Recover Unhide Files in Virus Infected Pendrive Using Command Prompt: Windows XP

By johnmike – April 27, 2011Posted in: Internet, Technology
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Recover Unhide Files in Virus Infected Pendrive Using Command Prompt: Windows XP
Suppose you use a pen-drive/ Flash-drive which is infected by virus. Now a common problem is that we can see that if we have multiple folders or single in pen-drive, its just deleted. Is Virus delete the folder ?? The Ans is : NO. In my experience i see that: Maximum time virus just hidden the folder so that we can’t see the folders. Now a common question that : How can i retrieve or recover the folder in normal mode ?

Suppose your pen-drive name is pendrive, and its has several folders. But when you put on your computer is just blank , but if you see the properties of that drive then you can see that its use some storage. It means that most probably they are in the pen-drive. Ok, we can see a snapshot . 1. My USB drive name is pen-drive. It has 5 folders named:
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2. . but it takes some storage. But if it is virus infected and if the virus just make it hidden then its show nothing in the drive.

. How can we see the hidden folders ? Go to : Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Check the button: ” Show hidden files and folders ” and also UN-Check the button: ” Hide Protected Operating System files (Recommended) ” Then if we can open the pen-drive.3. then we can see the hidden folders of the pendrive.

then if you type ” dir “.B: -s . .* all of them are seperated by space] This command automatically unhide all of the folders. now simply type : attrib -s -h /s /d *. So just type I: in the command prompt. Now how can we make it normal (unhidden) ? Actually i use windows command prompt to recover the files. -h . /s. *.4. Go To: Start -> Run -> type “cmd”-> press Enter Go to the pendrive directory by the command prompt: like my pendrive is in the I:/ directory.command then its show nothing because all of the folders are hidden.* [N. /d .

You can un-hide indivisual folder by command: attrib -s -h -r “folder name” for my pendrive folders:   I:\>attrib -s -h -r “available jobs” I:\>attrib -s -h -r education .You can see all of the folders in your pen-drive. Now type “dir” and its show that all of the files are alive.

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