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Product Specification Sheet

Description: "Lansor Soric XF" Aero-Mat is a flexible, honeycomb foam mat used to add structure and thickness to composite laminates. Unlike standard cell honeycomb, it is very flexible and will conform to compound shapes. It is a polyester nonwoven material with a compression resistant hexagonal cell structure. Suited for reinforcing curved laminations where stiffness is needed. The cells don't absorb resin and therefore, limit the total resin uptake.The cells are pressure resistant and create thickness in the laminate even when pressure is applied.
Thickness Thickness loss at 0,8 bar Max, Processing Temp Resin Uptake Dry Weight Density Impregnated Flexural Strength Flexural Modulus Tensile Strength Compression Strength Shear Strength Shear Modulus 2mm <10% 170 C 1.0 kg/m 130 g/m 600 kg/m 8.5 Mpa 1250 Mpa 4 Mpa 10 Mpa 3 Mpa 25 Mpa


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