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InFocus LiteShow III Datasheet En

InFocus LiteShow III Datasheet En

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Published by: Vidya Dharma on Jun 05, 2012
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Wirelessly connect with any display

Flexible and Secure – Easy Setup Seamless High Resolution Video

This produces fast and clean reproductions of video and audio even at high resolutions and from older computers with less processing power. Multiple security levels let you control whether users have full network access. you can present wirelessly and create a new network access point Fast and Convenient Wireless Connection High speed and long range The latest 802. video and audio  On-board video decoding displays HD video seamlessly  Creates a secure wireless network access point Quick connection Visitors who want to connect to LiteShow III can simply insert the LiteShow USB drive and start presenting.Wirelessly connect. LiteShow III is compatible with the latest operating systems. Seamless video LiteShow III has on-board video decoding. Why choose LiteShow III?  Turn any display with a VGA input into a wireless and/or networked display  Connect and display multiple computers with Moderator and QuadView collaboration tools  802. secure wireless access point. Connect LiteShow III to your network to create a new. They don’t need special admin rights or to install any software. Mac. including Windows 7. and video over a secure wireless connection. LiteShow III with USB drive . project and collaborate Add the InFocus LiteShow III™ wireless adapter to any projector or other display to quickly and easily share data. and Windows Mobile and transmits at speeds up to 150 Mbps.11n wireless technology gives LiteShow III a fast transfer speed of 150 Mbps and has a reach of up to 300 feet (91 m).11n for ultra-fast transmission of data. Internet access only. The Moderator and QuadView features allow multiple computers to connect to the display at the same time and let you control which computer (or computers) is displayed. or neither (present only). iPhone. audio. LiteShow III makes it easy to collaborate. which means it does the heavy lifting instead of the computer. With this simple connection.

etc. and company network). collaboration and classroom projects. Effortlessly switch presenters for seamless business collaboration. when configured for network presentation. allow Internet access (display and get to the Internet) or allow all (display. Teachers can wirelessly connect their students’ laptops and choose which student can display their work. Stay connected to your corporate network (email. It complies with the latest security protocols. Internet. which allows any wireless-enabled computer or PDA to connect. The Gatekeeper function can be set up to block all (display only). Connect only to the display Network Access Point Stay connected to your network and present wirelessly Projection Data Connect to the projector through the network Network Data Wired Wireless . and/or access corporate network resources or just the Internet. present.) when you want to present – simply connect to LiteShow III like a printer and start presenting. Click the computer you want to display Flexible and Secure Configurable to fit your organization LiteShow III is flexible enough to be used for wireless display only or configured to fit into the most complex and secure network infrastructure. Secondarily. shared folders.Tools for Collaboration Control the display of multiple computers The powerful Moderator feature allows a room full of computers to connect to a display and gives a “moderator” (via a web page) the ability to select which screen is displayed. guests can still use the wireless/access point functions to present and access the Internet while keeping your network assets private. Four displays in one Main Network (Optional) The QuadView function allows you to display up to four connected computers at the same time – ideal for web meetings. including WPA2-PSK. Multiple security levels LiteShow III maintains your security standards while giving multiple options for network and internet access. Main Network (Optional) Projection Data Wireless Network Data Wired Present through your network Choose which computer to display from a simple web page Multiple computers can connect to the display There’s no need to switch wireless networks to present. Wireless presentation with access point LiteShow III can work as a network access point.

8 mm Software System Requirements LiteShow Manager Microsoft Windows (Win 7 32/64 bit.infocus. WUXGA (1920 × 1200). WMV 9.25 in 133. XP Service Pack 2 or higher. UXGA (1600 × 1200). RJ-45 (10Base-TX). Vista 32/64 bit). WXGA (1280 × 768. www. iPod Touch Wireless: Up to 150 Mbps Windows (Win 7 32/64 bit.7 mm ©2010 InFocus Corporation. 1280 × 800) SVGA (800 × 600).com/Accessories. MP3. Xvid.11 b/g/n (2 dipole antenna). 1600 × 1024). All rights reserved. MPEG4. MPEG2.11 b/g/n with MIMO MPEG1. SXGA (1280 × 1024). Part Number: MMINFOCUS-0204. iPhone.com . InFocus and InFocus Bright Ideas Made Brilliant are either trademarks or registered trademarks of InFocus Corporation in the United States and other countries.5 G or higher Office 2003 or 2007 MobiShow Presentation to Go (PtG) Converter 5. 3.4 and higher Pentium 1.5 and higher. NOM (Mexico).aspx Wi-Fi Compliant Video/Audio Decoding Approvals Security Display Compatibility 1.infocus. WSXGA (1440 × 900. All trademarks are used with permission or are for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective companies. C-Tick (Australia/NZ).5 G 256 MB RAM Windows Mobile 5.Specifications* liteshow iii Connectivity Wireless Range Data Rate Output Support Supported PC/ Laptop Resolution 802. Vista 32/64 bit) Pentium 1. Specifications are subject to change without further notice. VGA.5 mm audio out Up to 300 ft/91 m Wireless: Up to 150 Mbps LAN: 10/100 XGA (1024 × 768). IEC (Canada) IEEE Standard 64/128 bit WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK Compatible with any display with a VGA input connection Accessories Included: USB drive Power supply with regional adapters Power to projector cable Optional: LiteShow Mount (INLITESHOW-MOUNT)  Mount to hang LiteShow from the projector’s universal ceiling mount (SP-CEIL-UNIV) For more information. XP Service Pack 2. Mac 10. InFocus_LiteShowIII_DS_EN_08OCT10. QXGA (2048 × 1536) 802. WXGA (1280 × 768. visit: www.25 in 31. 1280 × 800). DivX®3/4/5. WMA FCC (USA).5 in 139.4 mm 5. CE (Europe). XGA (1024 × 768).

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