Colegio Arriaran Barros Departamento de Inglés

Contents of the Year 3rd grade
Teacher: Fabian Oyarzún Rios.

 Materials.

 Contents of the year.
 Diagnosis Contents.  Date for test  Tips  Web sources.  Contact.

Materials to be used in class
 It will be compulsory to have a dictionary in EVERY


 The book to be used this year is: Project 5, Student’s

book third edition by Tom Hutchinson.
 You will need a simple notebook

Jane Eyre .

A Christmas Carol .

Contents of the year  Open word document .

 Question tags.  Should / Might.  Agreeing and disagreeing. .  Used to. enough.Diagnosis Contents  Past simple and past continuous. first conditional . too. Object relative clauses.  Subject relative clauses.  Present perfect.  Subject realative clauses.  Passive voice.  Present perfect vs past simple.

Date of the test .

Tips for a good proficiency in English .

Change the language of your cellphone into English .

Change your e-mail account into English .

Change your facebook profile into English .

Download the lyrics of your favourite song .

Watch your favourite movie with subtitles in English . Grammar On line dictionaries www.Web Sources Phonetics http://www.

com No other means of communication is allowed. and with appropriate vocabulary will be answered. with the name at the bottom.Contact  For further information you may e-mail to fabianmus@gmail.  Only e-mails properly signed. .

Diagnosis contents in detail .

clothes. enough. . too.Past simple and past continuous. used to.