The project is an extensive report on how the Airtel Company markets its strategies and how the company has been able in tackling the present tough competition and how it is cooping up by the allegations of the quality of its products. The report begins with the history of the products and the introduction of the Airtel Company. This report also contains the basic marketing strategies that are used by the Airtel Company of manufacturing process, technology, production, policy, advertising, collaboration, export scenario, future prospect and government policies. The report includes some of the key salient features of market trend issues. In today’s world of cutthroat fierce competition, it is very essential to not only exist but also to excel in the market. Today’s market is enormously more complex. Hence forth, to survive in the market, the company not only needs to maximize its profit but also needs to satisfy its customers and should try to build upon from there.


1. To identify the difference in market performance of Airtel industry. 2. To study the market of Airtel Industry in big scale sector. 3.To compare various parameters of manufacturing, Technology’ advertising, collaboration, future prospect and government policies. 4. To know the sales and distribution of Airtel. It's a well known fact that no business can exist without customers. In the business of Website design, it's important to work closely with your customers to make sure the site or system you create for them is as close to their requirements as you can manage. Because it's critical that you form a close working relationship with your client, customer service is of vital importance. What follows are a selection of tips that will make your clients feel valued, wanted and loved


The research approach for this study was conclusive research. Conclusive researches are designed to help executives to choose among various possible alternatives to make a viable business decision. Further this research was of descriptive type, which is an offshoot of conclusive research. The problem for this research was non-operating in nature The data both primary and secondary data, the source was one hundred respondents for primary data. For the proper analysis of data simple statistical techniques such as percentage were use. It helped in making more accurate generalization from the data available. SAMPLE SIZE The method used for sample technique was random sampling method. This method was used because it was not know previously as to whether a particular person will be asked to fill the questionnaire. SIZE OF SAMPLE: The population of the sample would be 150 respondents. DATA COLLECTION: Source of Data for this project primary & secondary only . In reference to the theoretical concept as well as for information are collected through secondary sources from paper published material i.e. newspaper, journal and magazine & from printed electronic media i.e. internet websites. The primary data was collected through questionnaire filled from the respondents.


To know the response. I have used the questionnaire method in sample survey. If one wishes to find what people think or know, the logical procedure is to ask them. This has led marketing researchers to use the questionnaire technique for collecting data more than any other method. In this method questionnaire were distributed to the respondents and they were asked to answer questions in the questionnaire. The questionnaires were structured non-disguised questionnaire because the questions, which the questionnaire contained, were arranged in a specific order besides every question asked were logical for the study, no question can be termed as irrelevant. The questionnaire, were nondisguised because the questionnaire were constructed so that the objective is clear to the respondent. The respondents were aware of the objective. They knew why they were asked to fill the questionnaire.

Objective of Research
The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific procedures. The main aim of research is to find out the truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet. The survey was carried out with the help of a structured questionnaire, which helps in accomplishing the research objectives. The respondents by means of personal interview administer this structured ended questionnaire. Though each research study has its own specific purpose, we may think of research objective as falling into a number of following broad groupings:   To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insight into it. To test a hypothesis of a causal relationship between variables.



Organization Airtel

Project undertaken to survey on customer satisfaction on Airtel services

Collection of Data from




Data of Bhopal is compiled with the help of flowcharts and tables.

Report is made after compilation of data


The concept and the theories of these behavioural sciences are also proved to be relevant to market researcher. The research technique used by psychology and they have amply used sociologists being of considerable relevance to marketing researchers. Sample size: the number of samples collected for the research is 150 customers. 1. SAMPLE DESIGN: Population: Population for this research is set of customers those who are using the services of airtel in Hyderabad city. which is selected according to the easy and convenience of the researchers. 6|Page . Sampling procedure/Sampling method: the sampling method used for this study is non –profitability convenience sampling. Sciences such a psychology and sociology in fact the contribution of these science to marketing research have been very significant especially with regard to two aspect. 2.RESEARCH DESIGN Marketing research is often concerned with the behaviors of the consumer in the respect marketing research have drawn heavily on the behavioral.

Primary data was collected using the following techniques  Questionnaire Method  Direct Interview Method  Observation Method The main tool used was. internet. the questionnaire method. Lastly observation method has been continuous with the questionnaire method. Who are using GSM technology.  Finally the collected data and information was analyzed and sCompiled to arrive at the conclusion and recommendations given.  Some dealers were also interviewed to know their prospective. Further direct interview method.  To these 100 people a questionnaire was given.PROCEDURE OF RESEARCH Achieving accuracy in any research requires in depth study regarding the subject. the questionnaire Was a combination of both open ended and closed ended questions. 7|Page .  The date during which questionnaires were filled.  Target geographic area. as one continuously observes the surrounding environment he works in and the secondary data is collected through newspapers. Procedure of research methodology  To conduct this research the target population was the mobile users. Sample size of 100 was taken. As the prime objective of the project is to compare Airtel with the existing competitors in the market and the impact of WLL on Airtel. where a face-to-face formal interview was taken. the research methodology adopted is basically based on primary data via which the most recent and accurate piece of first hand information could be collected. Secondary data has been used to support primary data wherever needed.

As a result. In India. it was stipulated that no firm can win in more than one metro. the old fixed-licensing regime was to be replaced by a revenue sharing scheme whereby between 812 percent of cellular revenue were to be paid to the government. while West Bengal and Assam had only one bidder each. and the president officially announced the TRAI ordinance on 25 January 1997. The circles are further classified under "A.CHAPTER 1 1. 8|Page . by 1999 many operators failed to pay their license fees and were in danger of having their licenses withdrawn. which roughly correspond to the states in India. In March 1999. these functions were the sole responsibility of the DOT. The first cellular service was provided by. diverting funds away from network development and enhancements. Modi Telstra in Kolkata in August 1995. The regulatory body at that time — the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) — allocated two cellular licenses for each metro and circle. Chennai and Kolkata) and 20 circles." "B" and "C. The circles of Jammu and Kashmir and Andaman and Nicobar had no bidders. High license fees and excessive bids for the cellular licenses put tremendous financial burden on the operators." with the "A" circle being the most attractive and "C" being the least attractive. Under this new policy. Key to achieving these goals was a world-class telecom infrastructure. the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha. Thirty-four licenses for GSM900 cellular services were auctioned to 22 firms in 1995. Prior to the creation of TRAI. the telecom service areas are divided into four metros (New Delhi. a new telecom policy was put in place (New Telecom Policy [NTP] 1999). Mumbai. For the auction.1 INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN TELECOM INDUSTRY In the early 1990s. The government decided to setup TRAI to separate regulatory functions from policy formulation. licensing and telecom operations. three circles or both. In 1996. the Indian government adopted a new economic policy aimed at improving India's competitiveness in the global markets and the rapid growth of exports.

387  CMD: Sunil Bharti Mittal  Market Share: 26%  Connectivity: Provides best connectivity with submarine cable landing station at Chennai.Bharti TeleVentures earned a gross profit of Rs. As part of its continuing expansion. Airtel commands nearly 20% share of the market making it the number one brand in the country.71. The Enterprise services group has two sub-units .597  GSM: 3.065 billion in creating a new telecom infrastructure.210  Broad Band & Telephone: 1. 9|Page .2 COMPANY PROFILE  The Company: Bharti Airtel Ltd. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (Sub's) . 90. As the pioneer and frontrunner.mobile services.41. 50 billion. 1.1. The mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles. In 2003/04.1. 12. Airtel's world class service and innovative products have enabled it to establish this position of leadership.87. Airtel has invested over Rs.  Formally Known as Bharti Televentures Limited  The Customers: 3. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. 16 billion on revenues of Rs. Airtel has been instrumental in leading and ushering in the mobile revolution in India.carriers (long distance services) and services to corporate. . while the B&T business group provides broadband & telephone services in 94 cities. broadband & telephone services (B&T) & enterprise services.

Kolkata.1.3 HISTORY OF BHARTHI AIRTEL Vision "As we spread wings to expand our capabilities and explore new horizons. first private basic telephone service provider in the country. Punjab. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone instruments. Madhya Pradesh circle. Maharashtra circle. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh (West) circle.Chennai. The Company is also implementing a submarine cable project connecting Chennai-Singapore for providing international bandwidth. it also has fixed-line operations in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Bharti Enterprises also manufactures and exports telephone terminals and cordless phones. Bharti Tele-Ventures' strategic objective is “to capitalise on the growth opportunities that the Company believes are available in the Indian 10 | P a g e . With many firsts and innovations to its credit. the fundamental focus remains unchanged: seek out the best technology in the world and put it at the service of our ultimate user: our customer. it is also the first telecom company to export its products to the USA. Delhi. first Indian company to provide comprehensive telecom services outside India in Seychelles and first private sector service provider to launch National Long Distance Services in India. Mumbai. Established in 1985.21 million total customers– nearly 2. Delhi. Bharti had approximately 3. Gujarat. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and nationwide broadband and long distance networks.” Bharti Enterprises has been at the forefront of technology and has revolutionized telecommunications with its world-class products and services. In addition.88 million mobile and 334. HimachalPradesh. Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector. ranging from being the first mobile service in Delhi.000 fixed line customers. Haryana. Karnataka. Kerala. Its services sector businesses include mobile operations in AndhraPradesh. Haryana. Bharti has recently launched national long distance services by offering data transmission services and voice transmission services for calls originating and terminating on most of India's mobile networks.

telecommunications market and consolidate its position to be the leading integrated telecommunications services provider in key markets in India. with a focus on providing mobile services”. 11 | P a g e . and Emphasize on human resource development to achieve operational efficiencies.  Offer multiple telecommunications services to provide customers with a "one-stop shop" solution.  Focus on satisfying and retaining customers by ensuring high level of customer satisfaction.  Leverage strengths of its strategic and financial partners. Internet services and network solutions Competitive Strengths Bharti Tele-Ventures believes that the following elements will contribute to the Company's success as an integrated telecommunication services provider in India and will provide the Company with a solid foundation to execute its business strategy:  Nationwide Footprint .  Capture maximum telecommunications revenue potential with minimum geographical coverage. Businesses Bharti Tele-Ventures current businesses include  Mobile services  Fixed-line  National and international long distance services  VSAT. The Company has developed the following strategies to achieve its strategic objective:  Focus on maximizing revenues and margins.approximately 92% of India's total mobile subscribers resided in the Company's fifteen mobile circles. These 15 circles collectively accounted for approximately 56% of India's land mass.  Position itself to tap data transmission opportunities and offer advanced mobile data services.

cellular telephony wasn’t a mass market by any means. owning a cellular phone was expensive as tariff rates (at Rs 8 a minute) as well as instrument prices were steep — sometimes as much as buying a second-hand car. let’s first look at the brand building exercise associated with AirTel — a brand that had to be repositioned recently to address new needs in the market. International Finance Corporation. Touchtel .The brand earmarked for basic service operations. India One . Focus on telecommunications to enable the Company to better anticipate industry trends and capitalize on new telecommunicationsrelated business opportunities.  Build sub-brands within each of these services and Use Bharti as the mother brand providing the group its corporate identity as well as defining its goal to become a national builder of telecoms infrastructure. Asian Infrastructure Fund Group and New York Life Insurance. Warburg Pincus.The brand for national long distance (NLD) telephony Though the costs of creating new brands are heavy but the group wants to create “distinct independent brands to address different customers and profiles”. When the brand was launched seven years ago.  The strong brand name recognition and a reputation for offering high quality service to its customers. AirTel . For the average consumer.The flagship brand for cellular operations all across the country.  Quality management team with vision and proven execution skills. Brand Strategy: To understand the brand strategy. Brand Architecture: Bharti is working on a complex three-layered branding Architecture to:  Create specific brands for each service. and The Company's strong relationships with international strategic and financial investors such as SingTel. 12 | P a g e .

Bharti was already the leading cellular subscriber in Delhi with a base of 3. it became necessary for AirTel to appeal to a wider audience. In simple terms.” he explains. Once you reached them you had to expand the market so there was need to address to new customers. So the AirTel “leadership series” campaign was launched showing successful men with their laptops and in their deluxe cars using the mobile phone. But Sachdev says that such a strategy would not have worked for the simple reason that the value from using the phone at the time was not commensurate with the cost. As tariffs started dropping.2 million customers). efficient but also human. Did it work? Repeated surveys following the launch showed that there were three core benefits that were clearly associated with the brand leadership. By that time. Sachdev and his team realized that in a business in which customer relationships were the core this could be a major weakness. we decided to address the sensory benefit it gave to the customer as the main selling tack. for customers who stood out in a crowd. it had now become important for Bharti to “humanize” AirTel and use that relationship as a major Differentiation. The reason With tariffs identical to competitor Essar and roughly the same level of service and schemes. And the various brand-tracking exercises showed that despite all these good things. there was no emotional dimension to the brand — it was perceived as cold. These were valuable qualities. And with tariffs becoming more affordable — as cell companies started cutting prices — 13 | P a g e . it meant AirTel was positioned as an asp rational brand that was meant for leaders. A change in tack was important because this was a time when the cellular market was changing . dynamism and performance.Bharti could have addressed the customer by rationally explaining to him the economic advantage of using a mobile phone. but they only took AirTel far enough to establish its presence in the market. The brand had become something like Lufthansa — cold and efficient .What they needed was to become Singapore Airlines. “Instead of the value-proposition model. The idea was to become a badge value brand.The leadership series was okay when you were wooing the crème deli crème of society.77 lakh (it now has 1. distant and efficient.

existing customers were an important tool for market expansion and Bharti now focused on Building closer relationships with them. Bharti has also understood that one common brand for all cellular operations might not always work in urban markets that are now getting increasingly saturated. there was nothing for younger people. a brand aimed at the youth in the 14 to 19 age bracket and for those who are “young at heart”. the company decided that it needed to segment the market. AirTel hoped to reverse that. a survey showed that 50 per cent of the new customers choose a mobile phone brand mostly through word-of-mouth endorsements from friends. again. Leadership did not mean directing subordinates to execute orders but to work along with a team to achieve common objectives — it was. In order to deliver the concept. This set of campaigns portrayed mobile users surrounded by caring family members. Right now. and a new exercise is being launched to this effect. How could Bharti leverage this leadership position down the value chain? Surveys showed that the concept of leadership in the customer’s minds was also changing.it was time to expand the market. With its earlier positioning. It also set up merchandising exercises around the scheme like a special portal for young people to buy Things or bid for goods. the focus is on positioning AirTel as a power brand with numerous regional sub-brands reflecting customer needs in various parts of the country. AirTel was perceived as a brand for the well-heeled older customer. The company is now looking at offering other services at affordable prices to this segment which include music downloads on the mobile and 14 | P a g e . To bring in new customers. AirTel offered rock bottom tariff rates (25 paise for 30 seconds) at night to Youtopia customers a time when they make the maximum number of calls. family or colleagues. That is precisely what the brand tried to achieve through its new positioning under the AirTel “Touch Tomorrow” brand campaign. With Youtopia. launched last year. the company is unwilling to discuss the new positioning in detail. If AirTel is becoming more humane and more sensitive as a brand. Also. is Youtopia. One such experiment. a relationship game that needed to be reflected in the AirTel brand.” As it looks to expand its cellular services nationwide —to eight new circles apart from the seven in which it already operates — Bharti is now realizing that there are new compulsions to rework the AirTel brand. Thus. But broadly. Says Sachdev: “The new campaign and positioning was designed to highlight the relationship angle and make the brand softer and more sensitive.

 To make the service simpler for customers using roaming facilities.  To assist customer care personnel to deal with subscriber queries. accessible and. Other Brand Building Initiatives:The main idea is to stay ahead of competition for at least six months. The brand was created to offer mobile users Internet-interface services or what is known as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). customers moving from one place to another do not have to close and then again open new accounts at another place. you need the two services to tango to offer customers a new choice”. had less to do with the branding exercise as with inefficiency of service (accusingly slow download speeds) and the limited utility of WAP services.bundling SMS rates with normal calls to make it cheaper for young People to use. most importantly. Subsequently. 15 | P a g e . “The name was chosen from the popular movie title It Takes Two to Tango: basically. Airtel has devised common numbers for subscribers across the country for services like customer care. says Sachdev.000 frequently asked questions and their answers have been stored on the computers. the ads were withdrawn. however. of course. Working on the above game plan Bharti is constantly coming up with newer product offerings for the customers. The focus. a storehouse of 40. The Magic: Perhaps the more ambitious experiment has been with Magic the prepaid card. The idea was to bring Internet and mobile in perfect harmony. but the company reiterated that the branding exercise could be revived because Tango will be the Brand to offer GPRS services or permanent Internet connectivity on the mobile phone which AirTel is expected to launch soon. This. food services and cinema amongst others. The idea was to make the brand affordable. is to offer better quality of service.  It will also launch a unified billing system across circles so. The other experiment that Bharti has worked on is to go in for product segmentation through the Tango brand name. feasible as a means of expanding the market even faster.

 Another key area which Bharti is concentrating its attention upon is a new roaming service launched in Delhi under which calls of a roaming subscriber who is visiting the city will be routed directly to his mobile instead of travelling via his home network.  Bharti. A key area is to increase the number of activation centres. for the first time for a cellular operator. the company is also working on a loyalty program. Earlier Bharti had 250. Now activation can be done by all of them. In comparison. The cost per picture is between Rs 5 to Rs 7. the competition takes two to four hours. they must be given valueadded products and services which competitors don’t provide.  The company also offers multi-media messaging systems under which customers having a specialized phone with a in-built camera can take pictures and e-mail it to friends or store it in the phone. it will provide real benefits to customers. Bharti expects that most of its new customers (one estimate is that it would be 60 to 70 per cent of the total new subscriber base) would come from the pre-paid card segment.  Airtel Connect stores which were exclusive outlets (for its services) and about 250 Airtel Points which were kiosks in larger shops. all within 15 to 20 minutes.  To ensure that customers don’t migrate to other competing services (which is known as churn and ranges from 10 to 15 percent of the customer base every month).  The loyalty program will not be only for a ‘badge value’.  Bharti is also aware that it has to make owning a ready-to-use cellular service much easier than it is today. So. and not only by Connect outlets. The idea is to create an Airtel community. This will offer subscribers tangible cash benefits depending upon their usage of the phone. 16 | P a g e . but the facility would be limited to the region in which they buy the card. has decided to offer roaming services even to its pre-paid customers.

 Pre. customers can also call Care Touch for bill payments at free of cost. Customers can dial 777 and enjoy a slew of services. providing them with instant. one Need not pay security deposits for picking up a pre-paid card. service on priority basis. to reach its Magic pre-paid cards to subscribers' doorsteps. Unlike post-paid. First. The company is also joining hands with local grocery shops which will enable users to recharge their cards by just making a phone call to the shop.paid cards are really catching up with the mobile phone users and it is actually helping the market to increase.  Bharti is in the process of launching a new system in alliance with Mumbai. and value-added services without any additional paper work.  Bharti Cellular has also launched a special service. 17 | P a g e .Dedicated ‘Care Touch’ executives are expected to assist customers with any service on priority basis. As befits a fast-moving consumer service. They are leveraging technology to expand their distribution network and deliver round-the-clock recharge options to its MOTS (Mobile on the Spot) subscribers. they are easier to obtain and convenient to use. mobile operators are beefing up their distribution channels. The company is constantly innovating to enhance the value proposition for its pre-paid service.' a company delivering food at home. corporate customers.based company Venture InfoTech which will enable a pre-paid card user to renew his subscription by just swiping a card.  Bharti Televentures has tied up with 'Waiter on wheels. It is often available even with paanwalas. Besides the regular proactive reminder calls for bill payment. Bharti is focusing on two factors to make pre-paid cards more attractive. the game is now moving beyond price to expanding distribution reach and servicing a well-spread-out clientele with technology and strategic alliances. Care Touch. The system will not only save users the hassle of going out and buying a card every time it expires but also enable mobile companies to reduce the cost of printing and distributing cards. which includes easier payment of bills. Keeping the entry cost low for consumers and making recharging more convenience.  Apart from improving the convenience of recharging. single-point access for any assistance they require. for highvalue.

production. This is not to say that advertising and promotion are less relevant. anticipating redefined or emerging customer needs. Customizing the product (and communication of its benefit) to meet the specific needs of various consumer/customer sub-segments is the third element in creating brand appreciation. becoming more individualistic in their needs and far more demanding with the passage of time. with more choices and higher media clutter. On the contrary. too many companies mistakenly allocate a disproportionate amount on mere advertising and promotion. 1. businesses need to budget for an increasingly higher spend on their brand promotion but this has to be undertaken in tandem with enterprise-wide “reengineering” of the business philosophy and core design. at the same time. The positive spin to this argument is that by first addressing the fundamentals. As far as allocation of time and financial resources are concerned. Both brands joined hands to target the high growth youth segment. Unflinching orientation to customer needs is the second key success factor. This can be the beginning of a virtuous cycle wherein brand equity continues to increase as the enterprise sustains delivery of an appropriate product or service at an ever increasing value. the enterprise itself becomes more competitive. 18 | P a g e . and then reacting in “real-time “are essential to attract and retain customer loyalty a key element of creating brand equity in the present situation. AirTel presented MTV Inbox. Customers (be it for industrial products or consumer goods and services) across the world are more informed and.  Highly interactive VJ based show with real-time feedback mechanism. brand building efforts in today’s context have to be seen in a more holistic manner. Delivering value on a sustained basis is perhaps the most potent key to build a brand that lasts.4 Bharti’s View on its Branding strategy:First. and delivery operations for the product itself. the first ‘on-air’ SMS based interactive music dedication show exclusively for AirTel and AirTel Magic customers. Pro-active tracking of shifts in consumer behaviour.

00. however. “We are delighted to have achieved this major landmark. accelerates towards the 100 million customer mark  Rapidly expands network. Mr.It is. Bharti Airtel said. The 50 million customer base covers mobile as well as broadband & telephone customers. Joint Managing Director. which puts Bharti Airtel amongst the top telecom companies in the world.” Bharti Airtel crossed the 10 million customer mark in November 2004. it crossed the 25 million customer mark. moves towards top 5 global mobile companies  Adds last 25 Million in just 14 months. Akhil Gupta.000 villages – covering over 95% of the population. to roll out across all census towns and over  5. In July last year. Commenting on this major global landmark. Going forward. crucial to note that in the years to come. Becomes the fastest private telecom company in the world to achieve this milestone  Enters into the league of the world’s top telecom companies. not only will the cost of building a regional or a national (or an international) brand will continue to rise but also the time taken to do so will be longer and will need sustained and focused efforts. This milestone highlights the emergence of India as one of the top telecom markets in the world and we are proud to have been at the forefront of this growth. we believe this growth momentum will remain intact and we are gearing towards the 100 million customers mark. The company added 19 | P a g e . It underlines the strength of our unique business model and our vision to provide affordable services like lifetime prepaid to customers across the length and breadth of the country. I would like to thank our partners for having shared our vision. Bharti Airtel has achieved the distinction of becoming the fastest private telecom company in world to achieve this landmark in a single country within 143 months of start of operations.

The company has two International landing stations in Chennai that connects two submarine cables Systems .000 villages across India by 2010. President & CEO. In the Enterprise business. Bharti Airtel plans to make considerable investments in Network expansion to establish presence in all census towns and over 500. we are committed to expanding our telecom networks wider and deeper across the country and partner India’s growth story. Bharti Airtel will initiate large-scale deployments of broadband network infrastructure in 94 towns. It is a tribute to our commitment to provide best-in-class services to our customers and lead the market with exciting innovations. with a sharp focus on the home and SME segments. “This is a very proud moment for us and I would like to thank our 50 million customers for believing in Airtel. thereby covering 95% of the country’s total population. In Broadband & Telephone SBU. Bharti Airtel will invest substantially in the long distance business to achieve the scale of a global carrier within next 2years. It is also strengthening the corporate business towards becoming a preferred managed services partner for the top 2000 corporations. We are committed to create a world-class organization and benchmark it with the best in the world.” In the mobile business. The company is operating national DTH operations in the name of DIGITAL TV. Mr. 20 | P a g e . ManojKohli.the next 25 million customers in just 14 months. The company’s strategic focus will be on further strengthening the Airtel brand through best-in-class customer service. This is amongst the fastest rate of customer additions by any telecom company in the world. which is backed by wide national distribution. As the market gets ready for the next wave of growth.i2i to Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe. It is readying to offer triple play to its customers with the launch of its IPTV service. Bharti Airtel added.


 The fast-expanding IPLC market. other than VSNL.  The only Indian operator.2.  Latest technology and low cost advantage. that has an international submarine cable. WEAKNEES  Price Competition from BSNL and MTNL  Untapped Rural market  Competition from other cellular and mobile operaters.  Saturation point in Basic telephony service OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 22 | P a g e .  Huge market.  Pan-India footprint.  Leadership in fast growing cellular segment.2 SWOT ANALYSIS OF BHARATI AIRTEL STRENGTHS  Very focused on telecom.

2006.  LEADERSHIP IN FAST GROWING CELLULAR SEGMENT Airtel is holding leadership position in cellular market. to connect to the outside world. delivering them an option besides the incumbent carrier.. while the B&T business group provides broadband & telephone services in 92 cities. around 93% of the total revenue comes from telecom(Total telecom revenue Rs 3. This has brought a huge value to the IPLC customers. The mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles.326).239. Letting you roam anywhere in India with its Pan-India presence. consisting of 25. and trot across the globe with International Roaming spread in over 240 networks.071 broadband & telephone customers. Bharti Airtel is one of India's leading private sector providers of telecommunications services based on an aggregate of 27.686 GSM mobile and 1. 23 | P a g e . the monopoly breaker shattered the Telecom monopoly in the International Long Distance space with the launch of International Submarine cable Network i2i jointly with Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. in the year 2002. Airtel.  PAN INDIA FOOTPRINT Airtel offers the most expansive roaming network.757 customers as on August 31.STRENGTH  VERY FOCUSED ON TELECOM Bharti Airtel is largely focused on the telecom.591.  THE ONLY OPERATOR IN INDIA OTHER THAN VSNL HAVING INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINE CABLES.648.

as it needs only to augment its cellular switch/equipment capacity and increase the number of base stations. video conferencing. unlike other private cellular operators who started their service more than 4-5 years back and low capital cost due to advantages of large scale buying of cellular switch/equipment. 24 | P a g e . Airtel is tough competition from the operators like BSNL nd MTNL as these two operators are offering services at a low rate. OPPORTUNITIES  THE FAST EXTENDING IPLC MARKET An IPLC (international private le aced circuit) is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world. An IPLC can be used for Internet access. Besides such cost advantages. add wavelengths and convert the STM64 output to STM-1 data streams respectively. Each Landing Station has Power Feeding Equipment. The Landing Station in Singapore is managed by SingTel and by Airtel in Chennai (India). Airtel Enterprise Services and SingTel jointly provide IPLCs on the Network i2i. towns and villages it has covered already works to its advantage as putting more base stations for cellular coverage in these areas comes with negligible marginal cost. business data exchange. it has also other cost advantages for the latest cellular technology. The number of cities. Submarine Line Terminating Equipment and SDH system to power the cable. Although Airtel have strong Presence throughout the country but still they are far away from the Indian rural part and generally this part is covered by BSNL so indirectly Airtel is loosing revenue from the rural sector.  LATEST TECHNOLOGY AND LOW COST ADVANTAGE The costs of introducing cellular services for Airtel are marginal in nature.  Untapped Rural market. it has dual advantage of latest technology with modern features. As a late entrant into the cellular market.WEAKNESS  Price Competition from BSNL and MTNL. and any other form of telecommunication.

The launch of WLL services by Reliance Infocomm has aggravated the situation. HUGE MARKET The cellular telephony market is presently expanding at a phenomenal / whopping rate every year and there is still vast scope for Airtel to enter /expand in this market. It needs to be proactive with attractive packaging. pricing and marketing policies lest its presence in the market be treated with disdain by the private cellular companies. If BSNL is not innovative and agile.  MARKET MATURITY IN BASIC TELEPHONY SEGMENT Although Airtel entered in the basic telephony market it’s a biggest there for the company as the basic telephony market has reached. its cellular service will be a flop. It needs to be proactive with attractive packaging. THREATS  COMPETITION FROM OTHER CELLULAR It is time for BSNL to improve/expand its cellular services. 25 | P a g e . pricing and marketing policies lest its presence in the market be treated with disdain by the private cellular companies. Besides there is a vast rural segment where the cellular services have not made much headway and many customers are looking towards Airtel for providing the service to them.‘the consumer’. With its wide and extensive presence even in the remotest areas. whose benefits are increasing with passing of everyday. trying to grab most of the ‘mind share’ of the ‘king’ . Fierce and cut-throat competition is already in place with the markets ever abuzz with several tariff reductions and announcement of attractive packages. Airtel poised to gain a big market share in this segment when it expands cellular services into the rural areas.

 Distributor distributes the products to the FSEs’. Their job is to supply those products to the Retailers 26 | P a g e .2. which is scheduled as per the target for the territory.3%.3 AIRTEL DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Airtel Company Urban area Distributor Rural area Rural super FSE Rural distributor Retailer FSE Retailer Distribution procedure and Margins: In Urban Areas  Airtel directly supply its products to the distributors in Urban Areas through Territory Manager  Territory Manager distributes the products as per demand for individual distributors.  In urban areas the Margin for the Distributor is 1.

and 2.5% on RCV of Rs.(So the company has been taken a great step in sales maximization in rural areas that they will be able to reduce the margin and will not have a loss in rural areas.7% on other RCVs) So.  In Rural Areas the company is spending a margin nearly 4.As per same Urban system few FSB works under each RD and they supply the products to the individual retailers.10/. Here 35% of the value must be in RCV. In Rural Areas Same procedure is followed in the rural areas but the distribution system is completely different from Urban Area and the Margin is also different Company’s supply system to the territory manager is same procedure as per urban areas.They have a margin of 1. In the case of Retailer: 27 | P a g e .5% margin on RCV Rs. The products at first distributed to the RS (Rural Super). 10/.1%.  Stock to be Maintained by Distributor  Stock to be Maintained by Retailer  In the case of Distributor: The distributor has to keep the LAPU balance for minimum 7 days.7%. from this above analysis and distribution channel system.5%.7% (2.They have a margin of 0.5% and 2. The retailers have a margin of2. the outcomes are.The Retailers margin is 2.  The company is spending nearly 4% in Urban Areas.7%).and for all other RCVs the margin is 2.7% ( 2.) Stock system in distribution: The complete stock maintenance procedure is categorically divided in two parts.Products are supplied from the RS to the RD (Rural Distributors).

when. where. Motivating of sales force If because of some reason any employee is not able to do their best performance in that case rather than any action they use motivation as a tool for increasing morale of that employee. Training of Sales Force After Recruitment they are trained their employee for effective working and in this training period they guided employee. That’s why we can see the difference between Airtel sales growth and other challenger and follower. what and to whom we they can sale their product.4 SALES FORCE: Selection of sales force They recruited separate department for sales and work of those employee is to get or generate more and more revenue for organization. They are using these entire four step for decide their sales force and each step they are also Check they are doing right things or not and if they thing changes are needed than they revised whole process again.2. Controlling of sales Force They also control the sales force because they know the importance of control system in organization. this include a contact management system which tracks all contact that as been made with a given customer. 28 | P a g e . the purpose of the contact and any follow up that might be required. Sales Force Automation A sale force automation is a system that automatically records all the stages in the sales process. How.

In the business of Website design. rather than a voice on the phone or someone typing into an email or messenger program. you're well on your way to a sale. Because it's critical that you form a close working relationship with your client. What follows are a selection of tips that will make your clients feel valued. Customer Satisfaction in 7 Steps:1. We all know how annoying it is to wait days for a response to an email or phone call. wanted and loved. I believe that if a potential client spends over half the meeting doing the talking. 29 | P a g e . be calm.5 LITERATURE REVIEW CUSTOMER SATISFICTION It's a well known fact that no business can exist without customers. 2. It's important to meet your customers face to face at least once or even twice during the course of a project. take time to ask them what they need.2. it's important to work closely with your customers to make sure the site or system you create for them is as close to their requirements as you can manage. but at least email or call them back and let them know you've received their message and you'll contact them about it as soon as possible. customer service is of vital importance. It might not always be practical to deal with all customers' queries within the space of a few hours. confident and above all. Respond to Messages Promptly & Keep Your Clients Informed: This goes without saying really. Encourage Face-to-Face Dealings: This is the most daunting and downright scary part of interacting with a customer. When you do meet them. My experience has shown that a client finds it easier to relate to and work with someone they've actually met in person.

courteous and to make your clients feel like you're their friend and you're there to help them out. or not knowing who to turn to. If a customer has a problem. There will be times when you want to beat your clients over the head repeatedly with a blunt object . what should they do? If the first option doesn't work. and at all times remain polite and courteous. then what? Should they contact different people for billing and technical enquiries? If they're not satisfied with any aspect of your customer service.3. Even if it's as small 30 | P a g e . Making sure they know exactly what to do at each stage of their enquiry should be of utmost importance. but a clearly defined customer service policy is going to save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. but remember to do them. Attention to Detail (also known as 'The Little Niceties') Have you ever received a Happy Birthday email or card from a company you were a client of? Have you ever had a personalized sign-up confirmation email for a service that you could tell was typed from scratch? These little niceties can be time Consuming and aren't always cost effective. Be Friendly and Approachable: You can hear a smile through the phone.it happens to all of us. This is very true. It's very important to be friendly. 5. So make sure your customer service policy is present on your site -. who should they tell? There's nothing more annoying for a client than being passed from person to person.and anywhere else it may be useful. 4. It's vital that you keep a clear head. respond to your clients' wishes as best you can. Have a Clearly-Defined Customer Service Policy This may not be too important when you're just starting out.

technology can fail and sub-contractors don't always deliver on time. It shows you care. it makes the customer feel welcomed. The most common example here is project delivery dates. Projects can be late. Clients don't like to be disappointed. In this case a quick apology and assurance it'll be ready ASAP wouldn't go amiss 31 | P a g e .as sending a Happy Holidays email to all your customers. it's something. achieving this supreme level of understanding with your clients will do wonders for your working relationship. Honor Your Promises It's possible this is the most important point in this article. wanted and valued. 6. something may not get done. it shows there are real people on the other end of that screen or telephone. 7. deliver. Anticipate Your Client's Needs & Go Out Of Your Way to Help Them Out:Sometimes this is easier said than done! However. or you might miss a deadline through no fault of your own. Sometimes. The simple message: when you promise something. and most importantly.

WHICH MOBILE SERVICE YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING? A) RELIENCE B) AIRETEL C) DOCOMO D) IDEA E) VODAFONE RELIANCE AIRTEL DOCOMO IDEA VODAFONE 7% 17% 12% 4% 60% Out of 150 samples 60% of the customers are using airetel next 12% customers are using reliance.7% of the customers are using vodafone.CHAPTER 3 DATA ANALYSIS 1. 17% are using idea and 4% are using docomo. RELIANCE AIRTEL DOCOMO IDEA VODAFONE 18 88 6 25 11 32 | P a g e .

10% opted for bad. excellent average good bad 85 25 17 15 33 | P a g e . 12% opted for good.2. How was the network of airtel in your area? a) Excellent b) average c) good d) bad 10% 12% 18% 60% excellent average good bad 60% of the customers said that the network was excellent. 18% customers opted for average.

6% of them opted for not available. 7% of them opted for rarely available. Comment on the availability of the recharge vouchers? a) Available b) not available c) rarely available 6% 7% avilable 87% not avilable rarely avilable 87% of the customers opted for available.3. avilable 130 not avilable 10 rarely avilable 10 34 | P a g e .

4. 39 customers recharging once in a week. daily once in a week once in a month 88 39 23 35 | P a g e . 23 customers opted once in month. How often you recharge your mobile? a) Daily b) once in a week c) once in a month 23 daily 39 once in a week 88 once in a month Out of 150 samples 88 customers recharge their mobiles daily.

5. yes no 108 42 36 | P a g e . Are you satisfied with the promotional offers providing by airtel? a) yes b) no 28% 72% yes no Out of 150 respondents 72% of the customer opted for yes which says that they ate satisfied with the promotional offers providing by airtel and 28% of the respondents are not satisfied with the offers providing by airtel.

25 respondents opted for bad and 50 respondents said that the advertisements are cache.6. good bad cache 75 25 50 37 | P a g e . Comment on the advertisements of airtel? a) Good b) bad c) cache 50 75 25 good bad cache Out of 150 respondents 75 customers said that the advertisements of airtel are good.

Are you satisfied with the customer service providing by airtel? a) yes b) no 37 yes 113 no yes no 113 37 The customer service is the most important aspect in the telecom industry which laid a bridge between the company and the customer to solve their problems and to take their valuable suggestions.7. 38 | P a g e . 37 customers opted that they are not satisfied. Out of 150 respondents in my survey 113 customers said that they are satisfied with the customer service.

25customers opted for talktime offers. Which offer you like most in the recent times? a) 1p/sec b) unlimited sms c) full talk time d) STD offer 10 25 45 1p/sec sms talktime std offer 70 1p/sec sms talktime std offer 45 70 25 10 This question analysis the offers and the different marketing developments of airtel in the current market scenario out of 150 respondents 45customers opted for 1p/sec. 39 | P a g e .10 customers opted for std offers.8.70 customers opted for sms offer.

9 customers opted for customer care. 40 | P a g e . Which sector you want to improve in airtel? a) Offers b) network c) talk time d) customer care 9 20 offers network talktime customer care 78 43 offers network talktime customer care 78 43 20 9 This question gives the opinion of the customers in the sectors which they want to improve out of 150 respondents 78 customers opted for offers. 43 customers opted for network .9. 20 customers opted for talk time.

25 customers opted for docomo.10. 41 | P a g e .25opted for idea.41 customers opted for vodafone. Which mobile service you like other then airtel? a) Reliance b) docomo c) idea d) Vodafone 41 59 DOCOMO IDEA VODAFONE 25 25 RELIANCE DOCOMO IDEA VODAFONE 59 25 25 41 This question helps us to find out the opinion of the customers on the other networks on which they are interested out 150 respondents 59 opted for reliance.

42 | P a g e . Overall satisfaction on the services providing by airtel? a) Excellent b) good c) satisfied d) Un satisfied 6% 15% excllent good 19% 60% satisfied unsatisied excllent good satisfied unsatisied 91 28 22 9 This question explains the over all satisfaction of the customers on the services provided by airtel out of 150 respondents 60% customers opted for excellent. 15% opted for satisfied. 6% customers said that they are not satisfied with the services.11. 19% customers opted for good.

On account of this information. Essar's subscriber base began nearing that of Airtel. The surveys conducted after the launch revealed that people began associating three core benefits with the Airtel brand – Leadership. Analysts perceived the brand to be distant. A company source said that the campaign was aimed at positioning Airtel as an aspiration brand. it failed to attract more customers. schemes and services that were identical to that of Airtel. Meanwhile. Other supportive values associated with the countrys efficiency The campaign was reportedly successful and resulted in a marginal improvement in Airtel's performance. The public increasingly perceived leaders as people who worked with a team to achieve common objectives rather than those who dictated terms to their subordinates.” The surveys also revealed that the concept of leadership was itself undergoing a transformation. In early-2000. began offering tariff plans. What they needed was to become Singapore Airlines. Airtel conducted many brand tracking exercises. as the competition in the sector intensified. “The brand had become something like Lufthansa — cold and efficient. which featured successful men and women with their deluxe cars. efficient and cold. These exercises revealed that though the Leadership campaign had been effective.CASE STUDY REPOSITIONING AIRTEL The above realization led to the launch of the ‘Leadership Series'campaign. Bharti had become the leading cellular player in Delhi (its major market) with a subscriber base of over 0. efficient but also human. Director. as it had failed to add an emotional dimension to the brand. As a result. Much to Airtel's chagrin.38 million. In words of Preet Bedi. Lowe India. colleagues or family members. the nearest competitor of Airtel. Bharti realized that its existing customer base could be used to promote the brand and expand its market (as these customers could endorse the brand) and thus focused on building a close relationship with them. carrying laptops and using cell phones. the growth was still much below the company's expectations. However. 43 | P a g e . Performance and Dynamism. The surveys indicated that 50% of the new subscribers bought a cellular phone service brand on the basis of suggestions made by their friends. the players made all efforts to extend their horizons to reach customers across all sections. in its attempt to understand the customer's psyche. the government also decided to reduce tariff rates. which was meant for leaders and celebrities. By 1999. Essar.

lacking an emotional or humanized touch was a major weakness. The tagline ‘Touch Tomorrow ‘was placed below in lower THE NEW AIRTEL LOGO AFTER THE TOUCH TOMORROW CAMPAIGN The campaign was first rolled out in the states of Karnataka. “The leadership series was okay when you were wooing the crème de la crème of society. This was done in order to facilitate its entry into new areas of the telecom sector and establish itself as a global telecom brand. In early-2000s. Bharti decided to humanize the Airtel brand. collaterals. The company also increased its Touch Point network (Airtel's shop-in-shop points at various departmental stores and lifestyle establishments). Bharti announced a major brand restructuring exercise at the corporate level. Bharti also created a new logo for the Airtel brand.In line with its repositioning efforts. black and white colours with ‘Airtel' en wrapped in an eclipse. Himachal Pradesh and Chennai. family-centric and softer brand values while promising easy reach. Madhya Pradesh. Bharti also revamped the entire Airtel network including Airtel Connect centres. Once you reached them you had to expand the market so there was need to address to new customers. these brand-tracking exercises helped it realize the fact that in a business where customer relationships were of paramount importance. Airtel also shifted its focus from SEC. The dress code at these outlets was also changed. Schiff scarves. Bharti unveiled a three-tier Airtel brand architecture that was aimed at defining every service with a special brand name and place them under a mother brand (Refer Table III). As a part of this campaign. facades.According to company sources. While the Touch Tomorrow campaign was still running. aspiration. audiences to SEC B audiences. As a part of this. a senior executive of Essar said. It also changed the color scheme of these outlets by adopting a coordination of red. Commenting on the decision. which had red. Hence.” The new commercials developed for this campaign reflected humane. soft but classy look. Bharti focused on giving a contemporary look to Airtel Connect centres with e-kiosks. While women sported red tops and black trousers with ivory. Men wore black trousers and a white shirt bearing the Airtel logo with and a red tie. Commenting on the new brand 44 | P a g e . black and white to give the outlets a soothing. to gain a competitive advantage. signage merchandising material.

the brand was retained for the company's permanent Internet connectivity (GRPS ) services (on its cellular phones). 45 | P a g e . The logo (with new design and colour pattern) symbolized innovation. Though the cost of creating new brands was high. which was presently limited to the older age groups. “All convergent technologies in the sphere of telephony will be a part of the new brand architecture. The Bharti brand and Magic (the prepaid cellular brand) were not included in the Airtel brand architecture. “The idea was to bring Internet and mobile in perfect harmony. Therefore. Commenting on the launch of Tango. By targeting youth in the age-group 14-19 years. Bharti's decision to withdraw this campaign (Touch Tomorrow) in 2002 came as a surprise to many.architecture. Tango was not as successful as Bharti had expected it to be. President. The new branding initiative takes into cognizance the findings that consumers consider Airtel as a brand of the successful people and a preferred address. said “An Equity Research undertaken by ORG-MARG and quarterly Brand Track studies by IMRB have given us insight into the needs of tomorrow's consumer. a senior Bharti official said. Moreover. cellular phones would become accessible to teenagers. The idea behind the new logo was to give Airtel a younger look. where young people could buy or bid for goods. a special portal was created. The new campaign was accompanied by a change in the logo as well (Refer Figure II). the basic telephone services of Bharti were brought under the Touchtel brand and the National Long Distance (NLD) telephony under the ‘India One' brand. as a more towards product segmentation. The service. Sandeep Goyal. energy and friendliness. the Internet-Interface services (WAP) offered to cellular users were brought under the brand name ‘Tango'in 2001. the Airtel and Touch Tomorrow campaign became very popular.25 for 30 seconds) at night. Youtopia offered lower tariff rates (at Re 0. Special merchandising exercises were also undertaken. the company was inclined to create independent brands for its various services. Sachdev said. The company sources mainly attributed this to the limited utility and inefficiency of WAP services.” However.” As a part of the restructuring efforts. Bharti planned to expand the customer base. and they continued to operate as distinct brands. Bharti also decided to introduce a tariff plan (specifically) to attract the youth. Soon the company discontinued the advertisements for Tango. planned to cash in on the fact that with reduced tariffs.” Commenting on this initiative. For instance. However. called Youtopia. Youtopia was a clear deviation from Airtel's earlier positioning as a brand for older people symbolizing dignity and power. Reinfusion DY&R (Brand Communications).

there were over 8. The shift to Live Every Moment from Touch Tomorrow had nevertheless. Bharti unveiled a new brand architecture that replaced the three-tier architecture.” According to a Cellular Operator's Association of India (COAI) report. proved that Bharti is consistently on the lookout for best marketing strategies for Airtel. Free net and Magic.THE NEW AIRTEL LOGO As part of its restructuring and repositioning exercise. almost all the players were seen focusing on their positioning. “Airtel's brand identity and campaign will now have a new younger and international look and feel that builds on the earlier positioning of ‘Touch Tomorrow.However. As per the report. advertising and promotional efforts and on building strategic partnerships. With such high potential. The proposed two-tier architecture was categorized under two heads – wired and wireless. According to company sources. the objective of this new architecture was to establish Bharti as a global telecom company. All the wireless products were placed under the Airtel brand. 46 | P a g e . Commenting on the new brand identity of Airtel. The company reportedly allocated Rs 1 billion for media coverage and other brand building activities.17 million cellular subscribers in India and the number was expected to grow to over 12 million and 120 million by 2003 and 2008 respectively. Bharti was also making efforts to retain its position as the market leader (Refer Exhibit III for a note on Bharti's moves on the strategic level). it still remains to be seen whether the latest round of repositioning and the strategic partnerships would help Airtel sustain the competition and retain its leadership in the market.' injected with renewed energy and heightened optimism. which also included Tango. a Bharti spokesperson said. the cellular market in India was one of the fastest growing markets of the decade.

The Sunil Mittal-promoted Telco has told telecom minister A Raja that other mobile phone firms such as Tata’s and Reliance Communications hold same amount of spectrum but pay 5-6 times lower levies when compared to it. in its communication to Raja. Aug 6. 47 | P a g e . claimed that it paid 152 crore for every MHz of spectrum that it had when compared to 20 crore/MHz and 30 crore/MHz paid by RCOM and Tatas.ARTICLE ON AIRTEL Bharti: We pay more for airwaves than others [Telecom] Times of India.265 crore towards spectrum usage charges as against 192 crore and 217 crore for Reliance Communications (RCOM) and Tata’s. 2010 NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has hit back at allegations that it was holding excess airwaves and told the communications ministry that it has provided best returns to government for the spectrum it held. All telecom companies currently share between 2-6% of their revenues with the government as spectrum usage charges. respectively.000 crore towards spectrum fee as compared to 2. respectively.627 crore by Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices. Bharti has also added that based on current revenues and factoring a marginal 8% growth. Bharti said that in 200910. During the same period. Bharti. respectively Besides.864 and 2. in the next 10 years. the. it would pay about 20. the company paid 1.

PROMOTION *Company must undertake extensive promotional activities like advertisements must be released in different Medias to create brand awareness. PRODUCT *Modification must be brought about in AIRTEL. the billing department has to be more effective & efficient. *To ensure better customer satisfaction & maintain higher level of Customer relationship management. 1. Sales promotion tools like gifts. 2. in terms of quality. PLACE * The brands must be made available easily in. This would automatically attract new customers.SUGGESTIONS Following are the few suggestions to AIRTEL for improving the market share and image of the products concerned. *Airtel should continue to offer the best toppings to stay at the top. * Catalogues should be distributed among customers. PCO &general stores. contests and coupons must be given to retailers as well as customers and prospects. There should be no compromise in quality and the network facility 48 | P a g e . *To retain existing customers means offering the best scheme. Its demand should be increased. Airtel need not spend on advertisement to attract new customers. *Free samples should be distributed among the prospects. 3.

needed to find a way to focus on developing new services that could set it apart from the competition and strengthen its customer relationships.Recommendations There are following suggestions for marketing strategies for Airtel BhartiAirtel needed to maximize its future flexibility and growth potential adopting business-driven framework of integration.  Optimization of business processes and infrastructure. through flexible. is needed. With competition intensifying in the Indian telecom services market.  Flexible pricing model will enable Bharti Airtel to avoid major increases in capital expenditure 49 | P a g e . standardized integration framework.  Outsourcing of technology will provide BhartiAirtel to focus resources on growing the business.  Improved cross-selling and targeting and a more seamless. efficient total customer experience through end-to-end integration customer-facing processes. allowing it to implement and deliver new services rapidly.

it tries its best to understand the need of its important customer. As we know that now airtel has already launched its product with logo “’ Aisi azaadi aur kahan”’ has already became popular in market. I can conclude that Airtel lagged behind its competitors as far as customer service and availability is concerned. as they are consumer friendly and recharging the connection is not a problem. As Airtel is the only company having the maximum no of mobile connections so it must seriously look into the loop holes of the existing customer service department. The maximum no. Maximum no. of people who use the mobile is in the age group of 20 to 30.CONCLUSION After analyzing the findings of the research. 50 | P a g e . Cash cards are the most popular type of mobile connections. So we can say that inspite of so many competitor in the market Airtel is having a good position just because every time. of people spends RS 500 on their connections.

How was the network of Airtel in your area? a) Excellent b) average c) good d) bad 3.QUESTIONNARE Measurement of customer satisfaction on Airtel NAME: AGE: OCCUPATION: 1. Comment on the availability of the recharge vouchers? a) Available b) not available c) rarely available 4. Are you satisfied with the promotional offers providing by airtel? a) yes b) no 6. How often you recharge your mobile? a) Daily b) once in a week c) once in a month 5. Which mobile service you are currently using? a)Reliance b)Airtel c)Docomo d)Idea e)Vodafone 2. Comment on the advertisements of airtel? a) Good b) bad c) cache 51 | P a g e .

Which offer you like most in the recent times? a) 1p/sec b) unlimited sms c) full talk time d) STD offer 9. Which mobile service you like other then airtel? a) Reliance b) docomo c) idea d) Vodafone 11. Are you satisfied with the customer service providing by airtel? a) yes b) no 8. Which sector you want to improve in airtel? a) Offers b) network c) talk time d) customer care 10. Would you like to give your suggestions to improve the satisfaction level Of customer? a) Yes b) no If yes specify you are suggestions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52 | P a g e . Overall satisfaction on the services providing by airtel? a) Excellent b) good c) satisfied d) Un satisfied 12.7.

com 53 | P a g e .trai.hindustantimes.google.com www.airtelworld.in www.india.gov.com www.Bibliography www.com www.

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