“Factors Affecting Employee Salary as Determined by Selected Employers of FastFood Chains in Mindanao State University- Commercial Center Marawi

City” College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), Mindanao State University, Marawi City

ABSTRACT The major interest of this study is to determine the factors affecting employee salary as determined by selected employers of fast-food chains in MSU-Commercial Center Marawi City. The study was conducted on 30th day of November 2011. Moreover, the data wre gathered by means of survey through self-constructed questionnaires which were distributed among the respondents. Inscribed on the questionnaires were questions derived from Floriano Roa’s theory on Salary Determination which presented its differect factors namely: labor laws, cost of living, prevailing industry rate, organizational factors, job factors and individual performance. In addition to this, the study also used the descriptive method of research in analyzing and interpreting the data collected via statistical method, particularly frequency and percentage distributions. After the computations, results showed that Job Factors earns the highest total weighted mean of 1.67 whose qualitative equivalent is Always, closely behind are Cost of Living and Organizational Factors with the total of 1.88 (Often) and 2.18 (Often) respectively; then, proceeded by Prevailing Industry Rate with 2.51 (Seldom), Individual Performance with 2.51 (Seldom) and lastly Laws and Regulation with 2.55 (Seldom). The result transparently shows that Job Factors affect the employee salary as determined by the selected employers of fast food chains.


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