width: width. fontsize). wave. In addition to our investment in Fellows and in their ventures.

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